Best HELOC Rates and Best HELOC Lenders in Texas (2024)

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Updated: July 9, 2024

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Of the best HELOC lenders in Texas, Lower provides a broad loan amount range and accommodating credit score requirements. It offers an APR from 8.75% to 13.5%, and homeowners may borrow between $15,000 to $500,000. Aside from offering one of the best HELOC rates in Texas, its services are online only, creating a streamlined and convenient application process.

MoneyGeek reviewed 10 lenders to help you find a match for your financial needs, though there are more not featured in the analysis. Options such as Credit Union of Texas, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union and Houston Federal Credit Union deliver specialized services to their clientele, bringing different advantages to the table.

Best HELOC Lenders in Texas

Best Overall: Lower

Best for Affordability: Aven

Best for Bad Credit: Lower

Best for Large Loan Amounts: Bank of America

Best for Debt Consolidation: PNC Bank

We evaluated each lender in our research against a rubric including APR ranges, annual fees and affordability, among other factors.

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Our analysis was completed in July 2024 and includes lenders that do business in Texas.

9Lenders Analyzed

    Overall Best HELOC Lender in Texas

  • Lower

    • 8.75% to 13.5%APR Range
    • $15,000 to $500,000Loan Amount Range
    • 580Minimum Credit Score
    • 10-year draw period; undisclosed repayment period Repayment Terms
    • NoneAnnual Fees

    Lower is the best HELOC lender in Texas. Its APR range from 8.75% to 13.5% and loan amounts from $15,000 to $500,000 cater to various needs. With a minimum credit score of 580, more homeowners can access equity. Transparency in conditions, such as no annual fees and an A+ BBB rating, confirms Lower supports smart financial decisions. Personalized assistance post-application ensures clarity for borrowers throughout the process.


    • No annual fee
    • A+ rating from BBB
    • Accepts credit scores as low as 580


    • No fixed-rate HELOC conversions
    • No disclosed repayment period
    • No financial hardship assistance

HELOC Rates in Texas by Credit Score

In Texas, the APR on your home equity line of credit (HELOC) varies due to factors like credit scores and LTV ratios below 80%. Rates differ based on repayment terms too. Review the table and observe rate changes against chosen parameters.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Credit Score:
Credit Score:680 - 740
LTV Ratio:
LTV Ratio:80% or lower
HELOC (10 year)APR6.98%
HELOC (15 year)APR6.98%
HELOC (20 year)APR6.98%

Where does this data come from?

When exploring HELOC options in Texas, comparing APRs from various lenders can lead to significant savings over the loan's life. A lower APR means smaller monthly payments and less interest paid, making a big difference in your borrowing experience and overall financial health. Take time to shop around for the best rate.

HELOC Calculator: Do You Qualify in Texas?

Texas homeowners have a shining opportunity for financial leverage, with TransUnion's report revealing an average Total Tappable Equity of $129,000. If your home equity is up there, you might borrow more. Plus, with Experian noting the average Texas credit score at 695, aligning with this figure could set your HELOC journey on the right path.

Eligibility for a HELOC in Texas isn't just about equity and credit score. Various factors weigh in. A HELOC calculator enables potential borrowers to gauge their standing by tweaking different variables. This tool is a step forward in searching for the best lender.

HELOC Calculator
Discover borrowing capacity, interest rates, and make informed financial choices with confidence!
You may be eligible for a HELOC. Because you have an LTV at or below 85%, you may be approved for a home equity line of credit.
10 Years Payoff Scenario
Eligible to Borrow
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Note: Lenders set varying limits on the acceptable Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, depending on the property type (owner-occupied or investment). Typically, owner-occupied homes have a higher acceptable LTV, often capped at 85%.

    Best HELOC Lender in Texas for Affordability

  • Aven

    • 7.99% to 15.49%APR Range
    • Up to $250,000Loan Amount Range
    • 620Minimum Credit Score
    • Unlimited draw period; 5 to 10-year repayment period for cash out;Repayment Terms
    • NoneAnnual Fees

    Aven is the top pick for Texas homeowners seeking cost-effective HELOC options. Aven's product is a hybrid HELOC that operates like a credit card but shows up as a HELOC on your credit report. With APRs ranging from 7.99% to 15.49% and no annual fees, it's tailored for affordability. Plus, its autopay feature grants a 0.25% rate discount, emphasizing savings. Remember, a lower APR means less interest paid over time, which is favorable when budgeting is a priority.


    • 0.25% rate reduction for autopay
    • Earns you 2% unlimited cash back
    • No origination or annual fees


    • Line limit up to $250,000 only
    • 2.5% one-time cash-out fee
    • 10-day wait for card arrival

How does MoneyGeek recommend lenders for affordability?

