The Best Gas Credit Cards of 2022

Whether in the form of cash back, rebates or discounts, gas credit cards help you earn rewards on gas purchases and other expenses. These are the ones MoneyGeek recommends you consider if you’re looking for a solid gas credit card.

Last Updated: 4/30/2022
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The best gas credit cards make it convenient to fill up at the pump, but they also offer valuable rewards and cardholder perks that are worth signing up for. For example, many of the best credit cards for fuel let you earn cash back on your spending, and some fuel credit cards even offer fuel discounts and consumer benefits like purchase protection and guaranteed returns.

Recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average family spends $2,094 per year on fuel, but what are they getting in return? With some research and planning, you could be earning up to 3% back (or more) on fuel purchases as well as rewards on other spending.

This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know about the best gas credit cards, including fuel credit cards for small businesses. We'll even explain the different types of gas credit cards, from fuel credit cards to traditional rewards credit cards that let you rack up points on gas and other purchases.

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MoneyGeek Quick Tip: Though the fixed-priced discounts at the pump that come with many co-branded gas cards may sound incentivizing, these may not be worth as much with the rising gas prices. Many industry experts recommend choosing a general credit card that rewards more for fuel purchases.

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MoneyGeek’s Take: Best Credit Cards for Gas Rewards

MoneyGeek compared the best gasoline credit cards on the market today to find options with superior rewards or rebates and other benefits or consumer protections. While all of the credit cards that made our ranking are worth considering, we suggest looking at each of the cards and comparing the perks to see which one aligns with your spending habits the most.

Quick Summary:

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As of late April 2021, the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card is not accepting new applicants. For alternatives, see our partner’s list of the best gas rebates cards.

Best Gas Credit Cards as of May 2022

The best fuel cards help users earn rewards, score discounts or gain consumer protections when they fill up at the pump. Make sure you understand the different types of gas credit cards before you sign up, as well as their pros and cons. Specific features and pros and cons of each gas card type are discussed in more detail in the section below, "MoneyGeek’s Guide to Finding the Right Gas Card for You".

Best Rewards Credit Cards for Frequent Drivers

Frequent drivers and daily commuters will want to focus on fuel credit cards that let them earn rewards or save money on fuel. Note that most traditional rewards credit cards require good or excellent credit, yet gas credit cards for bad credit — typically fuel-only cards — are also available.

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    American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card
    A great cash back card for gas and grocery shopping

    • Excellent, GoodCredit Needed
    • 3% Cash BackGas Rewards Rate
    • $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.Annual Fee
    • 13.99% - 23.99%APR

  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card
    A great no annual fee rewards card with travel and purchase protection

    • Excellent, GoodCredit Needed
    • 3x pointsGas Rewards Rate
    • $0Annual Fee
    • 14.49% - 24.99%APR

Best Gas Rewards Cards for Businesses

Small businesses can also benefit from gas credit cards that offer cash back and other perks. The business fuel cards we profile below offer the most lucrative rewards rates and incentives.

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    Spark Cash Plus
    A great card for businesses to capitalize on their spending

    • Excellent, GoodCredit Needed
    • 2% cash backGas Rewards Rate
    • $150Annual Fee
    • NoneAPR

  • American Express Marriott Bonvoy Business Card
    A great rewards card for businesses with frequent travel needs

    • Excellent, GoodCredit Needed
    • 4x pointsGas Rewards Rate
    • $125Annual Fee
    • 15.74% - 24.74%APR

How We Rank Gas Rewards Cards

We compile and rank our lists of suggested credit cards based on publicly available data from card issuers and other reputable sources like the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. We review each card's fees, interest rates, rewards, benefits, and more to assign a rating for each feature. These ratings are stack ranked and weighted for each card category to determine our top selections for each type of user. Learn more about our credit card ranking methodology.

Top Rating Criteria for Gas Cards


Gas Reward Rate


Annual Fee


Regular APR

5 Tips for Comparing Gas Rewards Cards

The sheer number of gas credit cards to choose from can leave you feeling overwhelmed, yet it's not too hard to find the best gas credit card for your needs if you know which questions to ask and the most important factors to compare.


Check for annual fees

Some of the best gas credit cards charge an annual fee, although many waive their fees for the first year. Paying an annual fee can often get you more rewards and better perks. Even so, there are plenty of card options with no annual fee to choose from.


Compare earning rates and welcome bonuses

If you're trying to find a credit card for everyday spending, look for a cash back credit card that also offers bonus points on groceries or dining. Also compare cards based on their bonus offers, keeping in mind whether you can easily meet any minimum spending requirements.


Look at specific rewards programs

Think over the type of rewards you want to earn, whether your preference is cash back or rewards that let you redeem for flexible options, including travel.


Understand the APR

You should strive to never carry a balance on your credit card, but we all know it can happen from time to time. Make sure you compare variable interest rates among the gas credit cards you're considering.


