The average annual mileage for car owners in the U.S. is 13,476 per year, roughly 37 miles per day or 1,123 miles per month in 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

In 2019, approximately 30% of miles driven yearly, or around 4,000 miles, are spent commuting to and from work, with 76.3% of individuals traveling alone and only 9% taking advantage of carpooling, according to the Center for Sustainable Systems: University of Michigan.

As cars are the predominant mode of travel in the U.S., understanding the average car mileage per year can grant drivers insight into insurance rates, expected gas prices, maintenance costs and other areas. Learn more about average annual mileage and how mileage varies by U.S. state and driver demographic.


Average Miles Driven by Age

Drivers of different age groups exhibit different driving behaviors. For instance, working-age individuals between 20 and 54 drive the most in a year, averaging 15,195 miles per year. Comparatively, teens and older drivers past the age of 65 drive only half as many miles each year. Average mileage declines significantly after age 55.

Average Annual Miles Per Driver by Age Group
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Average Miles Driven by Males and Females

Driving habits also vary by gender. On average, males drive 66% more miles than females do, with males aged 35 to 54 driving the most per year. Amongst females, however, drivers aged 20 to 34 spend the most time on the road — around 540 miles more than those between 35 and 54.

Regardless of gender, younger and older drivers spend the least time on the road. However, female drivers aged 65 onward have the lowest comparative average annual mileage amongst all ages and genders.

Average Annual Miles Per Driver by Sex
















Key Takeaways on Average Miles Driven by State

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The average annual mileage per car in Wyoming is 24,068. This is the highest among all states and is 20.55% higher than the runner-up, Mississippi. Compared to Washington, D.C., the state with the least average miles driven per year, Wyoming’s drivers spend 3.5 times more miles on the road.

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The top five states with the highest average car mileage per year are: Wyoming (24,068), Mississippi (19,966), New Mexico (19,157), Missouri (18,522) and Georgia (18,334). Wyoming’s average annual mileage for cars is higher by an average of 26.9% compared to the other top four states.

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Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, New York, Washington and Alaska are the top five states with the least mileage per year.

Average Miles Driven by State

How often one drives can also depend on the state. For example, Wyoming drivers have the highest average car mileage per year, and Washington, D.C. drivers have the lowest.

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Driving fewer miles per year can lead to cheaper insurance if you purchase a pay-per-mile policy. Instead of getting a fixed premium, drivers can pay based on the miles they drive in a year.

Driving Mileage Statistics FAQs

Understand more about the average car mileage per year in the U.S. by reviewing the frequently asked questions below.

Expert Insights

Understanding the average car mileage is critical as it plays a role in insurance rates and car maintenance costs. MoneyGeek gathered insights from experts to help you interpret and understand these numbers.

  1. What does a high average car mileage per year mean for drivers and their finances?
  2. What are some ways that drivers can reduce their average mileage per year?
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