How Much Are British Airways Executive Club Avios Worth?

ByGrace Pilling
Reviewed byBrett Holzhauer, CPFC

Updated: March 21, 2024

ByGrace Pilling
Reviewed byBrett Holzhauer, CPFC

Updated: March 21, 2024

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Redeeming your Avios for economy tickets comes with an average value of 0.8 cents to 1.5 cents per Avios, whereas you may get more than 2 cents per Avios for a business or a first-class flight. Other redemption methods, such as hotel stays and car rentals, usually provide less value.

While you earn Avios when you fly with British Airways, oneworld Alliance partners and other partner airlines, you may also earn them by using a co-branded British Airways credit card and spending with the program's partner merchants.

MoneyGeek’s Takeaways

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The average value of a British Airways Executive Club Avios stands at 0.8 cents to 1.5 cents.

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When redeemed for business class flights, you may get a value of more than 2 cents per Avios.

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Your Avios tend to be worth less when used for hotel stays, car rentals, or experiences.

How Much Are British Airways Executive Club Avios Points Worth?

The British Airways Executive Club program offers rewards in the form of Avios, which some refer to as points or miles. You may redeem these for various rewards.

The redemption method you select affects how much your British Airways Executive Club Avios are worth. For example, if you redeem them for an economy ticket, you get a value of around 0.8 cents to 1.2 cents per Avios. On the other hand, redeeming them for a business or first-class flight may offer a value of about 2 cents per Avios. Using your Avios for hotel stays, car rentals or experiences typically offers less value than you'd receive for award flights.

Tier Points help you climb up the British Airways membership ladder. You earn them when you fly with British Airways and oneworld partners.

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Calculating the value of British Airways Executive Club Avios is simple. All you need to do is divide the number of Avios you need for an award by its actual cost. So, if a long-haul award flight requires 108,250 Avios and costs $4,500, you get around 4.16 cents per point (4500/108250 = $0.04157).

Ticket Cost / Equivalent Points = Avios Value

How British Airways Executive Club Avios Points Compare to Other Airlines

A British Airways Executive Club Avios point's value can be on par with what you may expect through miles/points of other popular frequent flyer programs, provided you're willing to research and are flexible with your travel plans.

British Airways vs. Other Frequent Flyer Programs
Value per Mile

British Airways Executive Club

0.8 cents to 1.5 cents per point

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

1.2 cents to 1.8 cents per mile

Air Canada Aeroplan

1.5 cents to 1.9 cents per point

Air France/KLM Flying Blue

1.2 cents to 1.4 cents per mile

American Airlines AAdvantage

1.5 cents to 1.7 cents per mile

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles

1.4 cents to 1.5 cents per mile

Emirates Skywards

1 cent to 1.4 cents per mile

Frontier Miles

0.9 cents to 1.1 cents per mile

Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles

0.9 cents to 1 cent per mile

JetBlue TrueBlue

1.3 cents to 1.6 cents per point

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

1.1 cents to 1.3 cents per mile

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

1.3 cents to 1.5 cents per point

United Airlines MileagePlus

1.2 cents to 1.6 cents per mile

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

1.1 cents to 1.5 cents per point

How to Earn and Maximize Avios From British Airways

You can earn Avios each time you book an eligible flight ticket with British Airways or its oneworld airline partners. You may earn Avios for hotel stays, car rentals and purchases made with other partner merchants. Using a co-branded British Airways credit card enables you to earn Avios faster.

Earning Avios Using British Airways Co-Branded Credit Cards

Chase provides a co-branded British Airways credit card for residents of the U.S. Using it to spend with British Airways lets you earn 3X Avios per dollar. American Express offers three co-branded British Airways credit cards for residents of the U.K.

Rewards programs run by several popular U.S. credit card issuers let you transfer your points/miles to the British Airways Executive Club Avios program. As a result, you could consider getting a card from these card providers to earn points/miles that you may then convert to Avios.

For example, while you can transfer the points you earn through Chase Ultimate Rewards to this program, it is also possible with Capital One Miles and American Express Membership Rewards.

Sign Up for British Airways Executive Club

You may join the British Airways Executive Club program by submitting a simple online application. You must provide your name, date of birth, email address, mailing address and phone numbe when you register. Remember that you need to be over 18 years of age to enroll.

