MoneyGeek researched various major insurance companies to determine the best workers' compensation insurance in Connecticut based on price, customer satisfaction, financial security and ease of obtaining online quotes. We found that The Hartford offers the best balance of these features.

Most small business owners in Connecticut are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance. It protects you and your employees from future financial and legal repercussions. Workers' compensation insurance can pay for medical costs, missed wages and potential lawsuits if an employee suffers a work-related illness or accident.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut

The Hartford received high marks across the board, making it our pick for the best workers' comp insurance in Connecticut. Its average rate is $149 per month. However, this may vary depending on your company’s specific requirements.


Cheapest Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut

Thimble offers Connecticut's cheapest workers' compensation insurance, with premiums starting at $137 per month for businesses with 20 employees and an average annual payroll of $1,250,000.


We looked at the average monthly rate of workers' compensation insurance providers to determine which insurers were the most affordable overall. However, the best choice for your small business may vary depending on different factors.

The table below compares the average monthly premiums insurers charge Connecticut companies with 20 employees.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Micro Businesses in Connecticut

For companies with five or fewer employees, biBERK is Connecticut's best workers’ compensation insurance option. On average, it charges $64 per month or $679 per year.

Although payroll has a more significant impact, the number of employees also affects your workers' compensation insurance premium. To find the best workers' compensation for micro-businesses or enterprises with fewer than 10 employees in the state, we surveyed companies with five employees and annual payroll costs of $312,000.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Midsize Businesses in Connecticut

Thimble offers the best and cheapest workers' compensation insurance in Connecticut, with a monthly premium of $604 for businesses with 100 employees.

Payroll and the number of employees affect workers' compensation rates. We compiled quotes for businesses with 100 employees and a $6,250,000 yearly payroll to determine the state's best workers' compensation for midsize corporations.


How Much Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut?

Workers' compensation insurance rates in Connecticut for businesses with 20 or more employees is $184 per month, higher than the $168 per month national average. We used the following coverage limits in our study:

  • $1 million total policy limit
  • $1 million per accident limit
  • $1 million per employee limit

The insurer will pay up to $1 million for any one accident, regardless of how many employees were involved. The employer is responsible for covering lost income and medical costs beyond $1 million. Employers can purchase an umbrella policy to increase coverage limits.

Workers' compensation insurance premiums are heavily influenced by annual payroll and employee headcount. The table below shows how the number of employees affects workers' compensation premiums in Connecticut.


Factors That Impact Workers’ Compensation Costs in Connecticut

The cost of premiums for workers' comp insurance varies widely between companies. Workforce size, payroll costs, employee class code, state legislation and past claims all play a role in determining a workers’ compensation policy rate.


Do You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut?

Connecticut law requires that companies with even one employee carry workers' comp insurance. Connecticut's Workers' Compensation Act does not apply to sole owners, members of limited liability companies or domestic workers who clock in for fewer than 25 hours a week.

MoneyGeek recommends getting workers' compensation insurance in Connecticut, even if you are exempt. Without workers' compensation insurance, you are fully responsible for the costs of injuries sustained on the job, including medical bills. You also will not be protected if an employee files a lawsuit against you.

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Employers who fail to provide legally required workers’ compensation in Connecticut are subject to the following penalties:

  • The State of Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission (WCC) may issue a cease-and-desist order if it determines that you do not have adequate workers' compensation insurance.
  • Workers' Compensation Commission can levy a daily fee of $300 for each uninsured employee.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover in Connecticut?

Workers' comp pays for an injured employee's medical costs and lost wages. It also protects employers from lawsuits brought by employees who have been harmed on the job.

If an employee becomes ill or is injured on the job, workers' compensation insurance can help them continue in their current position instead of being replaced immediately. Injured workers may be eligible for rehabilitation programs that provide medical care and skills training to help them return to work as soon as possible. Workers' compensation insurance may also offer death benefits to the dependents of a worker who tragically dies on the job.

Workers’ Comp Resources for Employees in Connecticut

Connecticut employees file insurance claims with the Workers' Compensation Commission. Employees are responsible for notifying their superiors of any workplace injuries or illnesses. The State's third-party claims administrator (Gallagher Bassett Services) receives a report of the injury and decides whether to approve a claim.

Using in-network service providers in the event of a medical emergency is crucial. If an employee seeks medical attention from a provider outside the third-party medical provider network, their right to workers' compensation benefits — which are within the purview of the Workers' Compensation Commission — may be jeopardized.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut

MoneyGeek answers the following frequently asked questions about workers’ comp insurance in Connecticut.

The Hartford offers Connecticut's best workers' compensation insurance at $149 per month. It's reasonably priced and has high AM Best financial stability and NAIC customer satisfaction ratings. The insurance cost will, however, differ from business to business, depending on staff count, payroll and other overhead.

Thimble provides the most affordable workers' compensation insurance in Connecticut, with an average cost of $137 a month. However, your company's specific location, payroll and employee count will determine which insurer offers you the best value.

Except for employers of domestic workers, farm laborers and casual employees, businesses with one or more employees in Connecticut are required by law to have workers' compensation insurance.

The average monthly premium for Connecticut workers' comp insurance is $184.

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