US Median Income by State and Region

ByNathan Paulus
Edited byMegan Hull

Updated: January 28, 2024

ByNathan Paulus
Edited byMegan Hull

Updated: January 28, 2024

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Median income is a more accurate measure of the typical income level for an area than average income; as such, median income statistics can offer valuable insights into the economic status of different parts of the United States. In 2022, the national median individual income was $38,277, but this figure varied significantly from state to state.

For example, Massachusetts had a 24% higher median income than the national median, whereas Oklahoma's median income was 22% lower. Analyzing the data by region, we found that the Northeast had the highest annual median income at $41,801. The South had the lowest at $35,217.

This information was sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau and focuses on individual income.

  • The median individual income in the United States was $38,277 in 2022.

  • The state with the highest median income was Maryland at $47,257.

  • Mississippi had the lowest median income, $29,709 per year.

  • Regionally, the Northeast led with a median income of $41,801, while the South lagged behind at $35,217.

  • Among cities, Sammamish, Washington, reported the highest median income of $101,690, whereas Provo, Utah, had the lowest at $18,425.

Highest and Lowest Median Income by State

According to data from 2022, Maryland recorded the highest median income in the U.S. at $47,257 per year. Other states in the top five for highest median income were Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado, all reporting median annual incomes above $45,000.

Mississippi had the lowest median income among all states at $29,079 per year, followed by Southern states West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama — all reporting median annual salaries below $32,000.

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States With the Highest Median Income
1. Maryland: $47,257
2. Washington: $45,904
3. Massachusetts: $45,899
4. New Jersey: $45,882
5. Colorado: $45,417
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States With the Lowest Median Income
1. Mississippi: $29,709
2. West Virginia: $30,540
3. Louisiana: $30,915
4. Arkansas: $31,298
5. Alabama: $$31,469

Comparing Median Salaries by Region

The median salary in the Northeast is $41,801 annually, surpassing the national median by 9%. On the other hand, the median income in the South is 8% below the national median and the lowest of any region at $35,217 per year. The West and Midwest land in the middle, with median salaries of $39,037 and $38,354, respectively.

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Highest and Lowest Median Income by City

Four out of the top five highest-earning cities in our study are located in California, with Pleasanton, Mountain View, Dublin and San Ramon boasting median salaries over $95,000. However, Sammamish, Washington, reported the highest median income of any city in the U.S. at $101,690 per year.

Provo, Utah, had the lowest median annual salary of $18,425. Other cities with notably low median incomes included Camden, New Jersey; Pharr, Texas; and Muncie, Indiana, all below $22,000.

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Cities With the Highest Median Salary
1. Sammamish, WA: $101,690
2. Pleasanton, CA: $100,154
3. Mountain View, CA: $97,194
4. Dublin, CA: $96,383
5. San Ramon, CA: $95,588
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Cities With the Lowest Median Salary
1. Provo, UT: $18,425
2. Camden, NJ: $19,477
3. Pharr, TX: $20,989
4. Muncie, IN: $21,128
5. Ames, IA: $21,240

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