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Merrick Bank is not a conventional banking institute where you will find checking or savings accounts. It focuses on providing personal loans, credit cards, certificates of deposits and other acquiring services. They offer credit to people with lower and even poor credit scores as well as people who want to build or rebuild their credit history. They offer three different credit cards, two of which are secured ones. You can get up to $3,000 as a line of credit. However, it will depend on the type of card and the security deposit.

Featured Credit Cards Offered by Merrick Bank

There are two types of Merrick Bank cards that MoneyGeek researched, but three cards in total. Merrick Bank offers two secured credit cards and one unsecured credit card. The minimum security deposit for secured credit cards is $200. You get free FICO scores every month with their credit cards, and they report to all the three major credit bureaus.

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Other Cards Issued by Merrick Bank

In addition to the featured cards listed above, Merrick Bank also offers:

  • Platinum Visa Credit Card – This is an unsecured line of credit offered by Merrick Bank, which also offers double your credit line benefit. The initial credit line is within the range of $550 to $1,350, and you will also get free FICO scores.

The Best Merrick Bank Credit Cards in 2023

MoneyGeek lists the best credit cards from Merrick Bank every month on the basis of changes in reward categories, welcome bonuses and other criteria. The top cards of Merrick Bank in 2023 are as follows.

  • Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Secured Credit Card

    Best credit card for training good financial habits

    • 22.45% VariableAPR
    • $200Min. Security Deposit
    • $36*Annual Fee
    • PoorRecommended Credit

  • Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card

    A good secured credit card for people who wish to build their credit

    • 22.45% VariableAPR
    • $200Min. Security Deposit
    • $36*Annual Fee
    • None–PoorRecommended Credit

Rules for Applying, Acceptance & Welcome Bonuses

Applying for Merrick Bank credit cards is easy since the process can be completed online. You can apply for their secured credit cards even with a poor credit score.

Other Considerations About Merrick Bank

Before you apply for a Merrick Bank credit card, you need to consider different factors to evaluate and understand whether the card is suitable for you. The factors include customer services, mobile applications, rewards, charges and more.


Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customer Service and customer satisfaction are Merrick Bank's top priorities. As per reviews found on the internet, Merrick Bank takes good care of their customers’ satisfaction. You can contact them by calling their customer service number. You can also send mail to their headquarters.

Mobile Apps & Online Services

GoMobile is the mobile application that Merrick Bank offers to their customers. This app helps you check your account balance, schedule payments, view payment history and transaction details and more. You can also check and monitor the FICO scores using this application. The security measures are top-notch, and your data and information are protected.

You can download this app from Google Play where it has a rating of 4.1. iPhone users can get the app from the Apple Store where it received a rating of 2.6.

Security & Credit Monitoring Services

Merrick Bank prioritizes security above anything else. They secure customers’ information with multiple security layers like Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is a protocol for transmitting information securely over the internet. Then there are private keys to securely transfer data. The authentication process is mandatory for every customer.

They also use encryption to process sensitive data. They even offer a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to their database and site.

Moreover, there is an Intrusion detection system to detect any intruder into the system and to top it all, they do not even use emails to contact customers nor can customers email them.

Loyalty Programs & Other Issuer Perks

Merrick Bank doesn’t have any particular loyalty program as of now. However, as they offer Visa cards, cardholders get benefits from Visa. The benefits and rewards include exclusive deals on travels, shopping, entertainment and more.

Authorized Users

Merrick Bank does give you the opportunity to add an authorized user. For more information about how that works and the cost, contact the bank directly.

Purchase Protection

Merrick Bank doesn’t offer purchase protection on any of its three credit cards.

Co-Branding & Partnerships

Merrick Bank has a partnership with:

  • VISA
  • TYSY
  • Fiserv
  • Verisk Financial
  • Repay
  • MasterCard
  • MidiGator
  • Discover Global Network
  • JCB
  • Choice Tech
  • Infinicept
  • globalpayments
  • Xnmi

Other Products Offered

Merrick Bank provides personal loans, acquiring services, recreational loans and certificates of deposits. It is mainly a financial institution that focuses on lending to people with poor credit scores.

Overall Opinion of Merrick Bank & Their Credit Card Offerings

Merrick Bank offers both secured and unsecured credit cards. However, the secured ones are more popular because they are offered to people with lower credit scores. Merrick Bank also offers $0 fraud liability protection, FICO scores for free, and you can double your credit limit within just seven months by paying bills on time. Keep in mind that the APR is on the higher side, and Merrick Bank also charges foreign transaction fees.

Merrick Bank credit cards and the offerings can be suitable for the following people:

  • teen icon

    An individual trying to build or rebuild credit

    With the Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Secured Credit Card and Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card Credit Cards, people with no credit history can apply and get a line of credit. By paying on time, they can not only get a higher credit limit but also improve their credit scores.

  • freelancer icon

    People looking to learn good financial habits

    With Merrick Banks offerings like Moneysense or GoLearn, people who want to change their financial habits, like overspending, overutilization of credit or people looking to build good financial habits, can get help.

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"Merrick Bank offers attractive credit cards for consumers who are looking to build or repair their credit score. Features like the ability to double your credit line and receive a review in just seven months reward consumers who act responsibly with their finances as they establish better behaviors. Getting a credit card from Merrick Bank can be a good jumping off point towards popular credit cards with the best benefits and rewards."

- Lee Huffman, credit card expert at

Still Not Sure About This Issuer? Consider These Options.

Merrick Bank credit cards are a good option for people with low or no credit scores. However, you can compare Merrick Bank cards and other credit card issuers and their offering to find the one that suits your requirement the best.

Learn more about credit cards in general

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