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Regular homeowners insurance policies cover damage and loss from natural disasters. Aside from the coverages that come with your policy, endorsements and other insurance products can cover more perils that are not included by your standard policy.

Your house, as well as other structures in your property, are insured by dwelling coverage. Additionally, if your belongings have been included in the damages, personal property coverage can reimburse their cost or value. In case the damage to your home is so severe and you need to temporarily relocate, your additional living expenses coverage can pay for the expenses of your accommodations.

Expenses for the rebuilding of your home due to natural disasters are covered by most homeowners insurance policies. Consider reviewing your policy to check what damages, perils and structures it covers. If you think you need more coverage, you can purchase additional coverages and products.

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When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Natural Disaster Damages?

Damages and losses due to natural disasters can be covered by your homeowners insurance. It can pay for the expenses of repairs, rebuilding and reconstruction as well as reimburse you for your personal belongings.

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  • If your house’s main structure has been damaged due to strong winds during a typhoon, dwelling coverage (Coverage A) can cover the costs of repair.
  • If your in-ground pool has been destroyed by a natural disaster, other structures coverage (Coverage B) can take care of the expenses of reconstruction.
  • If your furniture was damaged because of a hail or a windstorm, your personal property coverage can reimburse its cost.

Personal property coverage insures the things that you own in case of damage or loss. The natural disasters covered by homeowners insurance are hail, windstorms and volcanic eruptions, but these can vary depending on your insurer.

If you need more coverage for other natural disasters, endorsements and other insurance products can provide more protection. For instance, most insurers don’t cover floods and earthquakes. You can purchase flood insurance, earthquake insurance or have flood/earthquake coverage as an endorsement.

When Doesn’t Homeowners Insurance Cover Natural Disaster Damages?

While your homeowners insurance can cover many of the expenses you might have after a natural disaster, there are specific items that they do not cover. Dwelling coverage, for instance, does not cover your detached garage, fence, above-ground swimming pool or tool sheds. There are also natural disasters that it does not cover, such as floods, earthquakes, sinkholes and mudslides.

Keep in mind that this coverage is also specific to the perils listed by your insurer.

Insurance Rates


How to Protect Yourself From Natural Disaster Damages

Having your finances covered during emergencies is a good thing, but protecting yourself from disasters is way more important. Being prepared for natural calamities can prevent losses. Below are some steps that you can take to protect yourself during a natural disaster.

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    Disaster Preparedness

    Being prepared for disasters involves a lot of steps and needs to be done as early as possible before the onset of a natural disaster. One way to be prepared is to listen to the news. By staying updated, you can take crucial steps that might ultimately save your house from damage or your family from danger.

  • Identify Hazards

    At home, there are certain things that can damage your property during natural disasters. For example, a tree in your backyard can fall into your roof, putting you, your family and your house in danger. Spotting these hazards can help you take the necessary steps to lessen the damage and the danger they might cause.

Where to Buy Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is available from most insurance companies, including State Farm and Hippo. Comparing different insurance companies will help you find the best policy for your needs.

On average, homeowners insurance costs $175 per month. However, the rates of homeowners insurance depend on how much coverage you need and how much personal property you own. MoneyGeek’s personal property calculator below can give you an estimate on the cost of your insurance.


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