Best Personal Loans in Knoxville, TN: Top Lenders & Best Picks for You

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Edited byAshley Jacobs

Updated: December 28, 2023

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MoneyGeek's Picks for Best Personal Loan Lenders in Knoxville, TN

There are many personal loan lenders in Knoxville that you can choose from. However, how do you choose the right one? MoneyGeek has compiled a list of recommendations for different borrower types.

Taking into account more than 30 factors, we compared the best personal loan services in the city. APR ranges, loan amounts, fees, repayment terms and more are among the factors we considered. In general, Truist topped our list, but depending on a borrower's profile, another lender may be more suitable. For instance, SoFi is our top pick for borrowers with good credit, whereas Upstart is ideal for those with bad credit.

Best Overall Personal Loan Lender in Knoxville: Truist


Best Personal Loan Lender for Bad Credit in Knoxville: Upstart


Best Personal Loan Lender for Good Credit in Knoxville: SoFi


Best Personal Loan Lender for Debt Consolidation in Knoxville: Upgrade


Best Personal Loan Lender for Home Improvement in Knoxville: Best Egg


Where to Start: How to Choose the Best Personal Loan Lender in Knoxville for You

Take your financial situation into account before applying for a personal loan in Knoxville. Several factors will play a role in whether or not your application is approved, including your income, current debts and credit score.

In Tennessee, the average credit score is 701. Having a score around this number may give you a good chance of getting approved. Following these steps can also help.

Ask Yourself the Important Questions

Before taking out a personal loan, consider these questions:

  • How much funding do I need? When answering this question, it isn't always best to give a specific number. Ideally, you should make a list of all your debts and then calculate your monthly expenses. This will help you figure out exactly how much you will need to borrow.
  • What is my credit score? Your credit score can help determine whether you are approved or denied for a personal loan. A low credit score may discourage lenders from lending to you. When you apply for a personal loan in Knoxville, you will have a better chance of getting approved if your credit score is high.
  • Can I afford the monthly payment? People often take out loans when they need money in an emergency. Even so, if you cannot repay your debt, the debt may pile up higher. Make sure you are financially able to repay the loan before accepting any terms.
  • How much debt do I already have? You might not be able to afford another loan if you already have lots of debt. Try to pay off your credit cards and loans with high interest rates before applying for another loan.
Do Your Research

Most loans are repaid over a period of around two to four years. Financial obligations that aren't met impact your credit score as well, which can be stressful.

MoneyGeek has done most of the research for you, but you should still do your own research before applying for a loan. Before you implement our suggestions, consider your financial situation since it might vary from the profiles we evaluated.


Don't take out a personal loan without considering your options. In an emergency, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Make your choice when you are relaxed and at ease so you can make a wise decision. In most cases, a day or two of contemplation will be beneficial.

Read the Fine Print

When researching private loans, people often overlook little details. You could, for example, take out a loan for any amount and pay it back whenever you want. There are, however, certain limits on borrowing and repayment. Prepayment penalties and origination fees might be charged by some lenders.

You can avoid costly mistakes by understanding what the lender expects before you apply for a loan.


Personal loans require preparation, so you should do your research beforehand. Prepare the following documents before starting the application process:

  • Social Security number
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identification

Regardless of whether you apply online for a loan, you may still want to contact the lender by phone or visit them in person if you need clarification on anything.

What to Do if You Can’t Get a Personal Loan in Knoxville

You might be denied a personal loan if your application is incomplete, your income is insufficient or your debt-to-income ratio is high.

If you are denied, you are not prohibited from applying for a loan again. Determine why your application was rejected by your lender. Make the necessary adjustments if there are any missing documents or incomplete details. Changing repayment durations or loan amounts could be necessary, for example.

Consider improving your credit score before applying for another loan if you do not meet the credit score criteria.

A short-term loan, such as a payday loan, might be an option after your loan is denied. Even though they offer quick funding, they have high-interest rates and short repayment terms, so you may have to take drastic measures to repay them. As a result, MoneyGeek does not recommend these types of loans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Loans in Knoxville

Your profile determines which lender is the best for you. Here are some frequently asked questions about personal loans in Knoxville answered by MoneyGeek.

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Our Personal Loan Methodology

We evaluated over 30 lenders and 35 factors to find the best lenders for your personal loan. Our key criteria include affordability, accessibility, consumer friendliness, service, flexibility and transparency. Among the factors we looked at were interest rates, income requirements, credit scores, application fees and processing times.

Lenders were also rated according to their business and customer service ratings so that you can choose the most trustworthy lender. The convenience and comfort of the customer were also taken into account.

The recommendations we make are carefully considered in order to ensure your financial security. With our personal loan recommendations and expert tips, you can choose a lender that meets your needs.

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