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Best Health Insurance in Utah

Best Overall for Health Insurance in Utah

BridgeSpan has a MoneyGeek score of 65 out of 100, making it the best health insurance provider in Utah. The company received high ratings for its competitive rates and MOOP costs.

To determine the winner in this category, we used data from 15 Silver EPO plans and 19 Silver HMO plans in Utah.

MoneyGeek Pick: BridgeSpan



Offers some of the cheapest rates in the state

Has the lowest average MOOP out of the six competitors


It only offers one HMO plan

High claims denial rate


MoneyGeek found BridgeSpan as the best overall health insurance company in Utah. It offers one Silver HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan. Although HMO plans are less expensive, they only cover services and treatments that are within your network.

The Silver plan from BridgeSpan costs roughly $533 per month. It is also the company with the lowest average MOOP at roughly $8,900. With a poor claims denial score, however, the provider has a greater likelihood of rejecting insurance claims.

Plan Recommendations

BridgeSpan only offers one Silver plan:

  • BridgeSpan Standard Silver Plan: approximately $533 per month; MOOP $8,900

Best Health Insurance in Utah for Low Out-of-Pocket Costs

A MoneyGeek score of 70 out of 100 places SelectHealth as the best Utah health insurance company for low out-of-pocket costs. The company also has perfect claims denial and MOOP scores.

MoneyGeek evaluated 13 Gold HMO plans, eight Gold EPO plans and six Platinum HMO plans to determine the category's winner.

MoneyGeek Pick: SelectHealth



Rarely rejects claims

Offers low MOOP costs


Charges higher rates than some competitors

Limited plan options


SelectHealth provides six Platinum HMO and nine Gold HMO plans to Utah residents. The average MOOP cost for these plans is $7,520, making them the least expensive among the comparable plans in the state. The average monthly cost for this provider's health insurance is $699. The company mostly doesn't deny many policyholder claims, earning it a flawless score for denial rate.

HMO plans, while offering reduced monthly premiums, limit your choice of doctors or hospitals and are the only type of insurance the company provides. They are affordable but only cover treatments from in-network doctors and hospitals.

Plan Recommendations

For those seeking health insurance in Utah with low MOOP costs, we suggest the following plans from SelectHealth:

  • Signature Benchmark Platinum Standardized Plan: approximately $722 per month; MOOP $3,000
  • Value Benchmark Platinum Standardized Plan: approximately $741 per month; MOOP $3,000
  • Med Benchmark Platinum Standardized Plan: approximately $872 per month; MOOP $3,000

Best Cheap Health Insurance in Utah

BridgeSpan earned a MoneyGeek score of 75 out of 100 for providing the best affordable health insurance in Utah. We weighed premium affordability more heavily in our scoring of this category. Keep in mind that plans with lower monthly premiums often have higher out-of-pocket payments. If you do not anticipate needing much care, it may be advantageous to select a plan with a high MOOP and lower monthly premiums.

We analyzed 15 Silver EPO plans and 19 Silver HMO plans to determine the most affordable provider and its recommended plans.

MoneyGeek also analyzed the cheapest health insurance in Utah for those who just want the cheapest rates.

MoneyGeek Pick: BridgeSpan



Has low MOOP costs

Offers one of the cheapest rates in the state


High claim rejection rate

Offers only one plan type


BridgeSpan is the cheapest health insurance provider in Utah, according to MoneyGeek. The average cost of the company's insurance is $533, while the average MOOP is $8,900.

Only one Silver HMO plan is available from the insurer. Although HMO plans are cheaper overall, they only pay for the care provided by in-network doctors and hospitals unless it’s an emergency situation.

Plan Recommendations

The following is the only Silver plan by BridgeSpan that we recommend for health insurance seekers in Utah:

  • BridgeSpan Standard Silver Plan: approximately $533 per month; MOOP $8,900

Best Health Insurance for Low Income in Utah

MoneyGeek rated BridgeSpan as the best health insurance provider for low-income residents in Utah, awarding it a 75 out of 100. Our analysis only rated companies with cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) and cheaper monthly premiums. We used 15 Silver EPO and 19 Silver HMO plans in Utah.

