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State Farm is the largest provider of auto insurance with thousands of agents spread across 33 states. The size of the company means that they’re more financially stable than many of their competitors. State Farm also offers a broad selection of discounts. Unlike other carriers, State Farm provides funeral expenses as part of its coverage, as well as coverage for specialty vehicles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles. However, those who value high-quality customer service and affordable premiums might want to look elsewhere.

How Does State Farm Auto Insurance Rate?

As the car insurance provider with the largest market share across the country, State Farm holds a high rank among its competitors. According to AM Best, State Farm ranks high among providers for financial stability. That quality alone makes it one of the best car insurance companies in the nation.

While State Farm offers an array of discounts for drivers who meet specific thresholds, it also receives a significant number of complaints, which translates to an average customer satisfaction score.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

First Notice of Loss:
Estimation of Process:
Repair Process:
Claims Servicing:
Rental Experience:

Based on data provided by J.D. Power, State Farm receives a score of 837 out of 1,000 points for customer satisfaction. Considering that the industry average is 835 points, State Farm's reputation in this area is slightly above that of a typical insurer. J.D. Power data was also integrated into these star ratings, giving you a feel for their reputation in some more specific categories.

Customer Complaint Ratio

State Farm

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks the number of complaints issued against insurance providers. Scores are obtained by comparing an insurer’s number of complaints to the default national median of 1. A lower score indicates fewer complaints. State Farm car insurance company has a score of 1.28, meaning that the company receives more complaints than most insurance companies in the country.

Financial Strength

AM Best evaluates the financial strength of an insurance company to determine if it is capable of fulfilling its financial commitment to clients. State Farm received an AM Best financial strength rating of A++, which is also the highest among all auto insurance companies surveyed.


State Farm Insurance Features

To meet customer needs adequately, State Farm provides various online support tools and policy account management frameworks for filing claims, paying bills and calculating insurance rates. Besides working with an agent to manage your policy, you can also access all available services online or through the State Farm app.

  • Type of Feature
  • Online Price Quotes
    Receive real-time price quotes through the State Farm website.
  • Online Bill Pay
    Pay your bills through the State Farm website or mobile app.
  • Online Claims
    Filing a claim can be done through an agent, on the State Farm website, or through the mobile app. You can also initiate claims over the phone.
  • Mobile App
    The mobile app has several tools and FAQs available to help you manage your insurance policy effectively.
  • Financial Advice
    Information and other financial resources are available on the State Farm website in the form of FAQs. These are also available on the mobile app.

State Farm Auto Coverage

State Farm auto insurance provides plenty of standard and optional coverage options, which vary by state and can be customized based on each customer’s needs. They include liability, comprehensive, medical payments, collision and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

  • Type of Coverage
  • Collision
    Collision coverage pays for damages if your car hits another vehicle or object or turns over in an accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection
    State Farm may add personal injury to your coverage to protect you in case of an injury. However, you will need to contact your agent to add this feature to your policy.
  • Uninsured
    When another person causes an accident and injures you and their insurance is not enough to compensate you for personal and property damages, you can use this coverage to make up the difference.
  • Liability
    The standard liability coverage protects you if you injure someone or damage their property in an accident. This coverage from State Farm provides additional coverage than the state minimum, which may also not be enough to offer the requisite protection in case of an accident.

Optional Insurance Features and Coverage

Aside from standard auto insurance coverage, State Farm provides a broad range of add-on coverage options, including roadside assistance, rental reimbursement and auto glass repair.

  • Type of Option
  • Rental Reimbursement
    The State Farm rental reimbursement coverage pays for a rental car when your vehicle is out of service due to a covered incident. It also covers travel expense reimbursements for meals, accommodation and transportation if your claim is over 50 miles away from home.
  • Roadside Assistance
    If you purchase additional roadside assistance coverage, you can contact State Farm any time you receive roadside assistance and bill the company. If your policy does not include this coverage, you can still contact the company to receive towing and other roadside assistance services at a discount.
  • Auto Glass Repair
    State Farm provides coverage for windshield and glass repair through a third party company, LYNX

Available Discounts on State Farm Car Insurance Coverage

While getting a car insurance quote from State Farm, you may come across various discounts depending on factors such as your driving record and policy type. These include anti-theft, multi-car, safe driving and vehicle safety discounts.

  • Type of Discount
  • Safe Driver
    Maintaining an accident-free record for three years earns you premiums.
  • Defensive Driver
    A policyholder’s safety course can earn you a discount on State Farm car insurance.
  • Driver Training
    Drivers who have completed basic driver training successfully and are under age 21 can receive lower insurance rates.
  • Multi Vehicle
    Having more than one vehicle on your policy can qualify you for a discount.
  • Anti Theft
    Drivers with at least one anti-theft device on their vehicle may be eligible for a discount from State Farm insurance.

Other State Farm Insurance Products

On top of car insurance, State Farm insurance provides several other policies, such as homeowners and renters insurance. Bundling your auto insurance with a different insurance type can save you a significant percentage of your premium.

  • Type of Product
  • Homeowners Insurance
    Protect your home, personal property and other valuable items from damage with the homeowners insurance coverage.
  • Renters Insurance
    If you stay in a rental property, you can get coverage for your personal property such as electronics, furniture and clothing using this coverage.
  • Condo Insurance
    State Farm condominium unit owners insurance covers personal property losses due to theft, fire, and other weather and non-weather related incidents.
  • Landlord Insurance
    Rental property insurance is for property owners. It covers property that you rent out and helps pay for any injury, property damage and liability claims made against you.
  • Rideshare Insurance
    State Farm offers competitive Rideshare insurance coverage for drivers who work with a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim With State Farm

If you have a State Farm insurance policy, the easiest way to initiate a claim is through the company website. Once you log in, go to the claims section and provide details about your accident to get started. You can also use the State Farm mobile app, call the company’s claims line, or contact your agent directly. Ensure that you have your policy information ready before initiating a claim.

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