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ByChristopher Boston
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ByChristopher Boston
Edited byDenise Cristobal

Updated: September 30, 2023

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Wyoming's mortgage rates are in sync with the U.S. average. Sometimes, you'll find rates in Wyoming that are a little lower. A mortgage is a loan specific to buying a home, and your rate plays a big role in determining how much you'll pay over time. The better the rate, the more you save. In the Equality State, getting a favorable rate can make your journey to homeownership smoother. Start by comparing mortgage rates in Wyoming from multiple lenders to get the best deal for you.

Current Mortgage Rates in Wyoming

According to FRED Economic Data, the national homeownership rate for 2022 stood at 65.9%. In Wyoming, the rate was 75.3% — higher by 9.4 percentage points. Knowing this brings potential homebuyers confidence — it's a sign that many people find owning a home in Wyoming achievable. Mortgages may have likely played a significant role in these figures, making the dream of homeownership more accessible. With that in mind, let's dig into the current mortgage rates in Wyoming to help you find a rate that fits your needs.

The current mortgage rates in Wyoming are on par with national averages. For instance, a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averages 7.12% in Wyoming, slightly less than the U.S. average of 7.16%. Meanwhile, a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage sits at 6.42%, a little higher than the U.S. average of 6.40%. For a 5-year ARM, Wyoming offers an average rate of 7.22% compared to the nationwide average rate of 7.30%. These differences are all less than 0.1% — all minor variances.

Remember, rates can change due to economic conditions, housing demand and government policy, so staying updated can give you the upper hand. Wyoming also offers various mortgage types, each with its own set of rates. Our rate table can help you compare your options and find the one that's best for you.


Finding the Best Mortgage Rates in Wyoming

Competitive mortgage rates can be a game-changer for your long-term financial well-being. It can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan and free up money for other financial goals. Plus, they can make your monthly payments more manageable. Here are some strategies to apply to get the best mortgage rates in Wyoming.


Securing a great mortgage rate doesn't have to be complicated, but it does require some work. Use these strategies to find the best mortgage rates in Wyoming and make your home-buying experience as financially beneficial as possible.

Mortgage Types in Wyoming

When it comes to home values, Wyoming stacks up well against the national average. The average home in the U.S. is valued at around $349,770, while in Wyoming, it's approximately $341,289. This information is a helpful starting point. It means you're looking at a generally more affordable housing market, making it easier on your wallet. However, even with the lower price tag, a mortgage can be a great tool for securing your dream home, allowing you to spread payments over time.

You have multiple mortgage options in Wyoming to suit various needs and situations. Our comparison table can help you weigh your choices.

Mortgage Type
Typical Eligibility Requirements
  • Lower interest rates for good credit
  • Possibility of no mortgage insurance with 20% down
  • Various term lengths available
  • Good to excellent credit score (usually 620 or higher)
  • Stable income
  • Down payment ranging from 3% to 20%
  • Lower credit score requirements
  • Down payments as low as 3.5%
  • More lenient on employment history
  • Minimum credit score of 580 for 3.5% down payment
  • Stable income
  • Two years of consistent employment
  • No down payment required
  • No mortgage insurance
  • Potentially lower interest rates
  • Limited closing costs
  • Must be an active-duty service member, veteran or eligible spouse
  • Good credit
  • Sufficient income
  • No down payment
  • Lower mortgage insurance compared to FHA loans
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Must reside in a designated rural area
  • Meet income limits, which vary by region
  • Credit score of at least 640
  • Ability to borrow larger amounts than conventional limits
  • Potentially more flexible terms
  • Possibility of multiple payment structures
  • Credit score generally above 700
  • Down payment of 20% or more
  • Proof of substantial income
  • Low debt-to-income ratio

After narrowing down your mortgage type, the next step is understanding rate structures. This can save you a lot of stress and money down the line. You mainly have two options:

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages: Your interest rate stays the same throughout the loan term. It’s great if you like predictability since you'll always know your monthly payment. However, you might start with a higher rate than other options. This option is ideal if you plan on staying in the home long-term.

  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs): Your rate can change at specified times. You usually start with a lower rate, but it could go up (or down) later. ARMs could be a fit if you intend to sell your home or refinance your mortgage before the adjustment period begins.

In Wyoming, you have choices not just in mortgage types but also in your interest rate structure. Both may impact the mortgage rates in Wyoming you qualify for. So take your time, weigh your options and make the choice that suits you best.

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A mortgage calculator, like the one available on MoneyGeek's website, can be an excellent tool when searching for the right mortgage. A calculator lets you plug in different numbers, like your loan amount and interest rate, to see how they affect your monthly payments. It can help you get a handle on mortgage rates in Wyoming and what you can afford. Try out the calculator — play around with the numbers, see what fits your budget and get one step closer to making a smart mortgage choice in Wyoming.

How to Get a Mortgage in Wyoming

Before you start picking out paint colors for your new home, it's crucial to understand how to secure a mortgage that fits your needs. From assessing your financial health to choosing the right loan type, each step can impact your mortgage terms, including your interest rate. Navigating these wisely can set you up for financial success and get you a home without significant challenges.

Assess Your Financial Health

Before diving into mortgage rates and lenders, look at your entire financial picture. That includes your credit score, debt-to-income ratio and savings. A strong financial health profile can positively affect the rates you'll be offered.

Establish a Realistic Budget

Knowing your financial standing can help you set a realistic budget for your future home. Remember to factor in the potential mortgage payments and other recurring costs like property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance fees. Knowing what you can afford each month will guide your home search and help you avoid future financial strain.

