Brex 30 Card Review

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ByGrace Pilling
Edited byVictoria Copans
ByGrace Pilling
Edited byVictoria Copans

Updated: June 14, 2024

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  • Brex 30 Card

    • 7x Cash Back on RidesharesRewards Rate
    • 50,000 PointsWelcome Bonus
    • $50,000+Linked Bank Balance

    The Brex 30 Card is a robust offering for businesses seeking a card with fantastic perks. It has a great sign-up bonus as well as the convenience of bypassing traditional credit checks, potentially sky-high spending limits and generous rewards in specific spending categories. Businesses will appreciate the automated tools for expense tracking, which can seamlessly integrate with popular accounting platforms. While it's tailored more towards businesses with a strong financial foundation, its features are designed to streamline financial management and provide great value.

    Pros -Welcome bonus offer

    • No credit check, personal guarantee or account fees
    • Potentially high spending limits
    • High rewards on certain categories
    • Comes with automated expense tracking tools


    • Limited to businesses with significant bank balances
    • Not suitable for small or new businesses
    • Requires monthly payments
    • Earn 30,000 points after you spend $3,500 in your first 30 days or earn 50,000 points after you spend $9,000 in your first 30 days
    • The card doesn't require a credit check, personal guarantee or account fees and charges no interest
    • Experience 10x–20x higher spending limits than conventional business credit cards
    • Earn rewards and cash back on your expenses, including 7x on rideshares and 2x on recurring software
    • Start building your business credit immediately with a card that offers automatic monthly payments
    • Automated receipt-matching and built-in expense tools offer in-depth insights into your expenditures
    • Provide your team with unlimited virtual cards and set personalized spending limits for each
    • Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Concur and Expensify to streamline your accounting
    • Approval for a Brex card with monthly payments necessitates a linked bank balance of at least $50,000
    • The Brex Mastercard® is issued by Emigrant Bank, an FDIC member
    Brex 30 Card
Brex 30 Card

Rewards RateEarn Up to 8X points for payments made daily, and ...
Annual Fee$0
Recommended CreditNo Credit History

The Brex 30 Card is an exceptional choice for businesses seeking more than just a credit tool; it's a comprehensive financial management solution. Its standout feature is the ease of access, as it forgoes traditional credit checks and offers substantial spending limits tailored especially to well-established businesses. This card excels in integrating technology with finance, offering automated expense-tracking tools that effortlessly sync with leading accounting software. Its rewards system is also notably generous in specific categories, enhancing its value. Ideal for businesses aiming to streamline their financial operations, the Brex 30 Card is an innovative, efficient and rewarding choice.

Brex 30 Card Overview

Understanding the array of features offered by a credit card is key to making an informed decision, as each aspect can significantly impact the user's financial health and operational efficiency.

  • Rewards rate - Earn 7X Rideshare, 4X Brex Travel, 3X Restaurants, 2X Recurring software and 1X Everything else
  • Welcome offer - Earn a 50,000 signup bonus after spending over $9,000 in the first 30 days
  • Regular APR - N/A
  • Annual fee - $0
  • Intro APR offer - None

Important Card Details

In our comprehensive analysis of the Brex 30 Card, we delve into its distinctive features and how they align with the diverse needs of modern businesses. From its innovative approach to rates and fees to the unique rewards system and flexible redemption options, this card presents a blend of opportunities and considerations for businesses seeking to optimize their financial strategies.

    noFee icon


    Fees can be a real dampener when looking at credit cards. However, the Brex 30 Card shines in this area. Unlike many cards, it doesn't have a credit check, personal guarantee or account fees. Plus, it charges no interest, making it a cost-effective choice. This means you can use the card without worrying about accruing unwanted fees or interest.

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    Reward systems can be a huge draw for credit card users. The Brex 30 Card takes the cake with a tempting offer: a whopping 50,000 signup bonus points after spending just over $9,000 in the first month. Moreover, its cash-back system is quite lucrative, especially if you use rideshares often (hello, 7X points!) or have recurring software expenses that fetch you 2X points. Such reward schemes are designed to add tangible value to every dollar you spend.

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    Bank Balance Requirement

    Now, while the card boasts many advantages, it does come with a caveat. To be approved, businesses must have a linked bank balance of at least $50,000. This means it's particularly geared towards established businesses with a substantial financial foundation. Smaller startups or those with leaner accounts might find this requirement a bit steep.

    graphCard icon

    Potential to Build Credit

    Building business credit can often feel like a challenging cycle: you need credit to get credit. The Brex 30 Card offers a unique solution. Right from day one, you can start establishing a robust business credit profile since the card provides automatic monthly payments. This not only makes managing payments easier but over time can significantly boost your business's creditworthiness.

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    Other Perks

    Beyond the standard features, the Brex 30 Card is laden with perks designed to make financial management seamless. Their automated receipt-matching and in-depth expense tools can offer businesses a crystal-clear view of their spending patterns. Additionally, the ability to issue unlimited virtual cards to team members allows for controlled spending. If you're into accounting software, the effortless integration with popular platforms like QuickBooks and Xero ensures that you close your books in no time.

How the Brex 30 Card Compares

In this comprehensive comparison, we examined and contrasted the unique features, benefits and potential drawbacks of two prominent credit cards, helping you determine which best suits your financial requirements and lifestyle.

How This Card Compares

creditCard icon

Brex 30 Card

  • Rewards rate - Earn 7X Rideshare, 4X Brex Travel, 3X Restaurants, 2X Recurring software and 1X Everything else
  • Welcome offer - Earn a 50,000 signup bonus after spending over $9,000 in the first 30 days
  • Regular APR - N/A
  • Annual fee - $0
  • Intro APR offer - None
  • Best for: Companies with frequent travel and software expenses aiming to optimize rewards and benefit from a large welcome offer without an annual fee or regular APR.
creditCard1 icon

Ramp Business Card

  • Rewards rate - Earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase
  • Welcome offer - None
  • Regular APR - N/A (charge card)
  • Annual fee - $0
  • Intro APR offer - None
  • Best for: Businesses seeking straightforward cash back on all purchases with the simplicity of no annual fee and that have the financial discipline required for a charge card.

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