CSR discounts lower MOOPs and deductibles for those earning under 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Compared to basic Silver plans, which cover about 70% of medical costs, CSR policies offer more cost-sharing. In Utah:

  • Residents qualify for a plan covering 73% of costs when they earn between $27,180 and $33,975 yearly (201% to 250% of the FPL).
  • Residents qualify for a plan that pays 87% of medical expenses when they earn between $20,385 and $27,180 (151% to 200% of the FPL).
  • Those earning less than $20,385 (up to 150% of the FPL) are eligible for a plan covering 94% of medical expenses.

These brackets can vary based on the number of people in your home.

MoneyGeek Pick: BridgeSpan



Offers low MOOPs

Has affordable premiums


Offers only one HMO plan for low-income groups

High claims denial rate


Bridgespan may be the best option for Utah residents who are short on resources or money. For those with incomes below 250% of the federal poverty level, its low-income health plans cost an average of $7,200 MOOP and a premium of $533 each month. The provider was rated high for offering plans with low MOOP costs.

For low-income groups in Utah, BridgeSpan offers only one HMO-based plan.

Plan Recommendations

The BridgeSpan Standard Silver Plan is our top recommendation for Utah's low-income groups. They have access to the following plans based on their income levels, all for the same premium but significantly lower out-of-pocket costs:

  • 201% to 250% of the FPL: $533 per month; MOOP $7,200
  • 151% to 200% of the FPL: $533 per month; MOOP $3,000
  • Up to 150% of the FPL: $533 per month; MOOP $1,700

Best Health Insurance for Young Adults in Utah

With a score of 76 out of 100, MoneyGeek determined that Blue Cross Blue Shield is the provider of the best health insurance for young adults in Utah.

We determined the best insurers for young adults by analyzing companies that offer Bronze or Expanded Bronze plans, which have the lowest premiums but the highest out-of-pocket costs. No Catastrophic plans were used in analyzing the insurers in Utah. Only those under 30 years of age are eligible for Catastrophic plans.

MoneyGeek used the following numbers of plan types and tiers in Utah for our analysis:

  • Bronze: Two EPO and three HMO plans
  • Expanded Bronze: 20 EPO plans and 13 HMO plans

MoneyGeek Pick: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Offers affordable rates

Has low MOOPs

Provides a reasonable number of plan options


High claims denial rate


Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the best health insurance to young adults in Utah for an average monthly cost of $353 and a MOOP of $8,746. It offers six EPO Expanded Bronze plans. This company also received the highest MOOP score since it has the lowest MOOP cost among the compared insurers.

The metal tier of your coverage determines how well you're protected. As a rule, young adults are in good health and don't need substantial coverage. Therefore they usually choose Catastrophic, Bronze or Expanded Bronze policies.

Plan Recommendations

MoneyGeek recommends the following Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for young adults in Utah:

  • Bronze HSA 6750: approximately $216.61 per month for 18-year-olds and $372.32 per month for 26-year-olds; MOOP $7,500
  • SaveWell Bronze 8500: approximately $169.50 per month for 18-year-olds and $291.34 per month for 26-year-olds; MOOP $9,100
  • SaveWell Bronze 7500: approximately $171.79 per month for 18-year-olds and $295.28 per month for 26-year-olds; MOOP $9,100

Best Health Insurance by Plan Type in Utah

Insurance companies offer a different variety of health insurance plans. The following are the best providers for the available plan types in Utah:

  • HMO: BridgeSpan (MoneyGeek score: 70 out of 100)
  • EPO: Cigna (MoneyGeek score: 57 out of 100)

Remember that we only evaluate Silver plans in our recommendations. This metal tier offers the best balance between cost and coverage, so it makes the ideal choice for the average person in need of affordable insurance.

