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Best Health Insurance in Oklahoma

Best Overall for Health Insurance in Oklahoma

MoneyGeek’s study found that the overall best health insurance provider in Oklahoma is Ambetter, with a MoneyGeek score of 70 out of 100. This company has the lowest maximum out-of-pocket costs and has several plans available. Based on monthly premiums, it is the second cheapest company in this comparison group.

To determine the company rankings, we analyzed data from Silver plans. Our data is composed of 18 HMO plans and 23 PPO plans.

MoneyGeek Pick: Ambetter



Lowest MOOP in Oklahoma

Affordable monthly premiums

Many plan options available


High claims denial rate


MoneyGeek's top choice for the best overall health insurance provider in Oklahoma is Ambetter. It is the second cheapest insurer in the state, with an average monthly premium of $489. Its average minimum out-of-pocket rate is $7,386, the lowest of all insurers we reviewed.

It provides seven Silver plans, which are all PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization). While this plan is more expensive than HMO, it covers a wider network. With this type of plan, a referral is usually not needed to see a specialist.

Plan Recommendations

Among the Silver plans in Oklahoma offered by Ambetter, MoneyGeek suggests the following:

  • Clear Silver: $473 per month (MOOP $5,400)
  • Clear Silver + Vision + Adult Dental: $496 per month (MOOP $5,400)
  • Focused Silver: $480 per month (MOOP $7,500)

Best Health Insurance in Oklahoma for Low Out-of-Pocket Costs

Oscar is the best health insurance provider in Oklahoma for low out-of-pocket costs, with a MoneyGeek score of 70 out of 100. The company has the cheapest average premium per month for Gold plans. It also has a good reputation for approving a larger percentage of claims than other companies.

For this category, we analyzed 14 Gold HMO plans and 17 Gold PPO plans.

MoneyGeek Pick: Oscar

Oscar Insurance Company


Cheapest monthly premiums for Gold plans in Oklahoma

High claims approval rate



Only one Gold plan available


Oscar offers just one PPO Gold plan with premiums averaging $474 per month, the cheapest among this comparison group. PPO plans often have higher monthly costs than HMOs. However, members can enjoy a wide range of medical benefits outside the company's network. A referral may also be unnecessary when seeing a specialist.

Oscar has a low denial rate, which means that it approves most claims. Unfortunately, Oscar only offers one plan in this category, and it has a high average MOOP of $8,700.

Plan Recommendations

MoneyGeek recommends the following Gold plan from Oscar for Oklahoma residents:

  • Gold Classic - Standard: $474 per month (MOOP $8,700)

Best Cheap Health Insurance in Oklahoma

With a score of 79 out of 100 from MoneyGeek, Oscar offers the best cheap health insurance in Oklahoma.

To determine the best cheap health insurance in the state, we put an emphasis on affordability. However, remember that plans with cheaper monthly premiums tend to have higher maximum out-of-pocket costs.

We analyzed 18 Silver HMO plans and 23 Silver PPO plans to find out the winner of this category.

MoneyGeek also analyzed the cheapest health insurance in Oklahoma for those who just want the cheapest rates.

MoneyGeek Pick: Oscar

Oscar Insurance Company


Cheapest monthly premiums

Low denial rate

Offers several plan options


High out-of-pocket maximum


Among the cheap health insurance companies in Oklahoma, Oscar has the lowest average premium of $486 per month. With only a 6.19% denial rate, this insurer has a good reputation when it comes to approving claims. However, its average MOOP cost for health insurance plans is $8,850, which is pretty high.

Oscar offers six Silver PPO plans to Oklahomans. These are good options if you want solid medical benefits and an accessible network of health care providers.

Plan Recommendations

MoneyGeek suggests the following Oscar Silver plans for Oklahoma residents looking for cheap health insurance:

  • Silver Simple - PCP Saver: $473 per month (MOOP $8,900)
  • Silver Classic - Standard: $478 per month (MOOP $8,900)
  • Silver Simple - For Diabetes: $488 per month (MOOP $8,550)
  • Silver Simple - Specialist Saver: $486 per month (MOOP $9,000)

Best Health Insurance for Low Income in Oklahoma

The best health insurance company for low-income individuals in Oklahoma is Ambetter. MoneyGeek gave it a score of 79 out of 100.

