Allstate Home Insurance Review: Service, Cost & More (2023)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byScott Strandberg
ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byScott Strandberg

Updated: May 22, 2024

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Does Allstate Have Good Customer Service?

Allstate earned 88 out of 100 for their overall customer service, based on MoneyGeek’s internal rankings. It is among the top providers of homeowners insurance, with impressive customer satisfaction and financial stability ratings. It receives only a slightly higher complaint rating than the national average. In terms of affordability, the company ranks as the cheapest widely available insurer for homeowners insurance nationally.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

An insurer’s customer satisfaction rating tells you about the quality of service you can expect. In the 2021 J.D. Power Home Insurance Study, Allstate ranks 10th, with a slightly higher-than-average score. This roughly translates to a 3.96 out of five in MoneyGeek’s internal customer satisfaction ranking.

Customer Complaint Index

Reviewing Allstate’s customer complaint index from the NAIC, the insurer records a complaint ratio of 1.12. Compared to the national median of 1.00, it means the number of complaints filed with Allstate is slightly above that of the average insurance provider.

Financial Stability Rating

To measure Allstate’s financial stability, we referred to AM Best scores which gave the insurer an A+ rating. That means policyholders can rest assured that Allstate has a superior ability to meet its ongoing financial obligations.

What to Expect From Allstate Homeowners Insurance

In this MoneyGeek review of Allstate homeowners insurance, we are giving you an overview of what to expect when you buy a policy from this insurer. We’ll take a look at various services and features that you may encounter throughout your customer journey.

Getting a quote

Getting an instant quote from Allstate can be done by visiting their website. Their online calculator is free to use and allows you to compute auto loans, monthly car payments, net worth and more.

Customer support

Aside from the Home Claims FAQ page, which addresses most customers’ concerns, Allstate has a hotline that customers can contact 24/7 at 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828). They also provide separate landlines for specific customer concerns.

Filing a claim

Allstate customers can file and track claims with their accounts, which they can access through the mobile app. The next steps will involve assessing the damage, working out an estimate and discussing repair options.

Canceling your policy

To cancel an Allstate homeowners insurance policy, you can reach out directly to your agent. You may be asked to make a written request for the cancellation.

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Allstate provides its customers with several options to contact customer service for different concerns. Filing a claim is as easy as visiting the mobile app, contacting your Allstate agent or contacting the claims hotline at 800-669-2214.

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Allstate homeowners insurance policies are available in all 50 states. Some coverage options, however, may only be available in some states.

How Much Does Allstate Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Homeowners insurance typically costs $1,979 per year. But this may change according to your coverage needs and homeowners profile. To find out how much homeowners insurance costs through Allstate, you can refer to the insurer’s website to get a personalized quote. You can also talk to one of its agents to discuss available coverage.

Dwelling Coverage
Annual Premium







Location, replacement cost coverage, personal property coverage and deductible amounts are just some of the many factors that affect the cost of your homeowners insurance.

A $250,000 dwelling coverage is a good starting point, but you should have your home assessed to find out its actual value. Because each homeowner has their own unique coverage needs, determining how much home insurance you need is another important step to ensure that you and your home are fully protected.

The MoneyGeek homeowners insurance calculator helps provide an estimate of how much it would cost to get Allstate homeowners insurance.







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Why You Can Trust MoneyGeek

Although MoneyGeek partners with some of the companies we recommend, our content is written and reviewed by an independent team of writers, editors and licensed agents. Learn more about our editorial policies and expert editorial team.

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Rebuilding a home can be extremely expensive without a good financial plan. It can be tempting to opt for smaller coverage limits to reduce monthly premiums, but in the long run, it will cost you more if you need to rebuild your home but don’t have sufficient coverage to pay for it.

What Discounts Does Allstate Offer?

Allstate has a total of 11 homeowners insurance discounts, seven of which are considered by MoneyGeek as uncommon offerings. This is significantly more than the industry average of seven discounts.


Claims Forgiveness

Named Claim Rateguard, Allstate offers additional coverage, which keeps your rate from increasing after you file a claim.

