Getting Car Insurance After a DUI in Indiana: Everything You Need to Know

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
ByMark Fitzpatrick

Updated: May 20, 2024

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If you are looking for the best car insurance for DUI offenders in Indiana, MoneyGeek recommends Erie Insurance for both full and minimum coverage policies. However, if cost is your main concern, American Family offers the cheapest maximum coverage after a DUI, while Progressive offers the cheapest minimum coverage after a DUI. In the table below, you can compare prices for various policy types.

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Best Companies for DUI Insurance in 2023

Regardless of the state in which you live, car insurance companies are legally permitted to deny coverage to drivers who have a DUI conviction on their record. If your insurance company chooses to renew your policy following a DUI, your rates will climb dramatically, because drivers convicted of DUI are deemed high-risk.

MoneyGeek's statistics indicate that Indiana drivers with a DUI pay approximately 51.57% more for a full coverage insurance policy than drivers without a DUI.


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Indiana After a DUI

Through a nationwide comparison, MoneyGeek discovered that Progressive and State Farm offer the most affordable auto insurance policies after a DUI. In Indiana specifically, American Family and Progressive offer the cheapest premiums for DUI-convicted drivers.

Cheapest Companies for Full Coverage in Indiana After a DUI

MoneyGeek discovered that the following offer the lowest full coverage car insurance rates for drivers with a DUI in Indiana:

  • American Family: $826 per year
  • Progressive: $838 per year
Cheapest Car Insurance for Full Coverage After a DUI
1CompanyAmerican FamilyAnnual Premium$826
2CompanyProgressiveAnnual Premium$838
3CompanyErieAnnual Premium$887
4CompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$1,001
5CompanyAllstateAnnual Premium$1,188

Cheapest Companies for Minimum Coverage in Indiana After a DUI

MoneyGeek’s data shows that the following companies offer the cheapest minimum coverage policies for DUI offenders in Indiana:

  • Progressive: $435 per year
  • Erie: $484 per year
Cheapest Car Insurance for Minimum Coverage After a DUI
ProgressiveMinimum Annual Premium$435
ErieMinimum Annual Premium$484
State FarmMinimum Annual Premium$521
American FamilyMinimum Annual Premium$553
GEICOMinimum Annual Premium$646
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Minimum coverage is typically the least expensive type of automobile insurance available. However, state-mandated minimums for auto insurance are sometimes insufficient to protect you financially in the event of an accident.

Top Car Insurance Companies in Indiana After a DUI

MoneyGeek rated insurance companies on pricing, financial stability, and customer satisfaction to help you find the best policy for your needs. Erie is the best auto insurance company for someone with a DUI in Indiana who wants full coverage. For minimum coverage, Progressive is MoneyGeek’s top pick.

Best Companies for Full Coverage in Indiana After a DUI

American Family and Progressive are the top two full coverage car insurance suppliers for DUI offenders in Indiana. Dive into our rankings and the table below to learn more about each insurer.

American Family InsuranceBest full coverage after a DUI
There are no ratings for this company
Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

Typical drivers with American Family pay $790 annually for full coverage insurance, while drivers with DUIs pay $826, a 4.64% increase.

More About American Family Insurance

Operating in 19 states, American Family is a top-rated car insurance provider. The company offers a wide range of loyalty and legacy discounts but does not offer common add-on coverages.





Financial Stability


User Satisfaction



Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

A Progressive full coverage policy costs approximately $626 per year for drivers with no DUI, while drivers with a DUI pay about $838, a 33.88% increase.

More About Progressive

Progressive is available in 48 states and offers unique coverages like custom parts and equipment. Although Progressive is expensive for young drivers, it provides various discounts, such as multiple cars, bundling, good student, safe driving, pay-in-full and others.

Best Companies for Minimum Coverage in Indiana After a DUI

Although policies with minimum coverage are the least expensive, they may not provide the coverage you need to be protected financially. If you decide to purchase a minimum coverage policy, MoneyGeek has identified the following companies as the best options.

ErieBest minimum coverage after a DUI









Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

A minimum coverage policy from Erie Insurance for those without a DUI costs around $290 per year, while DUI offenders pay around $484 annually, a 62.51% increase.

More About Erie

Erie Insurance offers cheap full and minimum coverage plans to all drivers, including new drivers and those with past convictions. It also provides superior car replacement coverage as an add-on, which is not a standard insurance offering.










Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

A policy with Progressive can cost around $344 each year for non-DUI drivers, while drivers with a DUI pay about 33.88% more or about $435 annually.

More About Progressive

Progressive is a well-ranked company that tends to be more expensive for newer drivers. The company offers excellent discounts and coverage for custom parts.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Indiana After a DUI?

In Indiana, the average cost of car insurance increases by approximately 51.57% following a DUI. If you have a DUI, a full coverage policy costs an average of $1,099 per year, compared to $725 for drivers without DUIs. MoneyGeek outlines how and why your Indiana auto insurance premiums may vary following a DUI conviction.

How long does a DUI affect the cost of your car insurance?

Average Cost

Full Coverage

Average Cost with DUI

Full Coverage

Full coverage policy premiums after a DUI cost:$374 more

This is 52% more expensive.

The cost of your Indiana auto insurance will increase after a DUI because you’re deemed a high-risk driver. Utilize MoneyGeek's car insurance calculator below to approximate how your premiums may change following a DUI conviction.

Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeeks's car insurance calculator will give you a customized estimate of your auto insurance cost. It's free to use, requires no personal information and we won't send you any spam.


Rates updated:

Jun 21, 2024

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While you may face an increase in car insurance rates after a DUI conviction, other DUI-related costs can increase dramatically:

  • Fines, court and attorneys' fees: A DUI conviction frequently entails fines and numerous court fees, including the cost of hiring an attorney.
  • Towing/impound fee: If your vehicle is towed and impounded due to an arrest, you must pay a fine.
  • Drug education and treatment: Certain states require DUI drivers to complete an alcohol or substance abuse rehabilitation program.
  • DMV reinstatement fee: You must pay a reinstatement fee after your driver's license is revoked.
  • Damages: If your driving results in a collision, you may be liable for property damage and medical expenses.

Getting Car Insurance in Indiana After a DUI

Since most insurance companies are privately owned, they have the legal right to cancel or refuse to renew coverage for persons with DUIs. Obtaining insurance after a DUI in Indiana can be particularly difficult due to the five to 10-year look-back period. Policies will be expensive, but you can still shop around and compare prices to choose the insurance provider that best meets your needs.

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In Indiana, drivers convicted of high-risk offenses, such as reckless driving or DUI, must obtain SR-22 insurance. With this type of insurance, the insurer submits an SR-22 form to the state certifying that the driver carries sufficient coverage to meet the state's minimum requirements.

SR-22 insurance in Indiana is identical to standard auto insurance, except it’s more expensive. Progressive offers the lowest-priced policies, at an average of $435 per year for a driver with an SR-22 certificate. Conversely, at $751 per year, Allstate offers the most costly SR-22 coverage.

Indiana DUI Laws

Those convicted of a DUI in Indiana may lose their driving privileges, pay hefty fines and do time in prison. In Indiana, a DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record in perpetuity and count as a prior offense. Conversely, if the offender has prior convictions within the last five years, the DUI becomes a felony.

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    Driving with a BAC at or above 0.08% is considered a DUI

    Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. A BAC level of 0.08% is considered driving under the influence in Indiana, but you can be arrested with a lower BAC if your driving is clearly impaired.

    bac2 icon

    Driving with a BAC of 0.15% will result in increased penalties

    Drivers caught with a BAC of 0.15% or above can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. Drivers who also have a past DUI conviction that resulted in the death, catastrophic injury, or substantial physical injury of another person can be charged with a Level 5 felony.

    driverLicense icon

    180-day administrative license suspension on first offense

    Indiana's administrative license suspension laws empower officers to seize a driver's license from someone who fails an alcohol test. The suspension period for the first infraction is 180 days.

    car2Colored icon

    Limited driving privileges during suspension

    After 180 days, you can get a restricted license/permit and drive with limited privileges.

    ignition icon

    Mandatory ignition interlocks

    In Indiana, ignition interlocks are mandatory for repeat convictions.

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    Open container laws


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    Repeat offender laws



Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best auto insurance after a DUI conviction in Indiana can be challenging. MoneyGeek answers some frequently asked questions to assist you with the process.

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To determine the top companies for individuals with DUIs in Indiana, MoneyGeek analyzed each company’s financial stability, customer satisfaction, claims and affordability based on data and information obtained from state insurance departments and Quadrant Information Services. The rates above are based on a 40-year-old male with and without a DUI driving a 2010 Toyota Camry LE with 12K annual mileage.

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