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Best Health Insurance in Kentucky

Best Overall for Health Insurance in Kentucky

WellCare has the highest MoneyGeek rating, with a score of 88 out of 100, making it the best health insurance provider in Kentucky. Inexpensive rates, a modest maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) cost and a low percentage of denied claims are all offered by this insurer. We assessed 541 health maintenance organization (HMO) Silver health plans in Kentucky for this category.



Has the lowest average MOOP cost in Kentucky

0% claims denial rate

Provides the most affordable average premium


Limited plan options


The best overall health insurance company in Kentucky is WellCare. It offers the state's cheapest rates, with premiums costing about $419 monthly. WellCare also offers an economical average MOOP cost of $7,133, helping you lower your overall health care expenses. The insurer has an exceptional claims rejection percentage of 0%, which indicates that it approves every valid claim and does not turn down requests for coverage. It offers 180 HMO plans in the state.

Plan Recommendations

We recommend the following plans from WellCare:

  • Clear Silver: $400 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Clear Silver + Vision + Adult Dental: $419 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Focused Silver: $410 per month (MOOP of $7,500)

Best Health Insurance in Kentucky for Low Out-of-Pocket Costs

With a MoneyGeek score of 82 out of 100, CareSource Kentucky Co. is the best insurer for low out-of-pocket costs. It has a low MOOP, denies 0% of eligible claims and has affordable premiums. For this category, we evaluated 263 HMO Gold plans to determine our rankings.

CareSource Kentucky Co.


Affordable rates


Doesn’t deny valid claims


Limited plans offered


CareSource Kentucky Co. offers 78 HMO plans and is the best insurer for low out-of-pocket costs in Kentucky. It has a low average MOOP of $7,000 and an average premium of $522 per month.

This insurer denies no valid claims, meaning you can rest assured your coverage will kick in for all eligible health care visits.

Plan Recommendations

We recommend the following plans from CareSource Kentucky Co.:

  • CareSource Marketplace Gold: $517 per month (MOOP of $7,000)
  • CareSource Marketplace Gold Dental, Vision & Fitness: $526 per month (MOOP of $7,000)

Best Cheap Health Insurance in Kentucky

With a MoneyGeek rating of 94 out of 100, WellCare has proven to be the best cheap health insurance company in Kentucky. The least expensive of the four insurance providers we evaluated, WellCare’s plans typically cost $419 monthly.

In choosing the overall winner for this category, we evaluated 541 Silver HMO plans and gave a greater emphasis on cost. Out-of-pocket expenses for policies with affordable premiums are typically higher.

If you're focused soley on cost, MoneyGeek also determined the cheapest health insurance in Kentucky.



Most submitted claims are accepted

Provides the cheapest average premium

Has the most affordable MOOP cost


Only Silver HMO plans are available


With policies costing an average of $419 monthly and a $7,133 MOOP, WellCare is MoneyGeek's best cheap health insurance company in Kentucky. Clients have 180 HMO plan options to choose from, which are reasonably priced. WellCare has an outstanding track record for efficient claims handling and rarely raises the issue of coverage denial. As a result, you will not be responsible for paying for your medical bills out of pocket, and your insurance claims will be approved quickly.

Plan Recommendations

We recommend these plans from WellCare:

  • Clear Silver: $400 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Clear Silver + Vision + Adult Dental: $419 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Focused Silver: $410 per month (MOOP of $7,500)

Best Health Insurance for Young Adults in Kentucky

With a MoneyGeek score of 83 out of 100, WellCare is Kentucky's best health insurance company for young adults. We evaluated health insurance companies offering Catastrophic or Bronze plans that include high deductibles but cheap monthly rates. Catastrophic plans are only available to anyone under 30 or to those who meet the requirements for a hardship exemption.

Thirty-eight Catastrophic HMO plans and 595 Bronze HMO plans in Kentucky were included in our review for this category.



Features outstanding claims management

Has the lowest out-of-pocket expenses

Second-cheapest average premium


Limited to HMO plans


The best health insurance company in Kentucky for young adults aged 18 and 26 is WellCare. It offers 180 Bronze HMO plans and costs an average of $307 monthly for 26-year-olds. Its average MOOP is $8,067.

WellCare has a significantly low claims refusal rate, which means that it seldom denies valid coverage applications.