For this category, MoneyGeek gave more importance to affordability when ranking the insurers. We only evaluated plans with cost-sharing reductions (CSRs), which lower your deductible and MOOP. Moreover, CSRs prevent your MOOP from rising if you opt for lower premiums.

A standard Silver plan provides 70% coverage of your medical costs. Meanwhile, Silver CSR plans vary in terms of coverage. Below is the breakdown of how much it covers depending on your income:

  • If your income is between $27,180 and $33,975 annually (201%–250% of the federal poverty level), your coverage is 73% of your health insurance costs.
  • If your income is between $20,385 and $27,180 per year (151%–200% of the FPL), you will receive 87% coverage.
  • If your annual income is below $20,385 (up to 150% of the FPL), you will receive a coverage of 94%.

Remember that these income brackets vary based on your household's size.

To rank the health insurers for this category, we analyzed 18 HMO plans and 23 PPO plans in the Silver tier.

MoneyGeek Pick: Ambetter



Lowest average MOOP

Low monthly premiums

Flexible plan options


High denial rate for claims


Ambetter is the ideal option for Oklahoma residents with low incomes. The monthly premium of its health plans for low-income individuals in the 201%–250% FPL bracket is $489 per month. It also has the lowest average MOOP cost among the seven providers we evaluated.

Ambetter offers seven Silver PPO plans with cost-sharing reductions.

Plan Recommendations

Clear Silver is the best health insurance plan from Ambetter. While the average cost for this plan is the same in different low-income brackets, the MOOP costs may vary:

  • 201%–250% of the FPL: $473 per month (MOOP $4,200)
  • 151%–200% of the FPL: $473 per month (MOOP $1,500)
  • Up to 150% of the FPL: $473 per month (MOOP $550)

Best Health Insurance for Young Adults in Oklahoma

The best health insurance provider for young adults in Oklahoma is CommunityCare of Oklahoma, which received a MoneyGeek score of 84 out of 100.

In our survey, we analyzed all providers offering Bronze or Catastrophic plans, which have the lowest premiums paired with high out-of-pocket costs. You can only purchase Catastrophic plans if you are under 30 years old.

Young adults in Oklahoma have access to the following types and tiers of plans:

  • Catastrophic: Two HMO plans and five PPO plans
  • Bronze: Six HMO plans and 10 PPO plans
  • Expanded Bronze: 13 HMO plans and 23 PPO plans

MoneyGeek Pick: CommunityCare of Oklahoma

CommunityCare of Oklahoma


Low claims denial rate

Cheapest premiums in the state

Lowest average MOOP


Limited plan options


CommunityCare of Oklahoma, the best health insurance provider for young adults in Oklahoma, offers plans at an average monthly premium of $291 and an average MOOP of $8,260. There are five plans available to young adults in Oklahoma, including three Bronze plans, one Catastrophic plan and one Expanded Bronze plan. All of these are HMO plans, which have low monthly premiums but only cover services provided by the company's provider network.

If you file a claim with CommunityCare of Oklahoma, your chances of getting denied are around 5.5%, which is a relatively low probability.

Plan Recommendations

CommunityCare of Oklahoma provides young adults with the following medical insurance plans in Oklahoma:

  • CommunityCare Bronze IH223: $283 per month for 18-year-olds, $317 per month for 26-year-olds (MOOP $7,050)
  • CommunityCare Bronze IH224: $289 per month for 18-year-olds, $324 per month for 26-year-olds (MOOP $7,050)
  • CommunityCare Catastrophic Select: $192 per month for 18-year-olds, $215 per month for 26-year-olds (MOOP $9,100)

Best Health Insurance by Plan Type in Oklahoma

There are several types of health insurance plans offered by different insurance companies. When all plan types are taken into account, the best Oklahoma insurance providers are:

  • HMO: Friday Health Plans (MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100)
  • PPO: Oscar (MoneyGeek score of 65 out of 100)

Silver plans offer a strong balance between price and coverage, so they’re often the best choice for people prioritizing these two factors.

