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The Best Bundled Insurance in Washington, D.C.

The Best Home and Auto Bundles in Washington, D.C.

MoneyGeek’s top pick for the best home and auto insurance in Washington, D.C. is State Farm. Based on our analysis, State Farm provides the most affordable rates, discounts and responsive customer service compared with other companies.

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 80 out of 100
  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 70 out of 100

The second-best option, Allstate, offers a slightly more expensive bundle premium than State Farm. According to MoneyGeek’s data, Allstate offers fewer car insurance discounts and received slightly lower satisfaction scores than State Farm.

State Farm


Scored 4 out of 5 in auto and home insurance satisfaction

Earned the highest possible score in discounts

Offers rental car and/or travel reimbursement


Does not offer accident forgiveness

Does not offer discounts for automatic payments


State Farm offers the cheapest and best home and auto insurance in Washington, D.C., with an average annual premium of $2,133. Compared with purchasing each policy separately, you get a discount of $465, equivalent to 18% in savings, when you bundle your insurance policies.

It scored very high in the home and auto insurance categories, offering add-on features, like rental car reimbursement, to your policy. For instance, if your car is in the shop for repairs related to covered damages, this coverage will help pay for a rental car that you can use in the meantime. However, State Farm auto insurance policies don’t include other common coverages like accident forgiveness, new car replacement, deductible modification or better car replacement.

State Farm home insurance offers more unique coverages, including an energy efficiency upgrade. In addition, if a covered loss makes it necessary to replace a heater, air conditioner or water heater, State Farm will contribute up to 150% of the loss for upgrades to more energy-efficient equipment.

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Ranked 4 out of 5 for home insurance satisfaction

Offers optional sound system coverage

Offers add-on yard and garden coverage


Does not offer discount for defensive driving

Ranked 3 out of 5 for auto insurance satisfaction and discounts


An Allstate home and auto bundle costs $2,289, which is $80 or 3% cheaper than buying insurance plans separately. Allstate scored slightly lower than State Farm in terms of discounts and auto insurance satisfaction, making it our runner-up pick for best bundle insurance in Washington, D.C.

A unique add-on coverage available with Allstate comprehensive auto insurance plans is sound system coverage. This covers damage to an audio system that is permanently installed in your car, such as antennas or additional system parts. In addition, Allstate provides discounts for vehicles with anti-lock brakes.

Allstate also offers add-on yard and garden coverage for your home, which raises the coverage limits for trees, landscaping and lawn mowers. You can also purchase protection against mold and fungus in your home. If you rent out your home, AllState’s optional HostAdvantage® Home-Sharing insurance provides additional security for your possessions.

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The Best Home and Auto Bundle Discounts in Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C, you’ll receive an average discount of 11% for bundling home and auto insurance, as opposed to purchasing separate policies from different providers. MoneyGeek found that State Farm offered the highest savings percentage at 18%, whereas Allstate, in comparison, offered a discount of only 3%.

However, the bundle insurance with the highest discount isn’t necessarily the cheapest. However, in this case, the cheapest home and auto insurance in Washington, D.C., State Farm, also offers the highest discount.

Home and Auto Bundle Discount in Washington, D.C.

The Cheapest Home and Auto Bundles in Washington, D.C.

Based on MoneyGeek’s research, State Farm offers the most affordable home and auto bundles in Washington, D.C. regardless of discounts.

  • State Farm: $2,133 per year
  • Allstate: $2,289 per year

Keep in mind that the cheapest solution may not always be the best purchase. For greater peace of mind, we advise our readers to carefully consider the advantages, disadvantages and coverage options of each provider before making a final decision.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
State Farm

State Farm is the most affordable provider in Washington, D.C. for auto and home insurance bundles. It offers premiums at $2,133 per year, which is 18% cheaper than buying policies separately with the provider.

State Farm provides plenty of home and auto discounts to help you save money. For instance, you can insure two or more vehicles to save money on your auto insurance plan. In addition, if State Farm insures you for over three years without a driving violation, you can receive a good driving discount.

For home insurance policies, you can also purchase home systems protection. This provides coverage for damage caused by the electrical breakdown of appliances in your home, such as air and water filtration systems and heating or cooling systems.

Car Insurance
Annual Premium

State Farm




The Cheapest Non-Bundle Insurance Combinations in Washington, D.C.

Sometimes, it’s possible to save even more by pairing policies from two different companies. For instance, the most affordable non-bundle insurance combination for home and auto insurance in Washington D.C. is State Farm’s auto insurance ($1,268) and Allstate’s home insurance ($799). This yields an annual premium of $2,067, which is slightly less expensive than the cheapest bundle option, offered by State Farm for $2,133 per year.

Auto Company
Home Insurance
Annual Premium

State Farm




State Farm


Should You Bundle Home and Auto Insurance in Washington, D.C.?

Bundling home and auto insurance in your state is typically recommended for cost savings and convenience, but it may not always be the best fit for your coverage needs. Purchasing insurance from different companies allows you greater flexibility to choose your coverage and may even be less expensive.

  • discount icon

    Bundle discounts in Washington, D.C. can save you between 3% and 18% per year.

    According to our data, State Farm provides the best bundle insurance in Washington, D.C. at a reduced rate of 18%, whereas Allstate provides only 3% in savings.

  • homeInsurance icon

    Bundles are a convenient way to combine your most important property insurance policies.

    There are several advantages to combining your home and auto insurance coverage. Because both your auto and car insurance will be under a single account, you’ll be able to make payments and manage your account with ease. You may also receive a lower annual premium.

  • uninsured icon

    In rare cases, it might be better not to bundle in Washington, D.C.

    If you’re willing to sacrifice convenience for cost savings, we found that State Farm's auto insurance ($1,268) and Allstate's house insurance ($799) is the most economical non-bundle option for home and auto insurance in Washington, D.C. for a total cost of $2,067 per year.

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