How Much Are Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points Worth?

ByDoug Milnes, CFA

Updated: March 21, 2024

Edited byErika Hearthway
Reviewed byBrett Holzhauer, CPFC
ByDoug Milnes, CFA

Updated: March 21, 2024

Edited byErika Hearthway
Reviewed byBrett Holzhauer, CPFC

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The value of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points may vary significantly based on how you choose to redeem them and The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program offers versatile ways to utilize your points, affecting their overall worth. Booking an economy ticket with Virgin might give you a value of 0.5 cents per point, for example, but you may get up to 2 cents per point on an upper-class ticket.

Earning Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points is straightforward too. You accumulate points each time you fly with Virgin Atlantic or its partner airlines. Additionally, points can be garnered through Virgin Atlantic’s online duty-free shop, collaborating travel partners, booking Virgin Atlantic Holidays, and using a co-branded Virgin Atlantic credit card.

When it comes to using Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points, you have several options. You can redeem Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points for flight tickets with Virgin and its airline partners or to upgrade your seat. Moreover, these points can be used for booking Virgin Atlantic Holidays. They are also accepted by several travel partners and for online shopping.

MoneyGeek’s Takeaways

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One Virgin Atlantic Flying Club point’s value typically varies from 1.1 cents to 1.5 cents.

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Redeeming points for upper-class tickets tends to offer better value than economy class.

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You might get the best value for your Flying Club points by using them with an airline partner.

How Much Are Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points Worth?

How much Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points are worth depends on the redemption method. While not always the case, you’ll often get better value if you use your points with an airline partner instead of using them for flights with Virgin Atlantic. When flying with Virgin Atlantic, you stand to get better value for your points with premium and upper-class tickets than economy-class tickets. The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club redemption chart gives you an idea of how many points you need to fly across different routes and classes.

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To understand the value of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points, divide the ticket's price by the points needed for an award ticket. For example, a $2,480 upper-class ticket from Boston to London requires 57,500 points plus $875 in cash. Here, your points cover $1,605, valuing each point at about 2.8 cents. Enhancing your points earning is possible by climbing up the Virgin Atlantic membership tiers. Each tier offers bonus points for flights, and tier points, which determine your level, can be earned based on your ticket type and through a Virgin Atlantic co-branded credit card.

Ticket Cost / Equivalent Points = Points Value

How Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points Compare to Other Airlines

The average value you stand to receive for your points through the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program is better than several other frequent flyer programs, although it’s probably not the best.

Virgin Atlantic vs. Other Frequent Flyer Programs
Value per Mile

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

1.1 cents to 1.5 cents per point

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

1.2 cents to 1.8 cents per mile

Air Canada Aeroplan

1.5 cents to 1.9 cents per point

Air France/KLM Flying Blue

1.2 cents to 1.4 cents per mile

American Airlines AAdvantage

1.5 cents to 1.7 cents per mile

British Airways Avios

0.8 cents to 1.5 cents per point

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles

1.4 cents to 1.5 cents per mile

Emirates Skywards

1 cent to 1.4 cents per mile

Frontier Miles

0.9 cents to 1.1 cents per mile

Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles

0.9 cents to 1 cent per mile

JetBlue TrueBlue

1.3 cents to 1.6 cents per point

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

1.1 cents to 1.3 cents per mile

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

1.3 cents to 1.5 cents per point

United Airlines MileagePlus

1.2 cents to 1.6 cents per mile

How to Earn and Maximize Points From Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin Atlantic membership program gives you a variety of ways to earn points. You earn points each time you take a Virgin Atlantic flight or fly with any of its airline partners. Making online purchases through Virgin Atlantic’s duty-free store lets you earn points, and you stand to earn bonus points through partner merchants on the Shops Away platform. Using a Virgin Atlantic co-branded rewards credit card will also help you accumulate points more quickly. You also earn points through Virgin Atlantic Holidays, Virgin Trains Ticketing, Virgin Red and the program’s travel partners.

Earning Points Using Virgin Atlantic Co-Branded Credit Cards

The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program features two co-branded credit cards: the Virgin Atlantic Black Card and the Virgin Atlantic White Card. Both cards offer impressive rewards, with similar earning structures. However, the Black Card has an added perk of giving bonus 25 tier points (up to a maximum of 50 tier points per month) for every $2,500 spent. Although new applications for these Virgin Atlantic co-branded credit cards are currently paused, existing cardholders can continue accruing points.

