Today’s Refinance Rates in Montana

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Edited byScott Strandberg
Edited byScott Strandberg

Updated: January 18, 2024

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Current Refinance Rates in Montana

Homeowners thinking about refinancing their homes may want to look into the current refinance rates and compare them to their mortgage rates. Below is a table for the most up-to-date information about refinance rates in Montana.


Mortgage Refinance Rates From Top Lenders


What Is a Good Refinance Rate in Montana?

Refinance rates in Montana are currently lower than the national average. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) has an interest rate of 4.3% in Montana, which is below the national average of 4.67%. A 30-year FRM in this state is currently at 5.03%, lower than the national average of 5.51%. Meanwhile, a 5/1 ARM has an average interest rate of 4.07% in Montana, much lower than the national rate of 4.35%.

Lenders weigh factors differently, which means shopping around and comparing offers allows you to find the cheapest rates available for your profile. A “good” interest rate depends on various personal factors, including credit scores, income, debt, etc.

Rates can change on a daily basis, with market conditions and fiscal policy contributing to the fluctuations. Make sure to act fast and lock in a rate when you’re able to find a good one.

Estimate Your New Monthly Mortgage Payment

Reducing interest rates also means your monthly payments could get lower. MoneyGeek’s tool estimates your new monthly payments just by entering your mortgage information.

As rates will fluctuate on a daily basis, keep in mind that the rates you see today may be lower or higher than your actual rates.


Frequently Asked Questions About Refinance Rates in Montana

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