Overview of Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Insurance was started about 90 years ago to provide affordable car insurance to farmers in Ohio. Today, it’s a Fortune 100 company and one of the top 10 property and casualty insurers in the country. Nationwide accounts for nearly 4 percent of the private passenger auto insurance market. In addition to providing auto insurance, they offer pet, farm, life and commercial insurance as well as financial planning, administrative and specialty health services.

How Does Nationwide Auto Insurance Rate?

Consumer Satisfaction Rating

These ratings are from the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study. The highest score for each category is five stars. The MetLife Insurance Company subsidiary rated here may not be the subsidiary that underwrites your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent for more information.

Overall Satisfaction
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
Service Interaction
Repair Process
Rental Car Experience
(how well company settles claims)
Customer Complaint Ratio

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) collects complaint information from state insurance regulators. The national median complaint ratio is 1. A score of less than 1 means a company has a lower than average number of complaints, while a score higher than 1 means it has more than average. The Nationwide Insurance Company subsidiary rated here may not be the subsidiary that underwrites your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent for more information.

Last Updated: July 2017

Financial Strength Rating

A Best’s Financial Strength Rating opinion addresses the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. It is not a warranty of a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. View our Important Notice: Best’s Credit Ratings for a disclaimer notice and complete details at http://www.ambest.com/ratings/notice.

Financial Strength is rated on a scale of D (poor) to A+ (superior). A rating notch of either a second “+” or a “-“ indicates the gradation of financial strength within the category. We can’t guarantee that the subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance rated here is the subsidiary that will underwrite your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent and review A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating Guide for more information.

Best’s Credit Ratings™ are under continuous review and subject to change and/or affirmation. For the latest Best’s Credit Ratings™ and Best’s Credit Reports which include Best’s Credit Ratings™), visit the A.M. Best website at http://www.ambest.com. See Guide to Best’s Credit Ratings™ for explanation of use and charges.

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Source A.M. Best
Rating A+

Effective Date: July 2016

Website Features
  • Rate calculator
  • Mobile app
  • Pay bill online
  • Make claim online

Pros and Cons of Nationwide Car Insurance


  • The online quote tool is very easy to use. It offers pre-packaged insurance quotes based on the information that you enter, but also allows you to easily adjust the coverage to create a customized quote.
  • Nationwide has broad a range of insurance lines, so it is fairly easy to take advantage of the multi-policy discount.
  • Nationwide provides policyholders with lots of resources, including a comprehensive learning center.


  • The online quote tool will only allow you to add four vehicles. If you have more than that on your policy, you’ll need to call in and speak with an agent.
  • The property damage liability coverage comes packaged with the bodily injury liability coverage, offering very little flexibility.

Nationwide Car Insurance Coverage

Nationwide car insurance is intended to be simple and easy and the website offers pre-packaged coverage options so you don’t have to make a lot of choices. Yet there is still enough flexibility that you can adjust the coverage to get the insurance you want.

The standard coverage options are presented in two ways. The online quote tool will present you with three different packages. The middle-of-the road package will mirror what you indicated that you wanted during the information gathering process, and then there will be a more affordable option and better coverage option. The program will also let you design your own policy by choosing from drop-down options for the different coverage levels.

Bodily injury liability/property damage liability

Rather than splitting these two coverages up, Nationwide presents them as a package. For example, you could choose a $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 coverage or a $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 coverage. This might not be a good fit for someone who really likes to mix and match different coverages, but it should provide enough flexibility for the average policyholder.

Medical payments

You can decline this coverage altogether or choose from a limited number of coverage levels up to $25,000. The limited options should be adequate for most consumers.

Uninsured motorist

This coverage can only be purchased in an amount equal to or less than the amount of bodily injury liability coverage carried. The website makes this selection easier by only showing coverage levels that are available based on your choice of BI.


Nationwide only offers this in deductibles up to $5,000, but does let you choose from among several levels.


You can choose from the same range of deductibles for collision as you have with comprehensive. The website will not allow you to choose the ‘Not included’ option if your car is financed.

