Car Insurance in Washington: How to Find the Policy That Fits You

MoneyGeek has provided you with analysis and solutions for all of your Washington car insurance needs.

Find the Best or Cheapest Car Insurance in Washington

To find the cheapest car insurance in Washington, MoneyGeek used a unique scoring system to analyze car insurance quotes from various providers. We also determined the best companies that balance cost and affordability.

In terms of overall expenses, MoneyGeek broke down how much you should expect to spend for car insurance based on different factors such as age and driving record, among others.

If you’re wondering why your car insurance premiums are so high, MoneyGeek also looked into why car insurance in Washington could be so expensive.

The resources above can help you determine the cheapest and best car insurance for different types of drivers, while the table below will give you a quick summary of what to expect. Unless otherwise specified, all of our recommendations are for a full coverage policy.

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  • Minimum liability: Progressive
  • Full coverage: PEMCO
  • Drivers with a DUI: State Farm
  • After an accident: USAA
  • Drivers with a ticket: GEICO
  • Drivers with bad credit: GEICO
  • Senior drivers: GEICO
  • Student drivers: GEICO
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  • Overall: GEICO
  • Customer Service: The Hartford
  • On a Budget: GEICO
  • Poor Driving Record: State Farm
  • Military: USAA
  • Young Drivers: GEICO
  • New Cars: Allstate
  • Low-Mileage Drivers: Metromile Auto

Get a Washington Car Insurance Quote

Depending on the company, quotes for car insurance in Washington for the same driver might vary by as much as $1,902 per year. When shopping for car insurance in Washington, comparing quotes is essential to save money. Collecting quote estimates should not have to be time-consuming.


Car Insurance Laws in Washington

MoneyGeek provides all the information you need about Washington's car insurance law and requirements. Your car insurance policy must include at least the following liability insurance coverages, as required by the state:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for all the people injured in the accident
  • $10,000 for property damage per accident

Comprehensive and collision insurance is not required in Washington. Minimum requirements only include low liability limits. As a result, the amount of coverage you need may differ from how much car insurance you should get.

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Washington drivers convicted of serious traffic violations, such as driving under the influence (DUI), must file an SR-22 form as proof of insurance. MoneyGeek provided instructions on completing and filing the form with your insurer, as well as analysis on the cost of SR-22 insurance in Washington.

Specialty Car Insurance in Washington

MoneyGeek explored the three different types of car insurance in Washington ​​since traditional car insurance may not always be sufficient to meet your specific needs. To see which one would be best for you among non-owner, temporary and low-income car insurances, MoneyGeek analyzed their perks and features. Find out more about these unique Washington insurance options below.

MoneyGeek Specialty Car Insurance Resources


Non-owner car insurance

For drivers who frequently borrow or rent cars and need proof of insurance, non-owner car insurance in Washington may be a good alternative.


Temporary car insurance

Drivers can get temporary car insurance in Washington by buying and canceling a regular policy early or renting a car if they rent automobiles frequently or only have a car for a short amount of time.


Car insurance for low-income drivers

Although most states lack programs to support low-income drivers, MoneyGeek found ways for low-income drivers in Washington to save money.

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