We evaluated 18 Silver HMO plans and 23 Silver PPO plans in Oklahoma.

MoneyGeek Pick for HMO: Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans

The top-performing HMO plan provider in Oklahoma is Friday Health Plans. There are seven Silver-tier HMO plans available, which cost approximately $574 per month and have an average of $8,543 MOOP. The company has a 0% denial rate, so your claims will be honored, and your eligible medical care will be covered.

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) have lower monthly premiums than other plans. In most cases, HMO policyholders must use the provider's network and obtain a referral in order to see a specialist.

Plan Recommendations

Here are two Silver-tier options from Friday Health Plans that we highly recommend:

  • Friday Silver HSA: $573 per month (MOOP $7,000)
  • Friday Standard Silver: $565 per month (MOOP $8,900)

MoneyGeek Pick for PPO: Oscar

Oscar Insurance Company

Oklahoma's best PPO provider is Oscar, offering six Silver-tier PPO plans for an average of $486 per month with a MOOP of roughly $8,850. This company has one of the lowest denial rates (around 6%) in our study. Consequently, you have a high chance of getting your claims approved.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans are typically more expensive than HMOs but offer a wider network of providers. Seeing a specialist does not require a referral.

Plan Recommendations

The best PPO Silver plans from Oscar in Oklahoma are:

  • Silver Simple - For Diabetes: $488 per month (MOOP $8,550)
  • Silver Classic: $493 per month (MOOP $8,650)

Best Short-Term Health Insurance in Oklahoma

As MoneyGeek's top pick for short-term health insurance in Oklahoma, National General Accident & Health is rated 85 out of 100. A short-term health insurance policy is ideal for people who need temporary coverage gaps since it doesn't cover all essential medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

MoneyGeek Top Pick: National General Accident & Health
National General Accident & Health

Providing insurance for accidents, critical illnesses and more, National General Accident & Health is the leading short-term health insurance company in Oklahoma. With this provider, you can choose from various term lengths and coverage limits. Also, the provider offers low application fees and co-insurance options. A majority of policies even cover prescription drugs and out-of-network expenses.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance for You in Oklahoma

The type of health insurance you need in Oklahoma will depend on your budget and health care needs. In short, if you’re willing to pay more in monthly premiums, you’ll likely pay less out-of-pocket when you need care. Multiple methods are also available for obtaining health insurance.

  • doctor icon

    Understand when a health insurance plan will cover you

    The cheapest and most common plan type is the HMO. It restricts you from receiving care outside your provider network and requires referrals for specialist visits. Meanwhile, PPO plans offer more out-of-network coverage and don’t require referrals. However, they generally cost more. Oklahoma has 53 HMO plans and 78 PPO plans.

  • money2 icon

    Weigh the cost of premiums vs. the cost of care

    As a result of lower monthly premiums, out-of-pocket costs are generally higher. For example, the Clear Silver plan from Ambetter averages $473 per month and has a maximum out-of-pocket cost of $5,400.

Consider Oklahoma Medicare or Medicaid if You’re Eligible

The Medicare health insurance program provides financial assistance to individuals with qualifying illnesses or disabilities, as well as to those who are 65 years of age or older.

Unlike Medicaid, a program that might be free, certain Medicare plan coverages may require you to pay. Medicare policies, however, are considerably less expensive than private insurance plans.

There are three parts to Medicare, each covering a different service:

  • Part A: This includes care for patients needing inpatient hospital, hospice and home medical care. There are also nursing facilities included in this category.
  • Part B: This part aids in paying for doctor's appointments, medical tests and supplies for medical needs.
  • Part D: Vaccines and prescription drugs can be offset by this.

MoneyGeek ranked the best Medicare Advantage and best Medicare Supplement plans in Oklahoma in order to help you choose the right coverage.

In Oklahoma, Medicaid is a government-sponsored program that helps lower the cost of health insurance. The program is usually available to low-income children, pregnant women, low-income households and individuals with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance in Oklahoma

If you’re shopping for health insurance, you may still have questions about cost and availability. Below, MoneyGeek answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

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