When a company has a website that is so simple to use, you might get the impression that the coverages are simple as well. But don’t be fooled, Nationwide has an impressive selection of optional coverage, befitting one of the largest car insurance companies in the nation.

Roadside assistance

Nationwide’s roadside assistance coverage comes in basic or plus, and is more like an auto club membership. It follows you as the policyholder rather than being tied to a specific vehicle. Basic covers towing up to 15 miles or assistance up to $100, while the plus level increases the mileage limit to 100 and adds various other features to the coverage.

Rental car expense

This starts at $30/$900, but you can choose from several different levels of coverage, all the way up to $100/$3000. In order to purchase this coverage, you must also have either comp or collision on the vehicle. Extra features are available to policyholders who use the Nationwide system of providers for repairs to the covered vehicle.

Special physical damage

Available on newer cars, this can be added to your policy to make sure that manufacturer parts are used in vehicle repairs, rather than after-market parts.

Additional custom parts and electronic equipment

This coverage is available in various levels up to $4,000 to protect after-market audio equipment and electronics such as a GPS system. It also provides up to $500 protection for media such as cassettes or CDs if stolen from your vehicle.

New Car Replacement Plus/Vehicle value upgrade

Nationwide’s version of the new car replacement coverage provides protection for the first two years without regard to depreciation, and after the first two years without regard to wear and tear. This also serves as GAP coverage on the difference between the value of the car and the amount still owed on the car.

GAP loan/lease

This is strictly intended to make up the difference when a car is totaled and has depreciated enough that you owe more than it is worth. It differs from the previous coverage in that it can only be purchased on a brand new car.

Accident forgiveness

If you purchase this option, your premium won’t go up because of an accident as long as you haven’t had any chargeable accidents in the past three years.

Minor violation forgiveness

Similar to the previous coverage, this protects against premium increases as a result of a traffic violation, as long as you haven’t had one for three years.

Vanishing deductible

Your comprehensive and collision deductibles will decrease by $100 each year you have continuous coverage and don’t have an accident or a major traffic violation. It caps out at $500.

Total loss deductible waiver

If your vehicle is totaled, you will not be held responsible for paying your comprehensive or collision deductibles.

Identity theft

More often associated with home insurance policies, this coverage provides up to $25,000 towards your efforts to recover from an incident of identity theft.

Available Discounts on Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide has a large selection of discounts available. Many are savings offered as rewards for doing what you most likely already would be doing, such as signing up for online policy management. Others are related to Nationwide’s large pool of resources, both in and outside of the auto insurance business.

Type of Discount Description
Bundle discount Discounts are available when you bundle a Nationwide auto policy with one of the company’s many other lines, including home, renters, life, motorcycle, boat or more.
Affinity partner discount If you are a member of one of Nationwide’s many partners, including credit unions, alumni associations, professional organizations and more, you can get an additional discount.
Student away at school discount This discount applies if one of your drivers is attending school more than 100 miles from home, and does not have a car with them.
Good student discount Good grades for a high school or college student on your policy can get you a discount.
Employee discount If anyone on the policy is a Nationwide employee or retiree, there could be additional savings.
Multi-car insurance discount More than one vehicle on your policy will save you money.
SmartRide discount SmartRide is a telematics-based program that awards a discount of up to 40 percent based on four different driving characteristics.
Nationwide Family Plan Family members who live with you but have their own policies can still have your discounts applied to their insurance.
Safe driver discount Five years of incident-free driving makes you eligible for these savings.
Paperless discount Managing your account online saves paper and saves money.
Defensive driving discount Depending on your state, taking a defensive driving course could add a discount to your premium.
Anti-theft discount Factory-installed and after-market theft deterrent equipment can get you a discount, depending upon where you live.
Easy Pay sign-up discount Combined with the paperless program, sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer payment for more savings.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim with Nationwide

Auto claims can be reported by phone or online. The online reporting process does not require a previous online account to be in place, but allows you to immediately input all of the necessary information. If your claim involves an injury, however, you will be directed to call the claims center, available 24 hours a day.

How to Contact Nationwide Car Insurance

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