    Best HELOC Lender for Bad Credit

  • Lower

    • 8.75% to 13.5%APR Range
    • $15,000 to $500,000Loan Amount Range
    • 580Minimum Credit Score
    • 10-year draw period; undisclosed repayment period Repayment Terms
    • NoneAnnual Fees

    In Texas, bad credit doesn't shut you out from getting a HELOC. Lower understands this, accepting credit scores starting at 580. With APRs ranging from 8.75% to 13.5%, it sets a cap that can prevent rates from skyrocketing. Although lower scores might influence terms, a minimum loan of $15,000 means homeowners can still tap into meaningful funding. Texas residents benefit from personalized support while managing their debt responsibly, even without prime credit. Plus, with no annual fees and an A+ rating from BBB, Lower offers a solid option for your home equity endeavors.


    • Accepts credit scores from 580
    • Personalized support post-application
    • A+ rating from BBB


    • No rate discounts offered
    • Does not offer financial hardship assistance
    • Fixed-rate HELOC conversion unavailable

How does MoneyGeek recommend lenders for those with bad credit?

    Best HELOC Lender in Texas for Large Loans

  • Bank of America

    • Starting at 9.82%APR Range
    • $25,000 to $1,000,000Loan Amount Range
    • UndisclosedMinimum Credit Score
    • 10-year draw period; 20-year repayment periodRepayment Terms
    • NoneAnnual Fees

    Bank of America is the best HELOC lender for large loan amounts in Texas. HELOCs are beneficial for funding high-cost needs like home renovations or medical expenses. With high loan limits of up to $1 million and repayment terms offering a 10-year draw period and a 20-year repayment period, it's suited for homeowners needing substantial funds. Bank of America ensures clients don't stress over annual fees. Homeowners in Texas can benefit from these features, making it easier to manage significant expenses without added costs. Additionally, the lack of application, annual fees and competitive discounts facilitates a more affordable line of credit.


    • Competitive introductory rate for six months.
    • No application or annual fees.
    • Assistance during financial hardship.


    • Closing must be done in person
    • Minimum loan online is $25,000
    • $450 early closure fee charged
    Bank of America

How does MoneyGeek recommend lenders for large loan amounts?

    Best HELOC Lender in Texas for Debt Consolidation

  • PNC Bank

    • 8.22% to 14.5%APR Range
    • $10,000 to $1,000,000Loan Amount Range
    • UndisclosedMinimum Credit Score
    • Undisclosed draw period; 5-30 year repayment periodRepayment Terms
    • $50Annual Fees

    PNC Bank is the best HELOC lender for Texans looking to consolidate debt like credit card or medical bills. A HELOC can replace high-interest debt with a loan that has a lower interest. This lender offers APRs from 8.22% to 14.5% and lets you borrow up to $1 million. It delivers funds swiftly, usually within three days after closing. Plus, it supports borrowers with financial hardship assistance and provides an online tracker to monitor application progress. Its product is a hybrid HELOC that functions like a credit card backed by your home equity but is reported as a HELOC to credit bureaus.


    • Reimburses various fees, including taxes.
    • Offers autopay rate reduction of 0.25%.
    • Application tracker available online.


    • Charges a $50 annual fee
    • Charges a fee for rate lock/unlock
    • Charges a late fee
    PNC Bank

How does MoneyGeek recommend lenders for debt consolidation?

How to Choose a HELOC Lender in Texas

MoneyGeek has highlighted top HELOC lenders in Texas tailored for various needs. Yet, if you're keen to dig deeper, the following strategies will streamline your hunt for the right Texas HELOC lender.

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    Define Your HELOC Goals

    Knowing why you need a HELOC influences which lender you choose in Texas. For renovations, a lender might have favorable terms, while for consolidating debt, another could be better. List your goals to find a match.

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    Investigate Lender Reputation

    Verify the lender's standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Department of Banking. Both provide insights into a lender's reputation in Texas.

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    Compare Rates and Fees

    Beyond the interest rate, assess HELOC closing costs and terms. In Texas, lenders may offer varying costs, so compare these to avoid surprises.

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    Check Community Standing

    Consider the lender's local reputation in Texas. Awards or community recognition can signal a dedication to customer service, making your HELOC experience more positive.

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    Assess Lender Flexibility

    Lenders that offer online prequalification, interest-only payments or a fixed-rate HELOC option show adaptability. Choose one that adjusts to your needs in Texas.

FAQ: HELOC Lenders and Rates in Texas

Discovering the right HELOC lender in Texas can shape your financial future. These answers to frequently asked questions help you to select a lender that aligns with your unique needs.

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