Today’s Refinance Rates in South Carolina

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Updated: January 18, 2024

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Current Refinance Rates in South Carolina

MoneyGeek collected the most up-to-date refinance rates in South Carolina to help you pick out the best loan for you. We compiled the data of the latest average rates in South Carolina in the table below.


Mortgage Refinance Rates From Top Lenders


What Is a Good Refinance Rate in South Carolina?

The average mortgage rate in South Carolina is 4.49% for a 15-year FRM, a little higher than the national average of 4.45%. In this state, the interest rate for a 30-year FRM is 5.14% and 4.09% for a 5/1 ARM. Both are lower than the national averages of 5.30% for a 30-year FRM and 4.19% for a 5/1 ARM.

A “good” interest rate depends on loan terms, loan amount, credit score, current income, existing debts and other personal or financial factors. One way to find the best rate for your needs is to compare different quotes from lenders.

Take note that rates differ every day. The rate you will receive today may not be the same as the rate you will get next week.

Estimate Your New Monthly Mortgage Payment

Use the rates we have provided above, along with your other mortgage details, to get an estimate of your monthly payment. Keep in mind that rates vary every day and your lender may give you a different rate based on your credit score, debt-to-income ratio and other personal factors.


Frequently Asked Questions About Refinance Rates in South Carolina

MoneyGeek answered questions frequently asked by people who are looking for the best refinance rates in South Carolina.

A good refinance rate in South Carolina depends on you. Factors such as your income and existing debts will matter when finding a “good” rate.

A bad refinance rate in South Carolina depends on certain personal and financial factors, like your loan amount and credit score.

Good refinance rates are relative but consider using the state average rate of 5.14% for a 30-year FRM as your guide.

The average 15-year FRM of 4.49% in South Carolina is a good baseline for finding the best interest rate for you.

You can take note of the average interest rate of 4.09% for 5/1 ARM while looking for a good refinance interest rate.