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Citi Rewards+® Card Review

If you’re looking to earn rewards for your grocery and gas purchases, the no-annual-fee Citi Rewards+® Card presents a good option. It also provides an introductory offer of 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases.

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Citi Rewards+® Card

The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired.

The Citi Rewards+® Card rewards two ThankYou points for every dollar spent at supermarkets and gas stations. It also has a unique feature of rounding up the points earned to the nearest 10, which can boost points earned on small purchases. It comes with a sign-up bonus and an annual points rebate, and it has no annual fee.

However, there’s a spending cap on the categories that earn doubled points. The round-up feature is interesting, but it’s only valuable for small purchases. The card’s many rules might turn off some consumers, especially since there are simpler options.

Card Details to Know Up Front
  • Bonus, Fee or Feature
    Has or Not
  • Has Annual Fee
  • Has Balance Transfer Offer
  • Has APR Offer
  • Cash Back Rewards
  • Travel Rewards
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Citi Rewards+® Card at a Glance

The Citi Rewards+® Card is a no-annual-fee card that rewards everyday spending and allows small purchases to earn more points. It also comes with a sign-up bonus, a 0% intro APR offer and a points rebate.

  • Citi Rewards+® Card

    A solid rewards card with low fees

    • ExcellentRecommended Credit
    • $0Annual Fee
    • 1–2 Points per $1*Rewards Rate
    • 2xRewards Rate on Gas
    • 2xRewards Rate on Groceries

Pros & Cons Explained

The Citi Rewards+® Card rewards everyday purchases and offers flexible sign-up bonuses — that said, not everyone might find it useful. We broke down its pros and cons to help you find out if it’s a good fit for you.


  • Benefits
  • Earn 2x points on supermarket and gas purchases
    You earn 2x ThankYou points for every dollar spent on groceries and gas, while all other purchases earn 1x points. Points are redeemable as gift cards, travel rewards, cash back and more. Points do not expire, and there’s no limit on how much you can earn. The value of points vary depending on the available offers, but it’s usually around one cent per point.
  • All points earned are rounded up to the nearest 10
    For example, if you spent one dollar at the supermarket, you receive 10 points instead of only two. This significantly increases the rewards earned through small purchases.
  • Intro 0% APR offer
    Your first balance transfer will be 0% APR for 15 months from the date of transfer. Meanwhile, all purchases also have 0% APR for 15 months after account opening. After those intro offers, the regular APR of 17.99% – 27.99% will apply, based on your creditworthiness.
  • 20,000 sign-up bonus points
    If you spend $1,500 within three months of the account opening, you stand to earn 20,000 bonus ThankYou points, which is worth $200 in gift cards.
  • No annual fee
    You don’t have to pay an annual fee to use this card.


  • Drawbacks
  • There’s a spending cap on bonus categories
    You only earn 2x points on the first $6,000 of your supermarket and gas station purchases. Some consumers will easily hit the limit within a year.
  • Complicated points redemption
    You need to keep track of your spending categories whenever you use this card. Redeeming rewards also requires some research if you want to make the most of your points.
  • Requires excellent credit
    You need excellent credit to qualify for this card.
  • Foreign transaction fee
    The card comes with a 3% transaction fee for international purchases.
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Each month, MoneyGeek evaluates various credit card offers and chooses the best options for popular card categories. The Citi Rewards+® Card is included in our list of the best cards for people with excellent credit. Check out how it performs against the other cards on the list.

Bonuses & Rewards Explained

Like some other Citi cards, all purchases made using the Citi Rewards+® Card earn ThankYou points. Depending on how you redeem them, points yield a different value. However, it usually converts to roughly one cent per point.

The Citi Rewards+® Card rewards 2x points for every dollar spent at supermarkets and gas stations. There’s a spending cap of $6,000 per year in these categories, though. All purchases beyond that, including purchases in other categories, earn 1x points. Note that superstores like Walmart and wholesale clubs like Costco do not qualify as “supermarkets.”

ThankYou points are redeemable in various ways, including:

  • Gift cards
  • Cash rewards (check, direct deposit or statement credit)
  • Travel rewards
  • Shop at online retailers
  • Mortgage payments
  • Student loan payments

The Citi Rewards+® Card also has some other welcome features and benefits:


Points rounded up

The card rounds up all points earned to the nearest 10. This increases the rewards potential of small purchases — a $3 coffee earns 10 points, instead of three.


Sign-up bonus

By spending $1,500 within three months from account opening, you stand to earn 20,000 bonus ThankYou points.


Points rebate

The first 100,000 points you redeem per year get a 10% rebate. If you redeem 50,000 points, you earn 5,000 points back.


0% APR

The card offers an intro 0% APR for 15 months on your first balance transfer, subject to a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3%. Additionally, purchases enjoy a 0% APR for 15 months from account opening. After the introductory rates, the variable APR will be 17.99% – 27.99%, depending on your credit score.


Points transferrable

You can get more value on your points by transferring them to Citi’s partner airlines. However, almost all of Citi’s partners are international carriers; you have few options for domestic travel.