Plan Recommendations

The following WellCare plans are suggested for young adults in Kentucky, ages 18 and 26, respectively:

  • Choice Bronze HSA: $278 per month for 18-year-olds and $310 for 26-year-olds ($6,900 MOOP)
  • Choice Bronze HSA + Vision + Adult Dental: $290 per month for 18-year-olds and $324 for 26-year-olds ($6,900 MOOP)
  • Clear Bronze: $255 per month for 18-year-olds and $284 for 26-year-olds ($8,600 MOOP)

Best Health Insurance by Plan Type in Kentucky

A wide range of plan types with varying coverage, perks, cost-sharing and network options are typically offered by health insurance companies. The best HMO plans in Kentucky are offered by WellCare. Be aware that Kentucky does not provide other plan types commonly available in other states.

We only suggest Silver plans since they often strike a mix between affordable premiums and minimal out-of-pocket expenses. A total of 541 Silver HMOs in Kentucky were considered for this review.

Best for HMO: WellCare


We determined that WellCare is the most reputable HMO provider in Kentucky. Its plans have a $7,133 MOOP cost and a monthly cost of about $419. Apart from having reasonable rates and minimal out-of-pocket costs, it has excellent reviews for claims handling.

Plan Recommendations

We found that the top plans from WellCare are:

  • Clear Silver: $400 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Clear Silver + Vision + Adult Dental: $419 per month (MOOP of $5,400)
  • Focused Silver: $410 per month (MOOP of $7,500)

Best Short-Term Health Insurance in Kentucky

The best short-term health insurance in Kentucky is provided by National General Accident & Health, which received a total MoneyGeek score of 95 out of 100. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not apply to short-term health insurance, so it may fail to cover all necessary medical coverage. Additionally, providers have the right to reject candidates with pre-existing health conditions.

MoneyGeek Top Pick: National General Accident & Health
National General Accident & Health

National General Accident & Health received a score of 95 out of 100, earning it first place for the best short-term health insurance in Kentucky. Its short-term health plans are flexible in terms of term duration, premiums and coverage choices.

The majority of policies from National General Accident & Health also cover out-of-network expenses, including prescriptions for generic medications. Based on the plan, waiting times may be longer. Some plans may even have costly deductibles.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance for You in Kentucky

The right health insurance plan for you in Kentucky may depend on your financial situation and medical needs. Determining the ideal balance between manageable monthly rates and appropriate out-of-pocket costs is important. The key elements to think about while choosing a health insurance plan are listed below.

  • doctor icon

    Understand when a health insurance plan will cover you

    Our evaluation of health insurance plans in Kentucky accounts for 1,437 HMO plans. An HMO plan typically restricts coverage to medical treatment provided by providers under contract or employed by the HMO. While you could save more on premiums, you are required to pay extra to see a physician who is not in your network.

  • money2 icon

    Weigh the cost of premiums vs. the cost of care

    Plans with low premiums for health insurance can initially appear appealing, but they frequently have greater out-of-pocket payments, which might raise the total amount spent on medical care each year. For instance, WellCare's Clear Silver HMO plan with an annual MOOP of $5,400 costs about $400 monthly in Kentucky. However, its Choice Bronze HSA plan has a $6,900 MOOP and an average monthly cost of $278.

Consider Kentucky Medicare or Medicaid if You’re Eligible

Medicare might be available to Kentucky citizens who are 65 years of age or older and have a qualifying disease or disability. It consists of three components:

  • Part A: Also referred to as hospital insurance, this provides coverage for some home medical offerings, hospice services and inpatient hospitalizations.
  • Part B: This covers visits to the doctor, outpatient treatment, required medical equipment and preventative services. Your income determines how much your Part B premium will cost.
  • Part D: This pays for the price of prescribed medications and even suggested vaccinations. The price of Part D coverage depends on the plan you choose.

Taking advantage of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans is a good way to ensure excellent coverage at affordable rates.

Kentucky is a Medicaid expansion state. Since Medicaid is free, it is the most affordable choice for those who qualify. You can qualify based solely on your income. Medicaid is available to anyone whose income is less than 138% of the federal poverty threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance in Kentucky

Concerns regarding prices and accessibility can arise when searching for health insurance in Kentucky. To assist you in choosing the best plan for your needs, we answered frequently asked questions below.

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