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Insurance companies may charge you more based on your driving record, particularly if they deem you a high-risk driver. You can determine which company offers the best value by doing some research and comparing prices.

MoneyGeek found Progressive offers the best price-to-value ratio for high-risk drivers in New Hampshire and has the cheapest policy for high-risk car insurance, costing around $841 per year. Please be aware that your unique situation may have an impact on your final policy costs.

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Best Companies for High-Risk Drivers in 2023

The likelihood of a high-risk driver filing an auto insurance claim is generally considered higher by insurers. You can be viewed as a high-risk driver if you have a history of at-fault accidents, fines, violations or a DUI conviction. Due to a lack of driving experience, being a teen driver makes you a riskier policyholder for insurance providers.

To offset the potential costs associated with covering you in the event of an accident, insurance companies often charge a higher premium. New Hampshire drivers should expect to pay around 27% more for high-risk vehicle insurance than if they had a low-risk record.

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High-risk drivers have a history of significant traffic violations. These include drag racing, driving with a suspended or revoked license and driving under the influence (DUI).

Even with a perfect driving record, insurance providers may still consider you a risky driver in certain scenarios. Drivers that may have a high-risk classification include the following:

  • Drivers with a history of traffic violations or at-fault accidents
  • Drivers with a DUI conviction
  • Drivers caught driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Young drivers with a lack of driving experience
  • Drivers who drive sports cars or participate in drag racing
  • Drivers with bad credit or lapses in insurance coverage

Cheapest Car Insurance in New Hampshire for High-Risk Drivers

According to MoneyGeek's findings, Progressive provides the most affordable auto insurance for high-risk drivers in New Hampshire. The policy’s average yearly cost is $841.

Visit MoneyGeek's comprehensive Progressive review to learn more about its pros, cons, coverage options and discounts.

Annual Premium





State Farm






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SR-22 insurance is typically required for drivers who have been convicted of a significant traffic infraction, such as reckless driving, or who have been caught driving without a valid license. Auto insurance providers in New Hampshire are required to electronically file SR-22 paperwork on your behalf, but you should double-check the specifics with your particular carrier.

Best Car Insurance in New Hampshire for High-Risk Drivers

Progressive received a MoneyGeek score of 91 out of 100, making it the top high-risk car insurance company in New Hampshire. MoneyGeek's review of Progressive examines its policy options, claims rating and customer experience.

MoneyGeek ranks GEICO as the second-best company for high-risk drivers in New Hampshire, scoring 88 out of 100. Our review of GEICO provides further details on the company.

GEICOBest for High-Risk Drivers


Affordability Rating


Satisfaction Rating


Claims Rating


Financial Stability Rating

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

High-risk drivers in New Hampshire pay around $910 yearly for auto insurance from GEICO, which is roughly 28% more than what it costs for drivers with a low-risk background.

More About GEICO

GEICO has great ratings for financial stability and customer satisfaction.

It offers discounts for having a vehicle with airbags, an anti-theft device or daytime running lights, plus savings for students that maintain good grades and for using a seatbelt.

As for coverages, policyholders can add roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement, which is common, but GEICO also has mechanical breakdown insurance available, which is rare.



Affordability Rating


Satisfaction Rating


Claims Rating


Financial Stability Rating

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

In New Hampshire, Progressive's high-risk auto insurance costs approximately $841 per year, an increase of around 29% compared to low-risk driver costs.

More About Progressive

Progressive achieved perfect scores for affordability and financial stability, as well as excellent scores for customer experience and complaints.

The company offers various common add-on coverages, like roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, gap insurance, deductible modification and rideshare insurance, plus custom parts coverage, a unique add-on.

Discounts available include automatic payment, continuously insured, good student and paperless.

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You can get low-income auto insurance in New Hampshire without sacrificing quality for financial reasons. Although there isn't a state-funded plan for low-income drivers, picking pay-per-mile insurance may save you money, or selecting basic coverage (state minimum coverage) may be the best choice to keep costs down.

Cheapest Car Insurance in New Hampshire for Drivers With a DUI

MoneyGeek determined that, at an average annual cost of $695, Progressive offers the least expensive high-risk car insurance in New Hampshire for drivers with a DUI. Browse our Progressive car insurance review to discover more about the company's coverages, discounts and customer support.

