How Much is Car Insurance in Montana? Rates by Coverage Level, Age, Driving History and Location

The average cost to insure a car in Montana is $1,216 per year, $208 less than the $1,424 national average. Montana is ranked 30th among all states in terms of car insurance affordability. These averages are for many companies and locations for one sample driver. MoneyGeek analyzed averages by coverage level, age, credit score and location.


The average car insurance cost in Montana is $1,216 per year or approximately $101 monthly. This is based on a 40-year-old driver with a full coverage policy and clean driving record.

The same 40-year-old driver will pay an average of $562 annually if they choose the minimum car insurance coverage. Actual Montana car insurance rates can vary widely depending on individualized factors. If you add a young driver to a full coverage policy, your average insurance cost will increase to $2,640 per year.

MoneyGeek analyzed average car insurance costs considering various factors to help you see how rates change.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Montana: Summary

MoneyGeek analyzed the average costs of auto insurance in the state by the factors that play a significant role in determining rates.

Age and credit score are the most significant factors affecting the average car insurance costs in Montana.

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Average Costs of Car Insurance in Montana

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Why Are Car Insurance Rates Average in Montana?

Based on MoneyGeek’s research on car insurance rates by state, Montana auto insurance is moderately priced on average. This is because of low highway traffic density ranking (48th), moderate uninsured driver ranking (38th), low urban share of the population ranking (46th) and moderate risk for natural disasters. However, it ranked 24th in terms of motor vehicle theft rate.

Montana car insurance rates vary greatly depending on local factors specific to you as a driver. Individuals living in areas with high traffic congestion, road accidents and theft rates tend to pay higher premiums.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Montana: Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage

In Montana, an auto insurance policy that only meets the state minimum coverage requirement costs an average of $562 per year. A full coverage policy, as defined in MoneyGeek’s methodology, costs $1,216 annually on average. That means there is around $654 difference between both insurance policy types.

The extent of coverage you buy will affect your average car insurance costs in Montana. An auto insurance policy with more features will cost more. Types of car insurance policies available include liability, collision and comprehensive coverages.

A full-coverage policy will give you maximum coverage, but it will be more expensive.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Montana by Coverage Level

Minimum vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance Costs in Montana - By Company

Every company will give you a different quote. That means the insurance company you choose will have an impact on your Montana car insurance rates.

For drivers looking for cheap full coverage insurance, the most affordable options based on average rates are USAA and State Farm. These two companies are also the top options for cheap liability-only car insurance in Montana.

While USAA offers the cheapest car insurance rates, note that only military families qualify for its policies.

On average, MetLife has the priciest car insurance rates for both liability-only and full coverages in Montana.

Average Annual Costs of Car Insurance in Montana - By Company

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How Much Is Car Insurance in Montana by Age

Your age will have a significant effect on your car insurance rates. Young drivers, who are considered risky and more likely to have accidents, typically pay higher car insurance premiums.

A 40-year-old buying a policy pays an average of $1,216 per year. If you add a 16-year-old to a policy, you will pay an additional $1,424.

If you are a young driver looking for a way to save money on insurance premiums, consider being added to your parent’s car insurance plan.

First-time drivers in Montana will be treated the same as young drivers and get similar insurance rates.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Montana - By Age

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How Does Driving History Affect Car Insurance Costs in Montana?

Insurance companies consider drivers who have multiple violations on their records or have been in road accidents as high-risk individuals. Thus, they will pay higher insurance premiums. That said, you can still find affordable insurance for drivers with a bad driving record by shopping around.

On average, a driver with a speeding ticket pays $1,483 annually. That is $267 more than the average rate of $1,216 for safe drivers. Depending on the severity of the violation, the cost can be higher.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Montana - By Driving History

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  • Driving Violation
    Annual Premium
  • Safe Driver
  • Speeding Ticket
  • At-Fault Accident
  • DUI

Credit Scores and the Cost of Car Insurance in Montana

Your credit score will also have an impact on your Montana car insurance rates. MoneyGeek’s analysis showed that Montana drivers with a poor credit score pay an average of $865 more annually compared to those with a good credit score. Individuals with excellent credit scores pay roughly $265 less than those with good credit scores.

Maintaining a good to excellent credit score can help you save a lot of money on insurance premiums. Having a bad credit score results in higher premiums, but there are still affordable plans for drivers with bad credit in Montana.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Montana - By Credit Score

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  • Credit Score
    Annual Premium
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Below Fair
  • Poor

How Much Is Car Insurance in Your City?

For this study, MoneyGeek analyzed car insurance costs from the city of Billings.

Location is among the determining factors affecting the cost of a car insurance policy. Insurance carriers usually charge more for people living in urban centers due to higher vandalism and theft rates. Drivers living in densely populated areas with a higher risk of road accidents or natural disasters also have higher auto insurance expenses.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Montana - By City

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Frequently Asked Questions About Montana Car Insurance Rates

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Montana car insurance rates.


MoneyGeek collected car insurance quotes in Montana in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. The policies are based on a sample driver profile who is 40 years old, has a full coverage and clean driving record unless altered by the factors described above, such as coverage levels, age, driving violations and credit score. The specific limits of the said full coverage policy can be found on MoneyGeek’s methodology page.

To evaluate Montana car insurance rates, MoneyGeek also gathered data on traffic density, uninsured motorists, urban share of population and motor vehicle theft rates.

  • Highway traffic density was calculated with 2019 data from the Federal Highway Administration
  • Data on uninsured motorists was drawn from 2019 data from the Insurance Research Council
  • Urban share of population was calculated using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Data on motor vehicle theft rate was drawn from the FBI Crime in the United States Report for 2019

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