The Executive Club does not charge any fees to join, nor does it charge ongoing fees. You don't earn any bonus Avios points upon enrolling. This rewards program comes with four tiers, and you can earn bonus points as you move up the membership ladder. Various other tier-specific benefits are there for the taking as well.

Buying Airline Tickets From British Airways and Affiliates

You can earn Avios when you book an eligible flight ticket with British Airways, its oneworld Alliance partners or other partner airlines.

The number of Avios and tier points you earn is a percentage of the miles your flight covers and depends on the fare class, as highlighted in the program's chart for collecting Avios. For example, you earn 25% Avios of the miles flown when you book the lowest Economy fare with British Airways. That changes to 100% with a flexible Economy fare. A flexible First class fare, on the other hand, comes with 300% Avios.

Similarly, you'll earn 25% Avios on the lowest economy ticket with Aer Lingus and 250% with a flexible business ticket.

The Avios Flight Calculator allows you to determine how many Avios you can earn with different airlines. It also considers the route you wish to fly and your membership tier. You earn more points as you move from one level to the next. For example, as a Blue member who books a British Airways lowest Economy ticket from New York (LaGuardia Airport) to London (London Heathrow), you earn 863 Avios. If you're a Gold member, you receive 4,313 Avios.

Earn Avios Through British Airways Partner Merchants

Earn British Airways Avios Through Partner Merchants

You can also earn Avios points through shopping, car rentals, booking airline tickets and hotel accommodations with British Airways’ partner merchants.

  • Hotel and Lodging. British Airways Holidays lets you earn Avios for every dollar spent. At Avios Hotels, earn Avios per pound sterling, and with Accor, convert spending or ALL Rewards points into Avios. Airbnb also offers Avios across various currencies. IHG Hotels & Resorts and Marriott Bonvoy have options to convert loyalty points into Avios, with bonus Avios for larger transfers. Similarly, World of Hyatt, Radisson Rewards, Hilton Honors, and MeliáRewards allow the conversion of their points to Avios, enhancing the value of each stay.

  • Car Rentals. With Avis, you can earn 5 Avios for every pound spent, while Budget offers 1 Avios per pound, providing opportunities to accumulate rewards for each car rental expense.

  • Shopping and Dining. Shopping through British Airways offers an opportunity to earn Avios for every purchase, making your shopping experience more rewarding. Heathrow Rewards allows you to collect points on various activities at Heathrow, including dining, shopping, and parking, with the option to convert these points into Avios. The Bicester Collection and High Life Shop also offer Avios rewards for purchases. Furthermore, subscribing to The Economist presents a unique chance to accumulate Avios, adding extra value to your subscription.

  • Vacation Packages/Cruises. When booking with British Airways Holidays, you can earn bonus Avios for each dollar spent, enhancing the value of your travel. Similarly, opting for fly-drive vacations also rewards you with bonus Avios per dollar, making it a rewarding choice for travelers seeking both flight and car rental services.

  • Others. Capital One offers the ability to convert their miles to Avios on a one-to-one basis, allowing for seamless integration of credit card rewards into travel benefits. Bilt Rewards also features a similar conversion system, where Bilt Points can be directly turned into Avios. Participating in Avios For Thoughts and eRewards provides opportunities to earn Avios, with a substantial reward for completing your first survey in eRewards. Booking lounge access through Lounge Pass rewards you with Avios for each dollar spent. Additionally, using ParkCloud for airport parking and Heathrow Express for rail transfers can earn you Avios, further enhancing your travel experience with every booking.

Buying Avios From British Airways

Buying Avios is possible. You may buy as few as 2,000 Avios and up to 200,000 per calendar year. How much you pay per Avios depends on the number of Avios you wish to purchase. For example, you need to pay $80 to buy 2,000 Avios, which means you pay 4 cents per Avios. On the other hand, if you wish to buy 50,000 Avios, they would cost $1,400, meaning you'd pay 2.8 cents per Avios. Even if you buy the upper limit of 200,000 points, you pay over 2.75 cents apiece.

Since the average value you receive for your Avios when redeeming them is typically less than the amount you pay for them, it's essential to do the math before moving forward.