For Utah residents, there are 15 Silver EPO plans and 19 Silver HMO plans.

MoneyGeek Pick for HMO: BridgeSpan


BridgeSpan offers just one HMO Silver plan, which costs an average of $533 a month and has an $8,900 MOOP. It had the lowest MOOP cost of the three providers we compared, but it was rated poorly for claims management.

Of all the several forms of health insurance policies, HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans are the most prevalent. Although they have lower monthly charges than other insurance plans, their services are only available at hospitals and other providers that are part of their network. You'll also need a reference in order to see a specialist.

Plan Recommendations

You can only get the following HMO Silver plan from BridgeSpan:

  • BridgeSpan Standard Silver Plan: approximately $533 per month; MOOP $8,900

MoneyGeek Pick for EPO: Cigna


With an average monthly cost of $542 and an average MOOP of $9,067 in Utah, Cigna provides six EPO Silver plans. This insurer almost never denies legitimate health insurance claims.

EPO plans operate similarly to HMOs, but you do not need a referral to consult a specialist. In comparison to HMO plans, they cost more and provide greater flexibility.

Plan Recommendations

MoneyGeek proposes the following Cigna Silver EPO plans in Utah:

  • Cigna Simple Choice 5800: approximately $530 per month; MOOP $8,900
  • Cigna Connect 1900: approximately $537 per month; MOOP $9,100

Best Short-Term Health Insurance in Utah

National General Accident & Health has a rating of 95 out of 100 from MoneyGeek, making it the leading provider of short-term health insurance in Utah. Short-term health insurance is perfect for filling coverage gaps temporarily since it doesn't provide all the essential health benefits that are offered with Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant policies.

MoneyGeek Top Pick: National General Accident & Health
National General Accident & Health

Our top choice among Utah's insurance providers for short-term health insurance is National General Accident & Health because of its comprehensive coverage limits, adjustable term lengths and reasonable out-of-pocket maximums. It also offers a range of deductibles, copays and co-insurance, making it convenient for you to choose a plan that best suits you.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance for You in Utah

Your medical needs and financial requirements should be considered while looking for the best health insurance in Utah. You may consider paying higher monthly premiums in exchange for lower out-of-pocket costs for medical care or vice versa.

If you're shopping for medical insurance, you may find the following advice helpful.

  • doctor icon

    Understand when a health insurance plan will cover you

    HMO plans restrict coverage to care received within an approved provider network. EPO plans function similarly, except referrals to specialists are not required. Note that EPO plans cost more than HMO options. In Utah, there are 60 EPO plans and 73 HMO plans regardless of income level or metal tier.

  • money2 icon

    Weigh the cost of premiums vs. the cost of care

    Lower monthly premium plans generally have higher out-of-pocket costs. For instance, the Standard Silver Plan from BridgeSpan has an out-of-pocket limit of $8,900 but an average monthly cost of $533. Your annual maximum out-of-pocket expense (without your monthly premium) will therefore be $8,900. Higher monthly premiums for a plan could result in reduced MOOP costs.

Consider Utah Medicare or Medicaid if You’re Eligible

People over the age of 65, as well as those with qualifying disabilities or illnesses, are eligible for Medicare, a federal health care program. The monthly payments of these plans depend on the plan type and policyholder's income, and they consist of three components:

  • Part A (hospital insurance): Covers hospital stays, hospice care, certain health care services and nursing home facilities and is free.
  • Part B (medical insurance): Pays for services, such as outpatient care, doctor visits and preventative treatments.
  • Part D (prescription drug coverage): Prescription medications and vaccinations are covered under this coverage.

Utah also offers Medicaid, a free federal program. Expanded Medicaid is available in Utah, making it possible for people to qualify for Medicaid programs solely based on their income. Your income must be less than 138% of the federal poverty level in order to qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance in Utah

When shopping for health insurance policies, availability and cost might be major considerations. MoneyGeek addresses some questions about health insurance in Utah.

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