Shop for Lenders

Don't settle for the first lender you find. Shop around, ask questions and compare loan terms and interest rates. Make sure to look at the whole picture, including any fees and the loan's flexibility.

Get Pre-Approved

Obtain a pre-approval letter from a lender. This shows sellers that you're a serious buyer and outlines how much you're approved to borrow. You'll need to provide some financial documents and agree to a credit check for this.

Submit Your Loan Application

You'll typically need to provide documentation like pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns to verify your income and financial standing. Once submitted, the lender will evaluate your application, which may include verifying your employment and running a credit check. A loan officer or mortgage broker may reach out to request additional information. Keep your phone and email accessible to ensure a smooth application process.

Home Appraisal and Inspection

Once your loan application is underway, you need to have the property appraised and inspected. An appraisal gives you and your lender an unbiased estimate of the home's value, ensuring the loan amount aligns with the property's worth. Simultaneously, a home inspection uncovers any potential issues, like structural problems or needed repairs, that could affect your decision to buy or renegotiate the deal. Both safeguard your investment and satisfy lender requirements.

Closing on Your Mortgage

This step is when all parties finalize the transaction. You'll sign multiple documents, including your mortgage agreement, and likely make your down payment and pay closing costs. Make sure to review all documents carefully, and don't hesitate to ask questions about anything you don't understand. Once all papers are signed and payments are made, you'll receive the keys to your new home in Wyoming.

Understanding how to manage your financial health, how to compare lenders and the importance of appraisals and inspections can go a long way in securing a favorable mortgage in Wyoming.

Mortgage Programs in Wyoming

Starting the journey to homeownership means more than just planning for mortgage payments. Unforeseen costs such as home maintenance and property taxes can catch you off guard. That's where specialized mortgage programs are helpful. For instance, those from the Wyoming Community Development Authority aim to make your financial life easier by offering competitive mortgage rates in Wyoming and down payment help. These mortgage programs help you save some money for those unexpected expenses.

First-Time Home Buyer

If you haven't owned a home in the last three years, the First-Time Home Buyer program from the Wyoming Community Development Authority could be your ticket to homeownership. It offers low, fixed interest rates and stretches your mortgage over 30 years. That helps to keep your monthly payments more manageable, freeing up funds for other expenses. You may also qualify for a Down Payment Assistance loan, giving your home-buying journey a financial head start.

There are some rules to keep in mind, though. You must live in the home as your primary residence, and the property can't sit on more than 10 acres. It has to be a single-family home, and manufactured homes must meet FHA guidelines. Lastly, before you can finalize your mortgage, you'll need to complete a homebuyer education class offered through the Wyoming Housing Network, Inc.

Spruce Up

The Spruce Up program is an all-in-one financial solution that streamlines the home-buying and renovating journey. Imagine not having to fuss with multiple loans for purchasing and repairing a house. With Spruce Up, you get one loan covering both, saving you time and reducing closing costs.

Eligibility aligns with the First-Time Homebuyer Program, so it's a solid option if you're new to homeownership. The loan covers a range of dwelling improvements, from minor remodeling and system upgrades to making your home more energy-efficient or accessible. Spruce Up offers a hassle-free way to finance your new home and its makeover, making your life much easier.


The Advantage program is perfect for homebuyers, whether first-timers or those looking to refinance. It offers the stability of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, freeing you from worrying about fluctuating rates. Flexibility makes this program stand out — there's no cap on your home's purchase price. Plus, you won't be subject to the Federal Recapture Tax. You can also choose to get this loan with WCDA’s MCC Program for extra financial benefits.

For eligibility, there are a few straightforward criteria. Your income should meet the set limits, your credit score should be 620 or higher and you must make the property your main residence for at least one year. For more information, first-time homebuyers can attend a homebuyer education class.

HFA Preferred

If you're eyeing your first home or even considering refinancing, the HFA Preferred program is worth looking at. It comes with a stable 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, making your payments predictable. Like the Advantage program, there’s no price limit on the home you choose, but it should sit on 10 acres or less. Manufactured homes also qualify under this program. The Federal Recapture Tax doesn't apply here, which is a relief for many.

The eligibility rules are straightforward — no first-time homebuyer requirement, income limits apply, a minimum credit score of 620, and the property must be your main living space for at least a year. First-timers, you’ll take a homebuyer class to ensure you're all set.

Down Payment Assistance

The Down Payment Assistance Program by WCDA offers a boost to get you closer to owning your home. With a maximum loan of $15,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 620, you're looking at a doable start.

The first option is the Home$tretch DPA Loan, which you can pair with the First-Time Homebuyer and Spruce Up programs. The loan offers a 0% interest rate and doesn't require monthly payments. You only repay it when you sell your home, refinance or reach a 30-year maturity.

The second option is the Amortizing DPA Loan, suitable for HFA Preferred and Advantage products. It comes with a fixed interest rate and low monthly payments, with a maximum term of 10 years.

Both options are geared to help you achieve your homeownership dream more comfortably.

Mortgage Credit Certificate

The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) is a way to get some money back from the U.S. government. If you're buying your first home and haven’t owned one in the last three years, you can get a credit on your federal taxes based on your mortgage interest. You can use this credit year after year as long as you keep living in the house and meet the conditions. However, keep an eye on income and purchase price limits and remember that a Federal Recapture Tax could apply. If it does, the WCDA will reimburse you. You can pair this program with HFA Preferred and Advantage plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such thing as having too much insight on mortgage rates in Wyoming if you’re a prospective homebuyer. We gathered some commonly asked questions to provide the necessary information to make informed decisions.

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