Consider other cardholder benefits

Which other perks does each card offer? And which benefits do you care the most about? Consider whether the gas credit cards you prefer offer additional benefits like no foreign transaction fees, protection for purchases, extended warranties or travel insurance.

Compare Top Gas Rewards Cards at a Glance

Quickly compare the top gas cards by annual fees and introductory bonuses. The links in the table below will take you to our partner’s site,, where you can compare and apply for a selected credit card.

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MoneyGeek’s Guide to Finding the Right Gas Card for You

Maybe you're looking for the best credit card for gas and groceries, or perhaps you're looking for a fuel credit card that lets you save money on every gallon of gas you buy. Either way, the key to finding the best possible credit card is making sure you know what you're looking for.

Think about what you hope to accomplish with your new gas credit card, the cardholder benefits you want the most and your current credit score. From there, compare the card options you may be eligible for, as well as the ones that make sense for your long-term goals.

Understanding How the Different Types of Gas Cards Work

There are different types of credit cards for gas, ranging from traditional rewards credit cards that happen to give bonus points at gas stations to gas station credit cards, fleet fuel cards and gas rebate cards. Learning how each type of card works can help you decide which is best.

General Credit Cards with Rewards on Gas Purchases

Pros & Cons


  • Earn rewards on all your spending
  • More cardholder perks


  • Must have good or excellent credit
  • High APRs on spending

Some gas credit cards are simply rewards credit cards that happen to offer more points on gas. Cards in this niche are available through traditional card issuers like Chase and American Express. They tend to offer the broadest range of rewards and cardholder benefits compared to other gas credit cards. Also note that most rewards credit cards that offer bonus points on gas give you cash back or statement credits, although some offer flexible rewards that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift cards and other options.

Rewards credit cards for gas are best for consumers who want to rack up points on all their spending and bills, as well as those who want access to cardholder benefits like purchase protection or extended warranties.

Co-Branded Gas Rebate Credit Cards

Pros & Cons


  • Earn discounts on eligible fuel purchases
  • Potential for rewards on other spending
  • May be available for consumers with fair credit


  • Unimpressive rewards on regular spending
  • Few cardholder benefits
  • High APRs on spending

Gas rebate credit cards offer discounts on gas instead of a traditional rewards program. It's possible you'll earn some rewards on other purchases you make. Still, gas rebate card rewards aren't as lucrative for non-gas-related purchases when compared to traditional rewards credit cards.

Interestingly, some gas rebate credit cards are only for fuel, whereas others are offered by Visa or Mastercard, making it possible to use them for other expenses. Either way, gas rebate credit cards are best for consumers who primarily want to save on gas and don't care about earning rewards or gaining access to common credit card perks.

Branded Fuel-Only Cards / Fleet Cards

Pros & Cons


  • Helps small businesses organize and track gas purchases across the company
  • Can earn fuel rebates or discounts
  • Can set limits on employee purchases


  • No lucrative rewards programs
  • Not a good option for everyday consumers
  • Some fleet fuel cards do not allow cardholders to carry a balance

Fleet fuel cards are geared to small businesses who spend a lot on gas and want to make their purchases more convenient and organized. Business owners can give each of their employees a card to use for gas, and many fleet fuel cards offer benefits like detailed reports and expense tracking. Some even let you use your card to pay for maintenance at participating locations.

Fuel rebates are also common among cards in this niche, although users often have to use a specific fuel station network to be eligible. Also note that some fleet fuel cards are offered through major card issuers, meaning you can use them for non-fuel purchases. Others are fuel-only cards, meaning you can only use them for gas, maintenance and sometimes in-store gas station purchases like drinks or food.

How to Choose Between a Gas Rewards Card and a Rebate Card

A fleet fuel card only makes sense if you're a business owner who wants to track gas purchases while earning fuel discounts. However, regular consumers still have to decide which type of gas credit card to get — a gas rewards credit card or a gas rebate card. From there, there are several important steps to take.


Decide if you need a credit card that works for other purchases

General rewards credit cards are a good option for everyday spending and bills, whereas gas rebate cards may only be good for fuel and gas station purchases.


Check your credit score

Traditional rewards credit cards are typically geared to consumers with good or excellent credit. But you may be able to qualify for a fuel-only credit card or co-branded gas station credit card if you have "fair" or okay credit.


Determine your level of brand loyalty

Gas rebate cards are best for consumers who are loyal to a specific gas station or chain. A regular rewards credit card makes more sense for people who fill up their tank with different gas brands all the time.


Compare rewards with rebates

Rewards can often be redeemed for cash back or statement credits as well as for other things like gift cards, merchandise or travel. Rebates come in the form of fuel discounts, so you cannot save them up to spend later.

Common Questions About Gas Credit Cards

Still can't decide on the best credit card for gas rewards? Knowing which questions to ask can help in your search.

Next Steps

Now that you know everything there is to know about gas credit cards, you have some work to do. Spend some time exploring the contents on this page, including the top credit card offers for gas and other purchases. With some research and planning, you'll be on your way to gas rewards or fuel discounts in no time.

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