Best Short-Term Health Insurance in Georgia (2024)

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ByBrenna Kelly
Edited byKatherine Kurtz
ByBrenna Kelly
Edited byKatherine Kurtz

Updated: May 22, 2024

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The primary function of short-term health insurance is to bridge coverage gaps; the duration of short-term health insurance policies often ranges from one year to as little as a few weeks or months. It's also an excellent alternative for individuals between employment or awaiting open enrollment.

Nevertheless, short-term plans are not compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a result, they do not always provide the necessary health benefits, and providers can refuse coverage to applicants with certain medical conditions or preexisting diseases.

National General Accident & Health, with a score of 95, offers the best short-term medical insurance in Georgia. Overall, the best short-term health insurance policy offers reasonable premiums and coverage that suits your requirements. Meanwhile, Everest Reinsurance Company is the second-best option in Georgia, with a MoneyGeek score of 85.

Keep in mind that short-term health insurance should not substitute plans from the marketplace, especially since the latter provides essential medical benefits. MoneyGeek advises investigating subsidies to find a plan on the marketplace that offers superior coverage at a comparable cost to a short-term plan.

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Best Companies for Short-Term Health Insurance in Georgia


To determine the best short-term health insurance companies, MoneyGeek analyzed the pricing, plan options and cost-sharing choices for thousands of plans. Within each state, plans were aggregated by company to compile an overview of a short-term health insurance provider. In determining the best short-term providers for specific categories, weights were redistributed to take into account the goal of the health insurance plan.

Please be advised that the costs provided are averages. Actual rates will vary based on consumer profile and location.

Best Overall Short-Term Health Insurance in Georgia

With a MoneyGeek score of 95 out of 100, National General Accident & Health is the best short-term health insurance provider in Georgia. The next best options would be the following:

  • Everest Reinsurance Company: 85 out of 100
  • Independence American Insurance Company: 65 out of 100

MoneyGeek ranked these providers based on the range of cost-sharing alternatives and the average MOOP costs. The average MOOPs of National General Accident & Health and Everest Reinsurance Company are below $8,000, while Independence American Insurance Company’s average MOOP is $9,833.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
National General Accident & Health

National General Accident & Health received a 95 out of 100 MoneyGeek score and is our top option for short-term medical insurance in Georgia. It provides a standard amount of plan alternatives and is accessible in most states. In addition, it offers one of the highest coverage limits accessible among the insurance companies in Georgia.

National General Accident & Health may appeal to prospective consumers who like flexible contract terms. It provides various term options ranging from three months to three years. However, National General Accident & Health may not meet everyone's needs. For example, several plans have lengthier waiting periods and much higher out-of-pocket maximums.

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It is tempting to go without health insurance if you are between health insurance policies for several months. However, temporary health insurance could be a significant financial aid in the event of an accident. Because an unanticipated procedure might cost several thousand dollars, we strongly advise readers to look into purchasing health insurance.

Best Cheap Short-Term Health Insurance

National General Accident & Health has the cheapest short-term health insurance rates in Georgia, with an average MOOP of $7,500. Keep in mind that higher out-of-pocket maximums typically accompany lower premiums. If the short-term health insurance cost is your primary concern, you should ensure that it offers enough coverage for your medical requirements.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
National General Accident & Health

MoneyGeek recommends National General Accident & Health as the best option for finding the cheapest short-term health insurance in Georgia. This insurance company provides plans with extraordinarily low out-of-pocket maximums, low co-insurance and a relatively modest application fee. Those wishing to save a few dollars on short-term medical insurance might consider this alternative. However, some plans have incredibly high deductibles.


Short-term health insurance has advantages, but it is also necessary to recognize its disadvantages. A short-term health plan cannot replace a long-term market strategy. Instead, short-term policies safeguard you from exorbitant medical costs in an emergency.

Numerous short-term plans do not cover preexisting diseases or provide critical medical services. It is also possible that your policy will not be renewed if you develop a sickness during your coverage.

