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Progressive is the overall best car insurance company in Montana for most drivers. This includes middle-aged and senior drivers.

Meanwhile, State Farm is the top insurer for minimum coverage, young adults and drivers with violations, while GEICO bested all other insurers in providing good customer service. Farmers and USAA might be your best choice if you have a new car or a military background, respectively.

We also analyzed the cheapest car insurance in Montana for people more concerned with affordability than anything else.

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Best Car Insurance in Montana

Best Overall for Car Insurance in Montana

Progressive is the best car insurance in Montana for full coverage. The top two auto insurers in the state are:

  • Progressive: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($399 per year)
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($565 per year)

Progressive is the most affordable insurance provider among Montana's seven major players. It also offers a good range of coverage and has good customer satisfaction ratings.

MoneyGeek also examined Montana's cheapest full coverage auto insurance for folks trying to save money.

ProgressiveBest Overall


Customer Satisfaction




Claims Experience




Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

Progressive ranks number one in the overall best full coverage category largely because it outshines its competitors in affordability at $399 per year.

It also has some of the best coverage ratings in the state, including a unique option letting you replace or fix parts you add to your car.

More About Progressive

Progressive offers custom parts and equipment coverage for repairing or replacing extras you add to your car. This includes custom wheels, stereos, navigation systems or even paint. These parts are called "after-market" and need special insurance since they weren't installed by the manufacturer.

Additionally, Progressive has pets coverage for injuries resulting from motor accidents.

For every six months you go without a collision or infraction, Progressive deducts $50 from your comprehensive or collision deductible under the Deductible Savings Bank coverage. If you submit a claim, it resets.

If your car breaks down or gets a flat tire, a dead battery, a lock-out or runs out of gas, Progressive may pay for some roadside or towing services.

State Farm


Customer Satisfaction




Claims Experience




Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

Our data shows State Farm is the second-best choice because of its excellent customer service and affordability. A full coverage policy typically costs the policyholder $565 per year on average.

State Farm has limited add-on coverage, including rental car or travel reimbursement, roadside assistance and rideshare insurance.

More About State Farm

Though State Farm doesn't have many unique coverage options, its add-ons are often the most crucial for many drivers.

Roadside assistance includes towing, mechanical work, locksmith work and tires, gas, oil or battery delivery. You still have to pay out of pocket for the delivered items.

Your State Farm policy's rental car or travel coverage covers up to $500 of your relevant costs, such as a rental car, food, lodging, insurance and more.

State Farm has the second-most affordable policies and provides above-average customer service out of seven providers.

Based on research from J.D. Power and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), we also found that most policyholders are pleased with State Farm's services.

How the Best Insurers in Montana Rank: MoneyGeek Scores and Costs

After researching insurance companies in Montana, we discovered Progressive stands out from the crowd by providing excellent coverage and competitively priced plans.

State Farm, which also has reasonable premiums and few customer complaints, came in second place in our study.

Farmers, Nationwide and Allstate provide comprehensive coverage selections without sacrificing customer service. But you have to pay higher premiums in return.

Note that the availability of sufficient data for each component of the scoring system was required for an insurer to obtain a MoneyGeek overall score.

MoneyGeek Score (out of 100)
Annual Premium
Satisfaction Score (out of 5)
Affordability Score (out of 5)
Claims Score (out of 5)
Coverages Score (out of 5)
Stability Score (out of 5)

















State Farm
















































Best Car Insurance in Montana for Customer Service

Montana buyers should consider getting an auto insurance policy from GEICO if they want outstanding customer service, no matter the cost. Farmers is a solid option too.

GEICO: MoneyGeek score 86 out of 100 ($1,167 per year) Farmers: MoneyGeek score 85 out of 100 ($1,102 per year)

GEICO has the best customer service among Montana's major car insurance providers, but it has an average claims score. Farmers is more affordable and has better claims management, but the customer service isn't quite as excellent.



Best customer satisfaction ratings

Decent coverage score

Offers mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI)


Second most expensive insurer in the state


Although GEICO has the best customer service in the state, its claims management can use improvement, and it only offers a few essential coverages. It does offer some unique coverage, such as mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) and insurance for antique or classic cars. MBI offers more protection at a lower cost than a typical dealer extended warranty and classic car insurance includes liability, medical expenses and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for vintage cars.

In order to guarantee that your insurance premium won't increase after your first at-fault accident, GEICO offers accident forgiveness. You can either pay for accident forgiveness or earn it if you are older than 21 and haven't been in an accident in at least five years. It also offers essential coverage roadside assistance, which pays for services for repairing flat tires, jump-starting vehicles, towing and other mechanical problems.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Customer Service?

Good customer service means your insurer helps you quickly and effectively when you need it the most. Additionally, it must be receptive to your questions and complaints, prepared to address your issues as they arise and capable of paying your approved claims promptly.

Despite Farmers’ slight edge in claims management, we chose GEICO as the best customer service provider because it has better customer service overall.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Minimum Coverage

State Farm is the best minimum coverage car insurance provider in Montana. Here are our top two picks for this category:

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 91 out of 100 ($168 per year)
  • Progressive: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($176 per year)

For minimum coverage policies, State Farm beats its competitors in terms of affordability and customer satisfaction.