Other Features Explained

Aside from its rewards, the Citi Rewards+® Card has other benefits that might be helpful for your everyday needs.

  • Card Feature
  • Digital wallet
    Shop easily and safely online through Citi’s digital wallet option. This allows you to speed through the checkout process without providing your card information.
  • Contactless pay
    By simply tapping on eligible card readers, you can shop safely with the Citi Rewards+® Card.
  • 24/7 customer service
    You’ll gain access to Citi’s helpful and professional customer service representatives 24/7.
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If you’re planning to make a big purchase, now’s the perfect time to apply for a Citi Rewards+® Card. You can enjoy flexible terms with the card’s 15-month 0% APR intro offer, and you can also earn $200 worth of points if you meet the introductory spending requirement.

Understanding the Fine Print

Take note of the fees associated with the Citi Rewards+ Card and how they can impact your spending habits.

  • Card Feature
    Amount or Rate
  • APR
    17.99% – 27.99%Variable
  • Annual Fee
  • Cash Back Rewards
  • Rewards Rate
    1–2 Points per $1*
  • Airline Benefits
  • highInterestAPR icon

    Regular APR

    This card comes with a variable APR of 17.99% – 27.99%, depending on the cardholder’s creditworthiness. This APR applies to all purchases.

  • rewards icon

    Points Rewards Rate

    You earn 2x points for all supermarket and gas purchases, with a spending cap of $6,000 per year. After that, and for all other purchases, you earn 1x points. Additionally, the card rounds up all points earned to the nearest 10. There is no limit to the points you earn, and they don’t expire.

  • balanceTransfer icon

    Balance Transfer Fee

    For balance transfers, you need to pay either $5 or 3% of the amount, whichever is greater.

  • noForeignTransactionFee icon

    Foreign Transaction Fee

    You need to pay a 3% foreign transaction fee whenever the card is used outside the U.S.

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Still undecided about the Citi Rewards+® Card? When comparing with other cards, carefully study bonus categories and note if there’s a spending cap. If you already have a rewards card, such information can be found on your billing statement or your provider’s website. To know more, visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) credit card agreement database.

Who Should & Shouldn’t Consider Citi Rewards+® Card?


Other Considerations for Citi Rewards+® Card

The Citi Rewards+® Card is useful for small, everyday purchases, and how you intend to use it determines its overall value proposition.

Things to Consider if This Will Be Your First or Only Credit Card

The card provides 2x points on groceries and gas, but it has a spending cap of $6,000 in these categories. Once you hit the limit, your rewards-earning potential is reduced by half. The card rounds up points to the nearest 10, but that benefit is only as good as the frequency of your purchases. Additionally, using it overseas will cost you foreign transaction fees.

Overall, the card isn’t a great choice as a sole credit card, since there are other no-annual-fee cards that provide uncapped bonus earning and offer more value.

Things to Consider if This Will Be an Additional Card in Your Wallet

The no-annual-fee Citi Rewards+® Card is a great option as an additional card, especially if you have another card from Citi. You can use your primary card for most purchases and this card for small transactions. You can then pool your ThankYou points and redeem using this card to get a 10% rebate. Additionally, if you have an upcoming big purchase or a balance you wish to transfer, the Citi Rewards+® Card can offer flexibility.

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The MoneyGeek team follows a rigorous review process when evaluating credit cards. We collect data from various sources, including the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s database. We use a standardized approach to data points and spending profiles, and factor in bonuses and other offers. Our team regularly reruns the process to ensure our data, rankings and recommendations remain up to date.

How Citi Rewards+® Card Compares to Other Cards

The Citi Rewards+® Card is the only card we know of on the market that rounds up points. That may be useful for people who frequently make small purchases, but the card’s features are lackluster compared with other no-annual-fee cards.

Quick Comparison of Citi Rewards+® Card

creditCard icon

Citi Rewards+® Card

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Rewards: 2x points on the first $6,000 of supermarket and gas purchases, 1 point on other purchases
  • Sign-up Bonus: 20,000 points after spending $1,500 within three months from account opening
  • Intro APR: 0% APR on purchases for 15 months; 0% APR for 15 months on first balance transfer, then a variable APR of 17.99% – 27.99%
  • Best for: People who frequently spend on everyday items or those with another Citi card who want to maximize their rewards earning potential
creditCard1 icon

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Rewards: 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase, 3% cash back on restaurants and drugstores, 1.5% cash back on all other purchases
  • Sign-up Bonus: $200 cash back after spending $500 on purchases within three months from account opening
  • Intro APR: 0% APR on purchases for 15 months, then a variable APR of 19.49% –28.24%
  • Best For: People looking for a no-annual-fee card that rewards purchases with low-effort cash back rewards

Other Helpful Decision-Making Q&As

Here are the answers to some of the card’s most frequently asked questions to help you determine if it’s a good addition to your wallet.

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The Citi Rewards+® Card rewards everyday purchases and rounds up points earned. Still undecided about the Citi Rewards+® Card? Check out how the card performs against other rewards and balance transfer cards on the market.

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