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We have put together cash back credit card resources, tips and advice after consulting with industry experts in order to guide you through the entire process in the best possible way. In doing so, we have also addressed commonly asked questions. Go through the information shared via this page to determine if getting a cash back card might work well for you.

Offering Expert Tips & Advice

Cash back credit cards come with their share of pros and cons. We work with experts who review all the cash back-related information, advice and tips we offer, and they also provide answers to some rather important questions. We do this to ensure that our readers get the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

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    Tips for how to properly use a cash back credit card

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    Tips for understanding the ins and outs of credit card reward programs

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    Tips for managing and maximizing cash back credit cards

Featured Credit Card & Financial Experts

Financial experts from across the country who are part of MoneyGeek’s panel have helped answer various questions about cash back credit cards. Here are some of those experts who’ve worked with us on our cash back pages.

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After our content is written, we have an expert in the personal finance space look over the content to ensure its pinpoint accuracy. These experts have written for several high-ranking personal finance sites, including Forbes Advisor, TIME NextAdvisor, Investopedia and CNBC Select. A few of our experts include Holly Johnson and Lee Huffman.

Providing Detailed Reviews & Data-Driven Credit Card Rankings

We review and rank cash back and other credit cards based on the benefits, perks, annual fees and APRs of each card. We do this to ensure our information is as unbiased as possible to help readers find the best credit card for their needs. Our methodology can be found here.


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