The cheap rates of a minimum coverage policy in Montana come with the lowest liability insurance and no coverage for damage to your car.

State Farm


Lowest premium at $168 per year

Offers anti-lock brakes, airbag and bundling discounts

Number one in affordability and customer satisfaction


Doesn’t offer paperless and pay-in-full discounts

Relatively low claims management score and average coverage score


State Farm provides the most affordable policies and the highest customer satisfaction rate in Montana for minimum coverage.

You can receive a discount from State Farm by combining your auto insurance with your home, renters, condo or life policies. Likewise, simultaneously insuring two or more automobiles can help you save too.

State Farm also offers a discount if you've been insured for three years in a row without a chargeable infraction or if you're a new customer with no moving violations or accidents for at least three years.

Customers of State Farm can also benefit from rare discounts for taking defensive driving classes and installing alarms or other approved anti-theft devices. Of course, all of these are advantageous in the first place.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Minimum Coverage?

Not all motorists have the means or desire to get comprehensive auto insurance. In addition to discounts to help lower your premium, a good minimum coverage policy should have the lowest prices for the coverage limits in your state.

Affordable, high-quality service and discounts are features of the great minimum coverage insurance policy from State Farm. Just be mindful of the compromise between price and coverage.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Young Adults

The best auto insurance company for young adults is State Farm. According to quotes for full coverage plans purchased by young adult drivers in their 20s, the following companies offer the best premiums and service in Montana:

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($700 per year)
  • Progressive: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($525 per year)

State Farm is the most affordable insurer in the state for drivers in their early 20s. It also provides solid customer support.

Young adult drivers pay less than teen drivers but more than most older drivers. If you shop around, you can find even more affordable car insurance options in Montana.

State Farm


Relatively affordable at $700 per year

Offers distant students and good students discounts

Ranks number 2 in affordability and customer satisfaction


Below average claims processing

Coverage score is average


State Farm is the second-most affordable option for young adult drivers in Montana at $700 per year. It also features a good range of useful coverage for drivers in this demographic.

Furthermore, State Farm offers saving opportunities for drivers in this age group. This includes discounts for young drivers on your coverage who maintain grades of B (or 3.0 GPA) or higher. You will also receive a discount if the student is enrolled on the policy and lives far from home without a vehicle for school. Note that not all drivers in their 20s may be affected by these because they are student-related.

State Farm lacks some coverages that are specifically targeted to young adults. Although it offers some benefits that this demographic can also enjoy such as roadside assistance which pays for professional services (towing, gas delivery, etc.) when your car gets stuck on the road.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Young Adults?

Young adults often pay higher insurance premiums. So, an ideal policy would optimize discounts and savings while retaining dependable service and coverage. Look for providers offering special discounts to drivers under the age of 25.

State Farm, the winner in this category, has affordable rates, necessary coverages and discounts for young adults.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Seniors

Progressive is the top insurance company in Montana for senior drivers. These are the top-rated insurance companies for drivers in their 60s:

  • Progressive: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($399 per year)
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($565 per year)

Progressive has the most affordable premiums and a high coverage rating. Drivers' insurance rates in their 60s are comparable to those in their 30s through 50s. But, rates rise when drivers hit their 70s.

You may find the most affordable car insurance for seniors by comparing prices from several suppliers.



Most affordable for senior drivers at $399 per year

Offers custom parts and deductible modification coverages

Number 1 in affordability and coverage in Montana


Below-average claims management rating


Thanks to its affordability and comprehensive coverage offerings, Progressive is a good option for senior drivers in Montana.

Its roadside assistance coverage pays for specific repairs or towing services if you get stuck while on a drive. While your vehicle is being repaired, rental car coverage can cover the rental cost up to the specified level. Having comprehensive and collision insurance allows you to purchase rental reimbursement.

Additionally, it provides unique options like custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage. This covers the cost of replacing or repairing add-ons like a stereo, custom wheels, paint job or navigation system. There's normally a $5,000 cap on CPE coverage.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Seniors?

Despite being among the safest drivers on the road, seniors are more likely to suffer severe injuries in an accident. So, we recommend seeking affordable full coverage policies with personal injury protection (PIP). PIP can help offset medical costs and is available from reputable auto insurance providers for senior drivers.

Senior citizen discounts are also easy to find.

Our top pick, Progressive, doesn't provide special rates for seniors. But, it has several other discounts drivers can use to reduce their premiums.

Additionally, it offers roadside assistance and is the least expensive full-coverage insurer for seniors in Montana.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Drivers With Offenses

State Farm is best for drivers with offenses on their records, including speeding tickets, DUIs or at-fault accidents.

Our data shows these are the best insurers for drivers with traffic violations:

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($705 per year)
  • Progressive: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($609 per year)

State Farm is the second cheapest provider and tops the list for customer satisfaction. Since rates in Montana increase by an average of $316 after an at-fault accident, $104 after a speeding ticket and $408 after a DUI, drivers with violations need to look for affordable auto insurance.

