Overview of Travelers Home Insurance

In 1864, the first customer of Travelers Insurance paid a 2-cent premium to insure his four-block walk home. Since then, the company has added auto, workers' compensation, aircraft liability and life insurance policies to its offerings, even opening an insurance school in 1903 and establishing a weather research center in 1956. In its century and a half, Travelers has gone on to become the 6th largest property casualty insurer in the country, and the only one listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

How Does Travelers Home Insurance Rate?

Consumer Satisfaction Rating

These ratings are from the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Household Insurance Study - Homeowners Insurance.The highest score for each category is five stars. The Travelers Insurance Company subsidiary rated here may not be the subsidiary that underwrites your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent for more information.

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Customer Complaint Ratio

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners collects complaint information from state insurance regulators. The national median complaint ratio is 1. A score of less than 1 means a company has a less than average number of complaints, while a score higher than 1 means it has more than average. Find out more from the NAIC website. The Travelers Insurance subsidiary rated here may not be the subsidiary that underwrites your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent for more information.

Last Updated: July 2017

Financial Strength Rating

A Best's Financial Strength Rating opinion addresses the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. It is not a warranty of a company's financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. View our Important Notice: Best's Credit Ratings for a disclaimer notice and complete details at http://www.ambest.com/ratings/notice.

Financial Strength is rated on a scale of D (poor) to A+ (superior). A rating notch of either a second "+" or a "-" indicates the gradation of financial strength within the category. We can't guarantee that the subsidiary of Travelers Insurance rated here is the subsidiary that will underwrite your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent and review A.M. Best's Financial Strength Rating Guide for more information.

Best's Credit Ratings™ are under continuous review and subject to change and/or affirmation. For the latest Best's Credit Ratings™ and Best's Credit Reports which include Best's Credit Ratings™), visit the A.M. Best website at http://www.ambest.com. See Guide to Best's Credit Ratings™ for explanation of use and charges.

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Source A.M. Best
Rating A++

Effective Date: July 2016

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Pros and Cons of Travelers Home Insurance


  • If you bundle with a Travelers auto policy, the multi-policy discount is substantial.
  • The online quoting system is more thorough than some other companies and can automatically research not only a physical description of your house, but also the purchase date and how many mortgages, if any, are on the home.
  • Travelers has catastrophe response teams and self-contained mobile claim offices for handling homeowner claims during disasters.


  • You won't be able to complete your quote and purchase your policy online. Instead, you'll be directed to call in to make the purchase.
  • There is not a replacement cost buffer built into the policy — rather, you may purchase this additional coverage for an extra cost.
  • Though windstorms are considered covered perils, there is no additional wind damage coverage available.

Travelers Home Insurance Coverage

Travelers offers limited flexibility in terms of limits you can choose for your coverages. Additionally, most of the optional coverages are not addressed in the online quote system. Instead, you'll need to speak with an agent about adding them to your policy.

Your home quote from Travelers will come with two options: a basic coverage quote and a custom coverage quote. The basic quote applies middle-of-the-road levels to the coverages that are adjustable, such as a $300,000 limit on the personal liability coverage. The custom coverage quote lets you adjust personal liability, medical payments and your deductible, and it allows you to select the additional coverages.


If you want to purchase a dwelling coverage lower than 100 percent of what the Travelers computer system estimates the replacement cost to be, you'll have to call and speak with an agent about the estimate. However, if you want a higher limit than its estimate, you can enter it and continue the quote process online.

Other structures

The standard policy usually includes coverage of up to 10 percent of the dwelling coverage. But if you need additional coverage for structures on your property such as sheds or garages, you'll need to call a Travelers agent to add this to your home insurance quote.

Personal property

Similarly, you are not allowed to manually adjust the personal property coverage level on the online quoting tool. This must done by phone with an agent.

Loss of use

While some home insurance companies do not put monetary caps on this coverage, Travelers' loss-of-use coverage is set at 30 percent of the dwelling coverage.

Personal liability

You can adjust this in the custom coverage quote, but it maxes out at $500,000. If you think you need a higher amount of coverage, you can purchase a personal liability umbrella policy.

Medical payments to others

This defaults to $1,000, but if you want to adjust it, this may be set at $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000.

All-peril deductible

You'll find a nice range of deductible options, starting at a low $1,000 and running all the way up to $50,000.

When you get a quote through the Travelers website, you'll find your additional coverage options are limited to two variations on the replacement costs covered by the policy. But the company actually does offer a range of extra options for additional coverage beyond the basic package.

Additional replacement cost protection

If the replacement cost limit on your policy is too low to cover a total loss, you can add this protection to cover an additional 25 or 50 percent above your limit.

Special coverage for contents

This provides protection for your personal property against a wider range of perils, with no deduction for depreciation.

Valuable items plus

For your property that falls under the classification of special limits of coverage, such as jewelry or fine art, this option provides higher limits and expanded protection.

Personal articles floater

This coverage is intended to go above and beyond the valuable items plus option. It's the equivalent of scheduling property that falls under the special limits of coverage category.

Coverage for water back-up

If water backs up through your sewer or drain or overflows from your sump pump, this coverage will provide coverage for losses up to a specified dollar amount.

Identity fraud

Useful for recovering from identity fraud, this coverage provides up to $25,000 to help recover costs involved in restoring your identity.

Green home coverage

In addition to getting a discount for having a certified green home, you can also get a special coverage to help repair, replace or rebuild using green materials, after a covered loss occurs.

Available Discounts on Travelers' Home Insurance Coverage

Travelers has a number of discounts available for home insurance customers. Some are what you would expect, such as the multi-policy discount, while some are a nice surprise, such as the green home discount.

Type of Discount Description
Multi-policy discount Bundle your home insurance with an auto or other type of policy from Travelers and you will be eligible for up to 15 percent in savings.
Home buyer discount If you bought your house in the last 12 months, you may be eligible for extra savings.
Loss-free discount If you have claims-free record, you are eligible for this discount.
Green home discount If your house is certified by the Leadership Energy & Environmental Design organization, you could save up to 5 percent.
Protective device discount Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and security systems are worth a discount, and so are smart home technology systems that alert customers to potential dangers.

How to Make a Home Insurance Claim with Travelers

To report a home insurance claim, you can call the Travelers' claim center 24 hours a day or report it online. To file online, it's not necessary to log in to your account, but things will move more quickly if you do. It's best to file the claim as early as possible rather than wait for all of the details — Travelers will document the loss, get a claim number assigned and get a claims professional to work on it right away. Then you can monitor the progress online or call to get updates.

How to Contact Travelers Home Insurance

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