We analyzed cost, customer service ratings and financial stability to determine Kansas’ best workers’ compensation insurance providers. Based on these factors, we found that The Hartford offers the best coverage.

Business owners benefit from this coverage to protect their businesses and employees in case of work-related illnesses and injuries. The state also requires businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance if they don’t qualify for an exemption.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Kansas

The Hartford offers Kansas’ best workers’ compensation insurance, earning a MoneyGeek score of 99 out of 100. Businesses can get coverage from this company for an average monthly rate of $104. The best option for you depends on factors unique to your business, like your number of employees and your industry of operation.


Cheapest Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Kansas

The Hartford is the cheapest company in Kansas for workers’ compensation insurance, offering an average monthly rate of $104. We based our recommendation on businesses with 20 employees and annual payroll costs of $1,250,000. Both of these are important factors in determining the cost of your policy.


MoneyGeek based our rankings on the cheapest average monthly rates, but several factors may affect the most affordable provider for your business. The table below shows Kansas insurers’ annual and monthly premiums for businesses with 20 employees. We based our rankings on monthly rates.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Micro Businesses in Kansas

Kansas businesses with five employees can find the best workers’ compensation policies from The Hartford. Its average monthly premium is $52 for businesses with an annual payroll expense of $312,500.

Businesses with less than 10 employees are micro businesses. Employee count significantly affects the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, although payroll typically has a more significant impact. Because of this, smaller businesses tend to have cheaper premiums.


Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Midsize Businesses in Kansas

The best workers' compensation insurance for Kansas businesses with 100 employees is from The Hartford. The average monthly premium from this company is $412, based on an annual payroll expense of $6,250,000. Employee count and payroll are two important factors affecting your premiums, but the latter typically makes a more significant impact.


How Much Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Kansas?

The average cost of workers’ compensation insurance in Kansas is $129 monthly, which is cheaper than the national average of $168 monthly. To find the average cost of insurance, we used a policy with a $1 million total policy limit, a $1 million per accident limit and a $1 million per employee limit. Your insurer’s insurer’s maximum coverage within the policy period is the total policy limit. The per accident limit is the cap for coverage in a single incident. The per employee limit caps the amount paid to a single employee affected by an incident.

The table below shows the average cost of workers’ compensation insurance for Kansas businesses with five, 20 and 100 employees. Employee count and payroll amount are the most significant factors that affect premiums.


Factors That Impact Workers’ Compensation Costs in Kansas

Several factors can determine the costs of your workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, rates will vary according to your business.


Do You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Kansas?

Kansas law requires businesses with any number of employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. However, businesses with a gross annual payroll of $20,000 or less and agricultural workers are exempt from this requirement. Your yearly payroll includes everything you pay your employees, even those outside Kansas. A company’s gross annual payroll does not include salaries paid to sole proprietorships or partnership owners.

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Failure to comply with Kansas workers’ compensation insurance requirements can lead to the following civil penalties:

  • A fine of $25,000 or double the annual insurance premium
  • Whichever fee is greater will be applied

These severe financial penalties may devastate your small business if you fail to obtain the required workers’ compensation insurance.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover in Kansas?

Workers’ compensation insurance can cover injuries sustained by employees in the regular course of their jobs. The policy will cover your injuries if you are performing employee duties, even if you are outside of the workplace. This type of insurance pays for medical treatment expenses and offers wage replacement benefits, disability benefits, rehabilitation services and death benefits.

Employees can be protected from loss of income while recovering from an injury, especially when they can’t go to work. The employer is the policyholder and benefits from liability protection for their business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Resources for Employees in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Labor Division of Workers' Compensation oversees workers’ compensation. In case of injury or illness, the employee should inform the employer and seek medical treatment. It’s essential to report the incident to your employer, so they can record your injury and help you fill out the necessary forms to file a claim. You will need to wait for a response from the insurer about covering your claim. You can appeal in case of denial.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Kansas

Businesses looking for workers’ compensation insurance may have questions about insurers, costs and coverage. We answered a few commonly asked questions to help you find the best provider for your needs.

The Hartford has Kansas’ best workers’ compensation insurance. It has the lowest average rate of customer complaints among its competitors, demonstrating its excellent service to clients. The best insurance for you depends on your industry, employee count and state requirements.

The Hartford offers Kansas’ cheapest workers’ compensation insurance, with an average monthly premium of $104. The most affordable insurance for your business depends on factors like payroll, number of employees and location.

Yes, Kansas requires businesses with a gross annual payroll of more than $20,000 to obtain workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of their number of employees. Agricultural workers are exempt from this requirement.

The average cost of workers’ compensation insurance in Kansas is $129 monthly. We found this rate using a policy with a $1 million total policy limit, a $1 million per accident limit and a $1 million per employee limit.

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