Sign Up for Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Virgin Atlantic runs the Flying Club program for its frequent flyers. Members get different ways to earn and redeem points. If you cannot find an award seat on a Virgin Atlantic flight, you can use Points Plus Money to bring down the cost of the ticket.

You need to join the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program to start earning Flying Club points. Joining the program is relatively simple, and you may do so online. The information you need to provide includes your name, date of birth, gender, email address, home/work address and phone number.

The Virgin Atlantic rewards program has three membership tiers. You need to earn tier points to move up from one level to the next. You may earn tier points when you fly with Virgin Atlantic, spend on Virgin Atlantic Holidays or meet your Virgin Atlantic credit card’s spend-based requirement.

Tier-specific benefits include bonus points on Virgin Atlantic flights, preferred seat selection, extra hand/hold baggage, Premium check-in and Clubhouse access.

Buying Airline Tickets From Virgin Atlantic and Affiliates

You earn Flying Club points every time you book a ticket with Virgin Atlantic or its partner airlines. The number of points you earn for a Virgin Atlantic flight depends on the flight distance, the type of ticket and cabin you select and your membership tier. For example, you get 25% of the base miles flown if you book an Economy Light (T) ticket. It changes to 400% for an Upper Class (flexible J, C or D) ticket. In addition, Silver and Gold members can earn 30% and 60% bonus points on every flight, respectively.

When booking flight tickets with the program’s partner airlines, the points you earn depend on the airline you select and a few other factors. For example, if you book a short-haul flight with Air France and get a Business class (J or D) ticket, you earn 2,400 points. If, on the other hand, you book a Business class (J or D) ticket on a long-haul flight, you get 400% points based on the distance the flight covers.

You stand to earn even more points if you use a co-branded Virgin Atlantic credit card to pay for your flight ticket.

Earn Points Through Virgin Atlantic Partner Merchants

You can also earn Virgin Atlantic points when you shop via its online duty-free shopping platform, book a Virgin Atlantic Holiday and spend with various travel and shopping partners.

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    Hotel Partners

    Members of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club can earn points during their stays at various hotel partners. These partners include Best Western Hotels & Resorts, WorldHotels Collections, Marriott Bonvoy properties, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels, Yotels, and IHG Hotels & Resorts. Additionally, points can be accumulated by booking through Rocketmiles and Kaligo, offering a range of points per night.

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    Car Rental Partners

    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members also have the opportunity to earn points through car rentals. This includes rentals from Avis, Alamo in the U.S. and Canada, Hertz with special bonuses for Hertz Gold Plus Reward members, National Car Rental in the U.S., Enterprise, Canada, and Europe, and SIXT.

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    Other Travel Partners

    Besides hotels and car rentals, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members can earn points through other travel partners. This includes earning double points with VisaCentral, converting e-Rewards Opinion points and Heathrow Rewards points into Virgin points, and earning points based on the duration of a Business Traveller subscription.

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    Shopping and Dining

    When shopping and dining, members can earn double points on Retail Therapy, which is Virgin Atlantic's duty-free shopping experience. Additionally, shopping at various merchants through Shops Away offers the chance to earn bonus points in different categories.

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    Vacation Packages/Cruises

    For those booking vacation packages or cruises, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club offers multiple ways to earn points. This includes earning points based on the spend on Virgin Atlantic Holidays and Virgin Atlantic Flight Plus Hotel, with the amount depending on the membership tier. Additionally, tier points can be earned on Virgin Atlantic Holidays, up to a specified maximum per booking.

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    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members can also earn points through various other means. This includes purchases made within the Virgin Group and Virgin Red, as well as the ability to convert Bilt Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points into Virgin points.

Buying Points From Virgin Atlantic

Buying points from Virgin Atlantic is possible, and you need to buy them in increments of 1,000. If you have a U.S.-based Flying Club account, you will need to pay $25 per 1,000 points plus a one-off $22 transaction fee not including taxes. That means you pay more than 2.5 cents per point, which is less than the average value you may expect to receive when redeeming your points.

You might benefit by purchasing points during promotional offers that come with bonus points. Taking advantage of these promotions means you can receive up to 70% more in bonus points, depending on how many points you purchase and your membership tier.

You may also want to consider buying Virgin Atlantic points if you wish to use them for an award flight that offers better value for your points than how much you’ll spend on the purchase.