USAA is another reasonably-priced high-risk auto insurance option in the state for active-duty or former military members with a DUI.

Annual Premium







State Farm




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The look-back period refers to the time span in which a DUI remains on your driving history. State-specific look-back periods vary, but they are often long, so serial offenders can be punished with prison time or more severe penalties. In New Hampshire, the look-back period is 10 years.

Cheapest Car Insurance in New Hampshire for Teenage Drivers

According to MoneyGeek's assessment, Allstate offers the most affordable high-risk auto insurance premium to teen drivers in New Hampshire. Allstate’s auto insurance for teenagers costs an average of $2,157 per year.

Your age and other variables will determine your final cost. Examine our Allstate review to learn more about this company.

Annual Premium





State Farm






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Auto insurance can be unreasonably expensive, which is especially true for younger drivers like teenagers and students. But having additional coverage in the event of an accident will offer you precious peace of mind and much-needed protection, so full coverage auto insurance is recommended over the state minimum. Find the most cost-effective auto insurance for young and inexperienced drivers by comparing quotes.

Cheapest Car Insurance in New Hampshire for Drivers With Bad Credit

In New Hampshire, GEICO offers the most affordable auto insurance for high-risk drivers with poor credit. The insurer charges customers with poor credit an average of $1,024 annually for auto insurance. Visit MoneyGeek's GEICO review to learn more about its benefits and drawbacks.

Annual Premium
Percent Change




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Even if you have bad credit, you can still get auto insurance. However, individuals with poor credit can anticipate paying significantly more for a policy. One strategy to discover the best high-risk auto insurance for those with bad credit in New Hampshire is to obtain numerous quotes from various insurers.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for High-Risk Drivers in New Hampshire?

Insurance companies compute a driver's auto insurance price by analyzing their driving record and profile. Consequently, high-risk drivers usually pay higher insurance rates.

In New Hampshire, a high-risk driver pays an average of $1,038 per year. For a clean-record driver, the same policy is around $753 annually. That means high-risk drivers pay roughly $285 more a year than clean-record drivers.

Annual Car Insurance Cost in XX for Low-Risk vs. High-Risk Drivers

Annual Premium

Low-Risk Driver

Annual Premium

High-Risk Driver

In New Hampshire, high-risk drivers pay:$285 more

This is 38% more expensive.

MoneyGeek's New Hampshire car insurance calculator can assist you in estimating the cost of a policy based on your details, such as age, driving record, type of vehicle and coverage choices. Using our calculator, you may identify which factor has the greatest impact on your price.

Auto Insurance Calculator

See how the Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates vary with the options chosen.

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Click an insurer below to visit their review page or continue to your personalized quote.


Can You Still Get Car Insurance in New Hampshire if Insurers Refuse to Insure You?

Some companies may deny you a policy if they think you are too risky because auto insurance is a voluntary market. In this circumstance, the Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office (AIPSO) is your greatest resource for locating a residual market plan. It has supported high-risk drivers in acquiring coverage for over 48 years; this national non-profit serves the auto insurance residual market.

New Hampshire Automobile Insurance Plan

In accordance with RSA 404-C: 1, the New Hampshire Automobile Insurance Plan was formed to provide bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments and physical damage coverage to individuals who are unable to get a policy in the voluntary market.

In order to be eligible for assignment under the Plan, the applicant is required to attest, on the application form, that they have tried and been unsuccessful within the preceding 60 days to get insurance at rates that do not exceed those provided by the New Hampshire Automobile Insurance Plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are considered a high-risk driver, it might be tough to obtain auto insurance. MoneyGeek answered some frequently asked questions about high-risk auto insurance in New Hampshire in an effort to simplify everything.


MoneyGeek calculated average rates using full coverage car insurance policies with 100/300/100 liability insurance and comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible. Minimum coverage car insurance policy rates were calculated based on each state’s minimum car insurance requirement.

To calculate rates for high-risk drivers, MoneyGeek averaged the premiums insurance companies charge for three of the most common driving violations: speeding, at-fault accident and DUI.

To determine the best car insurance company for high-risk drivers, MoneyGeek scored companies based on affordability, customer satisfaction and complaints — obtained from J.D. Power surveys and NAIC complaint scores — and financial strength ratings as calculated by AM Best. Affordability received the greatest weighting in our calculations.

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