IHL Home Insurance Review: Service, Cost, & More (2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byKathryn Schroeder
ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byKathryn Schroeder

Updated: May 22, 2024

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Experts for homes that are part of Century Communities


Provides online tools for prospective and present customers


Has various discounts available



Not an actual insurance provider but partners with insurance carriers like QBE, Progressive and Universal North America


Availability is limited to states where Century Communities and Century Complete build homes


Only one available add-on coverage


Homeowners living in properties built by Century Communities and Century Complete may find IHL a good fit for home insurance because IHL specializes in their homes. However, those looking for a customizable policy may find IHL’s single add-on coverage lacking — unless you own a recreational vehicle or a boat, you may not see much value. But, multiple discounts are available with IHL, which can reduce a homeowners insurance premium.

If you prefer to get your insurance directly from a single provider, MoneyGeek found a host of other options for the best homeowners insurance that may be a better fit for your needs.

Does IHL Have Good Customer Service?

Because IHL is not an actual insurance provider (it’s an agency that works with insurance partners), there is no obtainable NAIC complaint rating, AM Best score or J.D. Power ranking for this company. However, it is possible to examine the customer service ratings of IHL’s insurance carriers — Progressive, QBE and Universal North America.

What to Expect From IHL Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies have different processes. MoneyGeek’s IHL homeowners insurance review provides information about how things like filing claims work if you choose their home insurance services.

Getting a quote

You can get an estimate in two ways with IHL. You can reach a sales representative at 833-912-1123 and get a quote over the phone. Alternatively, you can see how much homeowners insurance from IHL costs through an online quote tool on its website.

Customer support

You can reach an IHL representative through their hotline should you have any questions. You can also leave queries and comments through the customer connect page. You need to include your contact details, such as your email address and phone number, allowing them to get back in touch with you.

Filing a claim

IHL policyholders can use their online accounts to file a claim. It makes the process more convenient, helping you avoid additional stress in an already stressful situation.

Canceling your policy

IHL’s website doesn’t offer a straightforward cancellation process, so it’s best to speak with a representative to understand the necessary steps. You can reach them through the customer hotline or send a message via the customer connect page.

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IHL agents provide their customers with several ways to file a claim. Although there is no available mobile app, your online account is the most convenient way to initiate the process. Alternatively, you can also speak with a representative through their customer service hotline.

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You can find IHL homeowners insurance in any state where Century Communities and Century Complete build homes. They are a full-service personal lines agency that primarily caters to this developer’s homeowners.

How Much Does IHL Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Typically, the average cost of homeowners insurance in the U.S. is $1,979 per year. Requesting a personalized quote may lead you to a different figure since insurers consider several factors when setting premiums. These include your home’s age, the materials used in its construction, and its location.

It’s best to speak with an IHL representative to get a customized estimate. Be prepared to share your details with them for accurate computation.

The cost of IHL homeowners insurance may vary based on multiple factors. Besides your home’s location, coverage for replacement costs, personal property coverage and deductibles may also affect your rate. Typically, a dwelling coverage limit of $250,000 is reasonable, but be careful that you aren’t underestimating your home’s value.

MoneyGeek’s home insurance calculator can help you determine how much home insurance you need. You can even see how rates vary when you adjust the limits of different coverages.

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Purchasing a homeowners insurance policy with a smaller coverage limit may be tempting because it doesn’t cost as much. However, you may spend more out of pocket if a covered peril damages your home. Rebuilding costs may be extensive, and a policy with lower limits may not provide ample protection.

What Discounts Does IHL Offer?

There are several ways to lower your premium if you purchase your homeowners insurance with the help of IHL. Although most insurance companies advertise seven discounts, IHL offers a respectable number at six. None of these are unique, but some aren’t available with most insurers.


New Home

You can get a lower rate if you recently built your home.

Accredited Builder

Lower your premium by using an accredited builder when constructing your home.

Protective Device

Installing devices that protect your home from hazards can help lower rates. These include fire and burglar alarms.


Older homeowners can qualify for a lower rate.

Gated Community

You’re eligible for this discount if your home belongs to a gated or guarded community.

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If you’re still in the process of constructing your home, check which builders are IHL-accredited. You can use this as a way to lower your premiums. It’s also ideal to have a security system installed. It keeps you safe and also qualifies you for a discount.

Which Coverage Types Does IHL Offer?

IHL homeowners insurance policies include most standard coverages, except for replacement value and loss of use. You may be disappointed if you want to customize your policy since IHL offers only one add-on coverage and it’s for specialty vehicles. Unless you have a boat or an ATV, it won’t be useful to you.

A typical policy won’t protect you against damages caused by flooding. IHL doesn’t offer flood insurance as an endorsement. Instead, you can purchase a separate policy through them or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

With IHL, your options for add-on coverages are limited. The only endorsement you can include in your policy is coverage for specialty vehicles. You can use the visual below to learn more about it.

Because IHL works with other insurance carriers, however, there may be additional add-on options through them. Talk with an IHL agent to learn which coverages are available and beneficial to you.

Specialty Vehicles

IHL offers additional coverage for other types of vehicles. These include boats, recreational vehicles and those that serve as secondary and seasonal homes.

Even if you’re not looking to customize your IHL homeowners insurance policy through add-on coverages, you must ensure it has the standard ones. MoneyGeek’s review details those standard coverages below.

Remember that most standard policies don’t cover damages from floods, earthquakes and insects. It’s best to review the fine print, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to these perils.

Ultimately, your unique circumstances are the best gauge to determine how much home insurance you need.

Personal Property
Personal Liability
Other structures
Medical payments

What Online Homeowners Insurance Tools Does IHL Offer?

IHL has some features that make transactions more convenient for present and future customers. Those shopping around for quotes can get estimates without speaking with a representative. Customers can also use their online accounts as a channel to file claims. You can find more details below.

Online Quote Tool
Online Filing of Claims

Other IHL Insurance Products

IHL may not have the broadest array of insurance products, but a homeowners policy is far from their sole offering. You can also explore other insurance plans and purchase protection for your townhouse, condo or car.

MoneyGeek’s IHL homeowners insurance review provides an overview of other financial products you can get. The table below provides more details.

Type of Product

Townhome / Condo Insurance

Your insurance needs may differ if you live in a townhouse or a condo. Although there is a master associations policy, it might not provide sufficient protection.

IHL looks into this so they can offer a customized insurance plan that covers what your masters' association policy doesn’t. It guarantees that all your bases are covered while not having any overlapping coverages.

Flood Insurance

Like most homeowners insurance providers, IHL’s standard policy doesn’t cover damages from flooding. However, you can purchase a separate policy to provide coverage for your dwelling and its contents up to your policy’s limits.

Auto Insurance

IHL offers car insurance as a companion policy. Although it doesn’t combine with a bundling discount, it may save you the effort of keeping track of several different insurers if you purchase car insurance elsewhere.


To evaluate IHL as a homeowners insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed the IHL website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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