How to Redeem Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points

With at least 12 seats allocated as award seats on every long-haul Virgin Atlantic flight, you should be able to redeem your points for a flight ticket relatively easily. The number of points you need to make a booking depends on the route and the type of cabin and ticket you select. And it's worth noting that the required points differ during standard and peak seasons.

If you find a flight with no award seats, you may use the Points Plus Money option to reduce the cost of your ticket. In this case, you'll need to redeem points in increments of 3,000.

There are no Virgin Atlantic Flying Club transfer partners to transfer your points to, but you can use your points to book flights with Virgin Atlantic's airline partners. These include Delta Air Lines, Air France, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, South African Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, All Nippon Airways and IndiGo.

You may also redeem your Flying Club points through Virgin Atlantic Holidays. You can use this platform to book vacations, hotel stays, tours and car rentals.

There are also a few other ways to use Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points.

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    Hotel accommodations

    You may convert Virgin points to IHG One Rewards points at a 1:1 transfer ratio. Conversions to Hilton Honors points take place at a 2:3 ratio. You also may use your Virgin points to book hotel stays through

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    Car rentals

    You may use your Virgin points to book rental cars through Virgin Atlantic Holidays.

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    Flight upgrades

    Using your points for seat or cabin upgrades on Virgin Atlantic flights is possible. The number of points you need varies and depends on whether your flight is during the standard or peak season.

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    Other ways to redeem Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points include shopping with Virgin Red or through Virgin Atlantic's online duty-free shop. Transferring your points to other Flying Club members is possible. You may also donate them to Virgin Atlantic's Passport to Change program, which supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives.

When Best to Redeem Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points

You need considerably fewer points to fly with Virgin Atlantic during its standard season than its peak season. For example, buying an Economy Classic ticket from the West Coast to the U.K. would require 30,000 points from September 5 to October 19 in 2023. The same ticket on October 20, 2023, would set you back by 50,000 points. Also keep in mind that the airline spreads its standard and peak season dates throughout the year.

Standard and peak seasons might also play a role in redeeming your points for flight tickets through Virgin Atlantic’s partner airlines. For example, a main cabin Delta flight from the West Coast to the U.K. during the standard season would need 20,000 points. This increases to 30,000 points during peak season. These, as you may notice, require fewer points than you’d need for a Virgin Atlantic flight across the same route.

Using Air France to travel within Europe might be worth your while during peak and off-peak seasons alike. A flight that covers less than 600 miles requires just 4,000 points for an Economy ticket during off-peak season. If you fly during peak season, you’ll need 4,500 points. An Economy ticket for a flight that covers 601 to 1,249 miles during the off-peak season would need 7,500 points.

If you wish to redeem your points for business class travel, you may benefit by looking at what Virgin Atlantic, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Air New Zealand, Air France, KLM and Delta have to offer based on the route you wish to fly.

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Virgin Atlantic points are an excellent option for travelers who frequently travel overseas. Because Virgin Atlantic also has high-value partner carriers like Delta Air Lines, it makes the points more valuable overall.
Brett Holzhauer, contributing expert for MoneyGeek

How to Get the Virgin Atlantic Gold Status

Moving from one Flying Club membership tier to the next requires you to earn tier points. You earn tier points through Virgin Atlantic as well as its airline partners. You earn tier points for bookings made through Virgin Atlantic Holidays. Earning tier points using the Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard is also possible.


All members start at Red. At this tier, you get discounted access to No1 Lounges.


To earn and retain Silver status, you must earn at least 400 tier points each year. Benefits include 30% bonus points on all flights, free seat selection in Economy Light for members, Premium check-in, tier renewal bonus, priority waitlist for flights, membership pause during maternity/paternity, upgrade and companion vouchers and Virgin Hotels perks.


You can reach and maintain Gold status by earning 1,000 tier points each year. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold benefits include 60% bonus points on all flights, Gold reward seats, free seat selection for all flyers on your reservation in Economy Light, free seat selection in Economy Classic and Premium Economy for members, extra hand/hold baggage, access to Clubhouse and the London Heathrow Revivals Lounge, 2,000 bonus points on your birthday, a complimentary companion ticket when your Gold tier renews and a guaranteed Economy seat on all flights.

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MoneyGeek experts have taken a close look at how the value of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points changes based on different redemption methods. They have also carried out in-depth market research to determine the worth of your points.

FAQ About Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points

Looking at answers to other questions about how much Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points are worth and the best ways to redeem them may give you an indication of which path to follow.

Can I use my Virgin Atlantic points for someone else?
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When do my Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points expire?
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