Best Short-Term Health Insurance in Nevada (2024)

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ByBrenna Kelly
Edited byKatherine Kurtz
ByBrenna Kelly
Edited byKatherine Kurtz

Updated: May 22, 2024

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When longer-term plans are not available, short-term health insurance can bridge the gap until you get a full coverage plan again. It helps maintain your coverage in between jobs, when you’re too old for your parents’ policies, while waiting for open enrollment, etc.

Short-term policies are not ACA-compliant, so insurers are not obliged to grant you coverage if you have pre-existing diseases or medical disorders. Short-term health insurance may not have all of the basic essential medical benefits, so they ultimately can’t replace marketplace plans.

MoneyGeek found that the best company for short-term health insurance in Nevada is National General Accident & Health, receiving a score of 95 out of 100. The runner-up company is Everest Reinsurance Company, with a score of 85 out of 100. Nevertheless, the best company for you is one that gives you the right coverage for your needs without becoming a financial liability.

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Best Companies for Short-Term Health Insurance in Nevada


To determine the best short-term health insurance companies, MoneyGeek analyzed the pricing, plan options and cost-sharing choices for thousands of plans. Within each state, plans were aggregated by company to compile an overview of a short-term health insurance provider. In determining the best short-term providers for specific categories, weights were redistributed to take into account the goal of the health insurance plan.

Please be advised that the costs provided are averages. Actual rates will vary based on consumer profile and location.

Best Overall Short-Term Health Insurance in Nevada

Overall, the best company that offers short-term health insurance in Nevada is National General Accident & Health, with a score of 95 out of 100. The company rankings were based on their average maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) costs and the number of cost-sharing options they offer.

The second-best company is Everest Reinsurance Company (85 out of 100), while the third-place company is UnitedHealthcare (55 out of 100). The top two companies have MOOP costs of $7,500 and $7,958, respectively, while UnitedHealthcare has a MOOP of $11,833.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
National General Accident & Health

With an overall score of 95 out of 100, National General Accident & Health offers affordable premiums without compromising on customer satisfaction. It also allows you to choose from multiple plan options, although not as many as Everest offers.

National General’s short-term health insurance policies can provide you with coverage ranging from 30 days up to a year. They also include virtual medical assistance, discounts, urgent care and prescription services.

National General Accident & Health has several insurance services for individuals, families, seniors and businesses. Other than short-term health insurance, you can also browse through their policies for dental and vision care, accident and critical illness, Medicare, fixed-benefit and supplemental coverages.

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It might be tempting to not have health insurance for a few months, but you need to make sure that you are financially protected during this time. A sudden medical emergency could cost several thousand dollars, so you need a safety net in case these situations happen.

Best Cheap Short-Term Health Insurance

The cheapest short-term health insurance in Nevada is from National General Accident & Health. On average, its maximum out-of-pocket cost is $7,500. Having low premiums helps save you money and stay within your budget. However, low premiums often mean higher out-of-pocket costs, so make sure your policy strikes a balance you can afford.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
National General Accident & Health

National General Accident & Health is available nationwide, operating with more than 49,000 agents and brokers in the country. This company has the lowest average MOOP costs for short-term health insurance in Nevada, and it also offers a decent selection of different plans.


Short-term health insurance is far different from a marketplace or long-term plan. A short-term plan does not always include fundamental health benefits. They also don’t cover pre-existing conditions and illnesses you develop while you have the short-term plan. When the latter scenario occurs, your policy may not be renewed.

Therefore, conducting thorough research on these plans before buying one is crucial. As a consumer, you need to know what you’re getting before spending your hard-earned money.

Best Short-Term Health Insurance Between Jobs

In choosing our best picks for health insurance while you're unemployed or between jobs, MoneyGeek looked into costs and plan options. The following are our top three companies for short-term health insurance while you’re waiting for your new job:

  • Companion Life Insurance Company: $148 per month
  • Everest Reinsurance Company: $158 per month
  • UnitedHealthcare: $165 per month

You might find yourself facing high MOOPs, even when you’re looking for the most affordable short-term policy. If you don’t need frequent medical attention, having a higher MOOP paired with low premiums may work for you.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
Companion Life Insurance Company

Companion Life Insurance Company has been in the industry since 1971 and has grown from a small business to a company with more than 100 employees. Because it’s relatively small compared to other health insurance companies, it can better personalize its services to cater to its clients and partners.

Customers can get limited benefit insurance, group supplemental expense plans and employer group waiver plans, in addition to short-term health insurance.

Companion Life Insurance Company provides its customers with quality services and affordable premiums. Based on our research, it has the cheapest monthly premiums for unemployed individuals.

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The state of Nevada does not allow the renewal or extension of short-term health plans beyond the initial 185-day period. Catastrophic plans, high-deductible health plans and Bronze options are affordable ways to get health insurance coverage.

How Does Short-Term Health Insurance Work in Nevada?

Short-term health insurance is an emergency plan that you can get to fill in the gap between long-term coverage. It’s different from a preventive plan and does not replace marketplace plans or long-term coverage.

In Nevada, short-term health insurance can only last for 185 days. After this period, you can no longer renew your plan.

There could be qualifying reasons that entitle you to a special enrollment period. During this period, you can enroll in an ACA-compliant plan. Take note that short-term health insurance plans are generally not ACA-compliant, so they lack benefits that you might find in a regular health insurance plan.

How to Buy Short-Term Health Insurance in Nevada

Before buying short-term health insurance in Nevada, make sure that you take extra steps to get the right health insurance plan for you. The process below can help you get short-term health insurance that covers all your needs.

Determine How Long You Need Coverage

Nevada only allows you to have short-term health insurance for 185 days. If you keep your policy for that long, you’ll need to transition to a longer-term solution once the 185 days are up.

Assess Your Health Care Needs

Short-term health insurance does not include the essential health care benefits that marketplace plans do. The lack of these benefits may affect you if you have routine or regular prescription needs or require immediate care. Knowing your health care needs helps you choose the best plan for you.

Research Providers and Available Plans

Explore your options by researching health insurance providers in Nevada and their available plans. This will allow you to find the plan that best fits your needs, budget and preferences.

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There are several key differences between short-term health insurance and ACA or marketplace plans. For instance, the duration of short-term plans depends on state regulations. Marketplace plans are effective year-round.

Marketplace plans comply with the ACA, so they have all 10 essential health benefits. Among these health benefits are ambulatory services, emergency services, hospitalization and laboratory services, which are often the only ones offered by short-term health insurance. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by short-term health insurance.

Marketplace plans can be purchased through the health insurance marketplace or You need to wait for open enrollment to apply.

FAQs About Short-Term Health Insurance in Nevada

MoneyGeek answered questions about short-term health insurance in Nevada to help you understand these plans better. Below are questions you might face while looking for a short-term plan.

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