Best Short-Term Health Insurance Between Jobs

Purchasing health insurance for one month in Georgia is an option. People who are unemployed or between employment might favor cheaper rates, but this typically comes with higher out-of-pocket costs. This is an excellent alternative for those who do not require frequent doctor visits.

MoneyGeek reviewed the prices and cost-sharing choices of each firm and determined the following to offer the best short-term health insurance between jobs:

  • Companion Life Insurance Company: $158 per month
  • Everest Reinsurance Company: $173 per month
  • UnitedHealthcare: $187 per month

Each of the above providers offers monthly premiums in the $150–190 range. Companion Life Insurance Company has more affordable premiums than the runner-ups and covers up to $1 million.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
Companion Life Insurance Company

The Companion Life Insurance Company provides its customers with a selection of accident and health insurance policies, including limited benefit health insurance plans, short-term medical insurance and more.

In addition, Companion Life Insurance Company provides coverage of up to $1 million for a relatively cheap application fee. The company has comparatively short general waiting periods and one-third of policies include coverage for generic prescription drugs.

Nonetheless, Companion Life Insurance Company has a few drawbacks. For example, there is only one sort of short-term plan and limited options for term duration.

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It is prudent to extend your short-term health insurance coverage in certain situations. For instance, if open enrollment for your long-term plan is still a few months away or if the start date of your new employment has been pushed back, you may decide to extend the length of your short-term plan.

Conversely, we do not recommend picking short-term health insurance over market plans when they become available. If you're trying to save money, marketplace plans provide Catastrophic and Bronze tiers. These health insurance alternatives are relatively inexpensive and include key health benefits.

How Does Short-Term Health Insurance Work in Georgia?

The purpose of purchasing short-term insurance is to serve as a stopgap solution until you can purchase long-term insurance. It typically lasts a few months and functions as a reactive rather than a preventive measure.

If you wish to prolong the duration of your short-term coverage, you may typically do so by renewing your policy. In Georgia, you can renew a plan for up to 36 months (or three years).

How to Buy Short-Term Health Insurance in Georgia

Before acquiring short-term health insurance in Georgia, there are various considerations to explore. MoneyGeek provides a step-by-step guide on obtaining a short-term plan for those unsure of where to begin.

Determine How Long You Need Coverage

Your current circumstances will significantly impact the duration of your temporary health insurance. Consider how long you'll need coverage, especially if you're awaiting the start date of your new employment or for open enrollment. Short-term plans may range from three months to three years.

Assess Your Health Care Needs

Remember that short-term plans do not meet the criteria of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consequently, it does not cover all essential medical benefits. It is necessary to keep track of your health care needs, such as prescription medications, and to understand what short-term policies cover. This will assist you in locating an appropriate plan at an affordable price.

Research Providers and Available Plans

There are several short-term insurance companies in Georgia. Therefore, we advise you to consider your options and compare each provider's services. There are many plan types, durations, maximum out-of-pocket expenses (MOOPs), deductibles and coverage restrictions. Examining each provider will narrow down your options.

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There are significant variations between short-term health insurance versus ACA-compliant market plans. Comparing the two types of insurance coverage can help you select what you need at this time.

Short-term coverage might range from a few weeks to one year. However, critical medical benefits are not always provided, and those with preexisting diseases can be denied coverage. A short-term plan with nearly no waiting periods is appropriate for emergency scenarios.

In the meantime, marketplace insurance covers people with various health records and provides the required benefits. Comprehensive benefits, including maternity care, doctor appointments and preventive care, are also included in marketplace plans.

In conclusion, short-term policies are ideal for overcoming coverage gaps, but market plans are the superior long-term alternative.

FAQs About Short-Term Health Insurance in Georgia

Purchasing short-term health insurance in Georgia might be a daunting task. MoneyGeek addressed the most frequently asked questions so that you may get started with less anxiety.

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