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Last Updated: 3/23/2023
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At MoneyGeek, we’re dedicated to simplifying personal finance. Consumers often face complex financial decisions in the dark. We think everyone deserves information and tools to navigate their financial lives and improve their financial health.

To achieve our mission, we turn to the experts.

Our expert contributors include nationally recognized professors and other leaders from top-tier institutions including Harvard, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, and from organizations like the National Bureau of Economic Research, the American Bankruptcy Institute, and Consumer Federation of America.

We adhere to strict standards of journalistic ethics. We strive to always be fair and accurate, honest and transparent. We always aim to give our readers insights they can use to improve their financial health.

A few of our experts' nationally recognized institutions


Our Writers

Our seasoned writers collectively bring decades of journalism, writing, and industry experience. Our writers have written books and contributed to outlets like CNN Money, Forbes, Consumer Reports, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, CNBC, and MarketWatch. They’re well-versed in financial planning, investments, debt, mortgages, insurance, bankruptcy, and financial literacy.

Can you tell we’re proud of our team? We trust you’ll appreciate working with them, too.

Meet our Writers

See who you’ll be working with if you join our cadre of experts.

MoneyGeek Resources

As MoneyGeek, we create original, useful content that helps people make sound financial decisions and navigate economic issues.

Our personal finance guides cover a wide range of topics to help people in all sorts of situations, from parents teaching kids about finance or managing financial aspects of caring for kids with special needs to people managing student debt or lost wages and tight budgets during the pandemic.

We also love data and making sense of economic trends that affect our daily lives. Our data geeks take deep dives into any large economic data set they can get their hands on. They make unique connections between data elements to shed light on the major economic issues of our times.

For example, Huffington Post covered our work on racial disparities in auto insurance rates.

Our analysis of job losses and recoveries by state in the pandemic shed light on the economic impact of COVID-19 on state economies and how control of the virus relates to economic indicators.

Our analysis on bankruptcies in the pandemic appeared in The Guardian.

In our data work, experts share valuable insights that help readers understand economic issues in new ways.

Expert Privacy Guidelines

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We take privacy and security extremely seriously. We respect and protect the privacy of those who visit or use our website. We collect information from our experts in order to publish expert profiles in relevant articles. We do not share any personal information with outside companies for their promotional use.

MoneyGeek experts share their own independent perspectives and analysis. Their views do not necessarily represent the views of MoneyGeek or their institution.

We never ask experts to endorse any product or service, nor do we accept expert commentary that endorses specific products. We seek experts who can educate and inform our readers, not to promote specific products or companies.

Expert FAQs

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Do you have expertise in topics related to personal finance and broader economic trends? Please get in touch. We’d love to meet you and see if we can share your voice with our readers.

Please contact Myla Valencia at to get started.

About MoneyGeek Team

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The MoneyGeek editorial team has decades of combined experience in writing and publishing information about how people should manage money and credit. Our editors have worked with numerous publications including The Washington Post, The Daily Business Review, HealthDay and Time, Inc., and have won numerous journalism awards. Our talented team of contributing writers includes mortgage experts, veteran financial reporters and award-winning journalists. Learn more about the MoneyGeek team.