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You can get car insurance without a driver's license, but it's a little more complicated than the traditional path. Car insurance companies want to look at your driving record to set rates, and if you don't have a license, they will consider you high-risk. If you need car insurance and don't have a license, we'll discuss what the process is, offer money-saving tips and answer your questions about obtaining insurance without a driver's license.

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Car Insurance Without a Licence

Key Takeaways


Getting car insurance when you don’t have a license is difficult but not impossible.


You can list yourself as an excluded driver and someone else as the primary driver.


If your license is suspended, you will have to file an SR22 form.

Why would someone want car insurance if they don’t have a license?

  • You don’t drive, but you own a car that your spouse and kids use.
  • You are older and no longer drive, but want to keep a car available so other people can drive you to appointments. Seniors often have special needs when it comes to car insurance.
  • You have a learner’s permit and want to look into car insurance. Teen drivers often have special circumstances when buying car insurance as well.
  • You own a classic car but don’t drive it.
  • Your license is suspended.

It's possible to buy a car without a license, although slightly more complicated than buying one if you have a license. It depends on the individual dealership as far as what their rules are. If you're interested in purchasing a car and don't have a license, you could call dealerships and explain your situation. A helpful dealership will be able to tell you what your next steps are and perhaps walk you through it.

Finding Affordable Car Insurance Without a License

Finding affordable insurance when you don’t have a driver’s license could be a bit tricky. Find out how car insurance works and look into these tips to save money.

  1. Shop around by comparing quotes. This is important when shopping for any insurance, but especially for those who don’t have a license.
  2. Go local. Many large insurance companies will not consider selling a policy to someone with no driver’s license. The thinking is that you’re going to drive the car anyway, which makes them worry about lawsuits. However, you could try smaller local insurance companies.
  3. Talk to local insurance agents and explain your situation. An experienced agent has probably done this before and will know where to go to get you the best rates. Just be careful not to get taken in by a car insurance scam.
  4. Try companies that take on high-risk drivers. They might be more willing to entertain the idea of insuring someone without a license. Some companies will insure someone with a suspended license.
Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your car insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

Steps for Getting Car Insurance Without a Driver’s License

There are a few options available to you if you need car insurance but don’t have a license.

  • Step 1.
    Name yourself as an excluded driver. If you own a car that you have no intention of driving, you could name yourself as an excluded driver. This tells the insurance company you will not be driving, and they are not liable for any losses that may occur if you do drive. Someone will be driving the car, which brings us to our next step.
  • Step 2.
    List someone else as the primary driver. If you buy a car for someone else to drive and don't have a license, name them as the policy's primary driver. As long as they have a valid driver's license, it shouldn't be a problem. All you need their driver's license number and contact information, and you should be able to get insurance on the car. Not all car insurance companies will allow this, so you'll have to shop around.
  • Step 3.
    Get comprehensive insurance only. This only works if you own a classic car or a collectible car that no one will be driving. Comprehensive insurance covers the vehicle if it's damaged by anything weather-related or vandalized.
  • Step 4.
    Have the primary driver co-titled as the owner of the vehicle. If you still can't find car insurance after trying the above, you could list the primary driver as co-owner of the vehicle on the title. You will still have to be listed as an excluded driver in most cases, but this should simplify getting insurance on a car you don't own.
  • Step 5.
    If your license is suspended, you'll need an SR22. This isn't insurance, but it's a form stating you're carrying the state-mandated amount of car insurance. It's attached to the car insurance policy you already have. However, having a suspended license makes you a high-risk driver, and not all companies will insure you. One DUI will affect your car insurance rates for years to come. Your current insurance company may drop you, in which case you can shop around at companies that take on higher risk drivers.

Getting car insurance without a license will require some shopping around.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your car insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

Unlicensed Motorists Insurance FAQs

You may still have questions regarding securing a car insurance policy if you don’t have a license. Here are some of the most common.

How can I get car insurance as a beginning driver?This is an icon

The cheapest way to get auto insurance if you’re a teen is to stay on your parents’ car insurance policy. You’ll get better rates than you would on your own — teens are more likely to text and drive or engage in other forms of distracted driving, which leads to higher rates. If it’s not possible to be added to your parents’ policy, take advantage of things like good student and driver discounts. Some insurance companies have an app you can download to show that you’re a good driver.

Should I add a licensed driver to my auto insurance policy?This is an icon

In some situations, this may be the best move. If you don't drive and this person frequently uses your car, adding them to your policy will guarantee they are covered if something happens. If you do drive and are considering adding a teen to your policy, keep in mind your rates may go up. Teens are more likely to get into accidents, so it pays to add them if something happens.

I am a senior with a car, but I don't have a driver's license. I need someone to drive me around. Should I add them to my insurance?This is an icon

Yes, if you list them as the primary driver, you should be able to get car insurance. Your driver will be covered if they're in an accident while driving your car, and you will be protected as well. You may have to name yourself as an excluded driver.

Can I insure my vehicle under someone else’s policy?This is an icon

It depends on why you want to. If you're going to use someone else's policy because your rates are too high, it's not a good idea. If you get into an accident, not only will their rates go way up, but you could be dropped by your insurance company and be deemed uninsurable in the future. Also, many states have laws that say the name on the car registration and the person insured have to match, so check with your state.

Should I change my car registration to get insurance?This is an icon

In most states, you're required to show proof of registration before you can insure the car. If you're unlicensed and are having trouble finding insurance, you could list another person as a co-owner and put them on the car's title. You can register the vehicle to both people.

What do I do if I have a car but no longer have a license?This is an icon

You could add someone to your insurance if they will be using the car. If you’re a senior and rely on a neighbor or a family member to drive you around, adding them to your insurance will cover both of you in case of accidents.

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