Claims Free

Customers can get 5% back on renewal as long as they remain claims-free every year.

Deductible Reward

Another saving opportunity from Allstate gives customers $100 off their deductible upon signing up and an additional $100 off each year they remain claims-free, on top of the 5% claims-free bonus.


You can get up to 25% bundling discounts when you buy auto insurance from Allstate along with your homeowners insurance.

Automatic Payment

Setting up an automatic payment saves you up to 5%.

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Allstate policyholders who purchase multiple products from Allstate can qualify for a multi-policy discount. By getting Allstate auto insurance along with your homeowners insurance, you can save up to 25% off your bundled quote. Bundling also saves customers time and effort as they can quickly access all their accounts from one centralized hub.

Which Coverage Types Does Allstate Offer?

Allstate homeowners insurance provides dwelling and personal property coverage, liability protection, guest medical protection and other optional types of coverage. In addition to these standard coverages, Allstate also offers a variety of optional coverages to homeowners.

More than the industry average of five, Allstate offers a total of nine optional coverage types for homeowners insurance. Aside from the commonly offered ones like ID theft and scheduled personal property, Allstate offers unique coverage for homeowners with a yard and garden, increasing the coverage limits for the cost of landscaping and riding lawn mowers.

Take a look at the Allstate homeowners insurance coverage policyholders can get below.

Cyber Event / ID Theft

Allstate will cover legal fees, lost wages and other related costs as a result of identity fraud.

Back-Up of Sewer or Drain

Allstate covers the cost of water damages as a result of a damaged drain or sump pump.

Scheduled Personal Property

Homeowners who want insurance on engagement rings, antiques and other appraised items may opt for this additional coverage.

Business Property

Business-related items, including inventory stored in your home, can also be insured through this optional coverage.

Sports Equipment

If you own expensive sports gear, such as golf clubs and ski equipment, you can protect your investment by getting this optional coverage.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade

With this optional coverage, Allstate will cover the additional cost when you replace your damaged covered items with an energy-efficient alternative.

Yard and Garden

Homeowners who own a yard and garden can opt for this additional coverage which increases the limits for the cost of items like trees, landscaping and riding lawn mowers.

Electronic Data Recovery

Allstate covers the cost of recovering lost photos and videos and other personal computer data.

Musical Instruments

Get additional insurance on guitars, violins and other musical instruments stored in your home.

When buying homeowners insurance, you want to make sure that your policy contains all the coverages typically included in a standard policy.

Checking the fine print is an important step to knowing all the details of your policy to ensure that you have the coverage you need. For example, flood, earthquake and insect coverage are often excluded in a standard policy. If these are common issues in your area, you may need to buy a separate policy.

How much home insurance coverage you need depends on your situation. Each homeowner requires specific combinations of coverage, especially if they own a home that has unique or valuable features. Of course, the more coverage you require, the higher coverage limits you need.

Personal Property
Liability Protection
Guest Medical Protection

What Online Homeowners Insurance Tools Does Allstate Offer?

Allstate homeowners insurance provides various tools for a better user experience. Below are the free tools and resources Allstate offers its policyholders.

Online Price Quotes
Mobile App
Educational Resources

Other Allstate Insurance Products

Policyholders may explore Allstate’s insurance products for added protection outside their homeowners insurance policy. It’s worth noting that some of these products can be bundled for additional discounts, and users can access all their accounts through the insurer’s mobile app.

Type of Product


Policyholders can save up to 25% when they bundle Allstate auto insurance with their homeowners insurance.


Allstate offers several types of life insurance, including term, universal, variable universal and whole life insurance.


Owning a small business means having to pay for possible damages and injuries that happen inside your business premises. Get additional protection from Allstate.


Providing you peace of mind that your pet is protected as much as your home and family members, Allstate also provides coverage for your pet needs.


Allstate also offers complete motorcycle insurance plans to protect you and your two-wheeled vehicles.



To evaluate Allstate as a homeowners insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed the Allstate website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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