State Farm


More affordable than most insurers at $705 per year

Offers roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement coverage

Number 1 in customer satisfaction and number 2 in affordability


Limited coverage

Doesn’t offer better car replacement coverage and accident forgiveness


State Farm offers the most affordable full coverage premiums for Montana drivers with spotty records. Although you should have modest expectations for claims handling and coverage, policyholders could expect good customer service and affordable plans.

It has few coverage options, but you can add roadside assistance and rental car or travel coverage for an additional cost.

Roadside assistance often covers expenses related to incidents that get you stuck on the road.

Rental car or travel reimbursement plans may cover car rental and travel costs.

Most drivers, including the ones with a traffic infraction, benefit from these basic coverages.

Options provided by State Farm don't include accident forgiveness or replacement with a newer or better vehicle.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Drivers With Offenses?

Drivers with violations, also called high-risk drivers, may have to pay higher premiums if they can find providers willing to insure them.

Many, but not all, reputable insurance companies for these drivers offer discounts, accident forgiveness coverage and replacement cost coverage.

State Farm doesn't offer these coverages, but it's the most affordable insurer for high-risk drivers. It also touts high customer satisfaction and offers a variety of discounts.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Drivers With New Cars

MoneyGeek's review of insurers who provide new or better automobile replacement coverage found Farmers is the best insurance provider for motorists with new vehicles. Our top picks for this category are:

  • Farmers: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($1,560 per year)
  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($1,468 per year)

With the lowest prices and excellent customer service, Farmers performs better than its competitors. New car replacement coverage can be added to plans to benefit drivers with newer vehicles. This means Farmers will replace your old vehicle with a similar model if you get into an accident.



Relatively affordable policy in for this category at $1,560 per year

Offers new car replacement coverage

Ranks first in customer satisfaction rating and ties at #1 for coverage offerings score


Below average claims management


Policyholders with a new car might find the best deals with Farmers. It’s the second-most affordable at $1,560 per year and has the most outstanding customer service among its competitors in this category.

Farmers offers new car replacement coverage. This means that instead of just giving you a check for the depreciated value, this insurer will fully pay the cost to replace your damaged car with a new, similar unit, provided it is only two model years old or less and hasn't logged more than 24,000 miles in total.

Farmers also offers various unique coverages that many people can enjoy. One of these is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) protection, which pays for the price of utilizing factory-original parts in covered repairs for vehicles up to ten years old. Custom parts coverage pays for the price of mending or replacing aftermarket components like multimedia systems and custom wheels.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Drivers With New Cars?

Drivers with new cars need the right insurance coverage to secure their significant investment. They stand to gain the most from having new or better car replacement coverage, so a good insurance company for these drivers has these add-ons.

Farmers, our top pick for this category, offers new car replacement coverage. It's also the most affordable provider and has a solid customer satisfaction rating.

Best Car Insurance in Montana for Military Drivers

With a MoneyGeek rating of 93 out of 100, USAA came in first on our list of the best auto insurance providers for veterans.

The USAA full coverage average premium is the second cheapest in Montana at $537 per year. It offers reasonable policies and coverages tailored to military members and their families.



Comparatively affordable at $537 per year

Offers accident forgiveness

Perfect customer satisfaction rating


Relatively low coverage score and claims management rating


USAA is the best insurance company for drivers with a military background and their families, first and foremost because it's made for them. It also has affordable policies, high customer satisfaction ratings and specialized services.

The company provides standard insurance benefits, including rental car reimbursement coverage and roadside assistance. USAA also lets users add accident forgiveness to prevent assessment of policy surcharge after their first at-fault accident (after five years of no accidents). This insurer also provides coverage for ridesharing.

USAA offers a variety of savings for military personnel. This includes parking your automobile on a military base.

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How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Montana for You

The best auto insurance combines low costs, financial stability and excellent service. MoneyGeek gathered quotes to assist you in locating the insurance that best suits your requirements and profile. But we'll walk you through how to conduct your own research.


Research customer service reputations in Montana

We compiled Montana providers' customer service rankings using information from the NAIC consumer complaint index and J.D. Power's customer satisfaction research.

When evaluating an insurer's track record, check out these reliable and impartial organizations. You can also go to the Montana Department of Insurance website.


Compare quotes

The figures provided by MoneyGeek are average premiums for sample drivers in Montana. But your real rates may differ. Compare individual quotes from at least three insurers to ballpark how much your auto insurance may cost.


Find the coverages you want in Montana

Some insurance companies advertise coverages and discounts that are only good in a certain state. It's worthwhile to invest the time verifying your preferences are available.


Check financial stability ratings

An insurer's financial strength rating can give you an idea of how safe they are to work with. This rating lets you know if a company is likely to fulfill its responsibilities to policyholders who submit claims.

Many auto insurance providers are rather big businesses with slim chances of suddenly going under or being unable to cover claims. But it's important to double-check this, especially if you're thinking about going with a local or small insurer. These typically get lower scores for financial stability, though they're not always the wrong choice.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


FAQs About the Best Car Insurance in Montana

Your preferences, needs and profile determine which auto insurance policies are ideal for you. Here, we address some frequently asked questions to help you make the best choice.

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