British Airways occasionally offers bonus Avios through promotional offers, allowing you to get better value. These bonuses may go up to 50%. So, if you buy 200,000 Avios for the regular price of $5,523 during a 50% bonus offer, you receive 300,000 Avios. This way, each Avios costs around 1.8 cents.

Buying Avios might work well when the value you receive for a reward flight is more than how much you pay. For example, if you find a reward flight that offers a value of more than 3 cents per Avios, you may consider buying it for less than this price.

How to Redeem British Airways Executive Club Avios

The process is relatively simple if you are wondering how to redeem British Airways Executive Club Avios. Start by logging in to your Executive Club account, where you will see different redemption options. While using your Avios for flights with British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia and oneworld Alliance partners is possible, you may also redeem them for flight upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals and experiences.

Once you log in to your Executive Club account, you can use the booking tool for members to check how many Avios you need for reward flights based on the route, the dates and the class you wish to fly. The date is important because it affects whether you get a peak or an off-peak reward flight.

When you redeem your Avios for flight tickets, you should aim to get a value of at least 0.8 cents per Avios, although it's possible to do better.

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    Hotel accommodations

    You may use your Avios to book hotel stays through the Hotels by British Airways platform. It has over 7,500 properties from different parts of the world. When redeeming Avios for hotel stays, expect to get an average value of 0.6 cents to 0.7 cents per Avios.

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    Car rentals

    If you use your Avios to book car rentals with Avis or Budget, you may get a value of 0.6 cents to 0.7 cents per Avios.

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    Flight upgrades

    Redeeming your Avios for upgrades may provide a relatively good value of 1.8 cents to 3.1 cents per Avios.

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    Using your Avios to pay for seats and baggage costs is possible, and you may also use them to book experiences. However, don't expect to get good value with these redemption methods.

When Best to Redeem British Airways Executive Club Avios

British Airways provides peak and off-peak reward flights, with the latter providing better value. As a result, being flexible with your dates can enable you to opt for an off-peak reward. Since the program does not publish a list of peak and off-peak dates, you need to look for flights on different dates.

The Reward Flight Saver option usually offers good value and requires that you pay fees, taxes and carrier charges. For example, flying from the U.S. to the U.K. might require as few as 50,000 Avios plus $200. Flights that go to European destinations from London start at 18,500 Avios.

Using Avios with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines for flights of less than 1,150 miles provides good value, given that you need just 9,000 Avios plus $5.60. This is also the case if you fly from the West Coast to Hawaii or take a short international flight. Booking a long-haul business class flight with a partner airline like Japan Airlines might also provide good value.

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Using Avios is an excellent option for nonstop flights since reward flights are based on the distance flown and the number of segments. If your award flight has one or more stops, the price in Avios can be far too much compared to booking with other loyalty programs.
Lee Huffman, contributing expert for MoneyGeek

How to Get the British Airways Elite Status

You can enjoy various benefits as you move up the Executive Club membership ladder, which you do by earning a minimum number of Tier Points and flying a minimum number of eligible flights each year.

  • Blue: All members start at this level
  • Bronze: At least 300 Tier Points and two eligible flights
  • Silver: At least 600 Tier Points and four eligible flights
  • Gold: At least 1,500 Tier Points and four eligible flights

British Airways Executive Club Avios Elite benefits include bonus points, access to airport lounges and more.


You get access to member-only offers and the ability to save your details and preferences.


Bronze-level members get a 25% bonus Avios, priority check-in, priority boarding and free seat selection seven days before the travel date.


Silver-level members may benefit through a 50% bonus Avios, free seat selection when booking, access to business lounges and extra baggage allowance.


Benefits specific to this tier include 100% bonus Avios, First class check-in/boarding, access to First lounges, access to Concorde Room, additional reward flight availability, Gold Priority Reward, no booking/service fees for Priority Reward bookings and gold upgrade vouchers.

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MoneyGeek experts have taken a close look at how the value of British Airways Executive Club Avios changes based on different redemption methods. They have also conducted in-depth market research to determine the worth of your points.


You may find it beneficial to review the answers to other commonly asked questions to learn more about how to use British Airways Executive Club Avios. That way, you can determine the best way forward.

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