Watch out When You See These License Plates: 15 States With the Worst Drivers

Last Updated: 3/5/2022
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If you find yourself driving in the following 15 states, you may want to pay extra close attention on the road. Using a unique weighted ranking system based on the likelihood of a driver to make safe choices while on the road, have safe driving habits and carry good car insurance, MoneyGeek has ranked these states as having the worst drivers.


    The Keystone State ranks 15th on MoneyGeek’s list of the worst states because it has one of the worst rates of speeding-related fatality rates in the nation (No. 10) and is in the top 20 states for fatalities without a safety restraint.

  • 14. ALABAMA

    Alabama drivers are on the list due to all-around low performance. Notably, the state has the nation's seventh-highest rate of fatalities without a safety restraint and one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the nation.


    Louisiana drivers may be on top of being adequately insured, but the state’s low ranking in safe habits and choices bumps them down the list. It doesn’t work in Louisiana’s favor that the state has the sixth-highest DUI rates.

  • 12. COLORADO

    Colorado has one of the lower rates of seatbelt usage at 78%, which puts it near the bottom of MoneyGeek’s list of worst states for drivers making smart choices behind the wheel.

  • 11. TEXAS

    Texas's high DUI rank, combined with its top ranking in distracted driving, lands it on the list of states with the worst drivers. Texas ranks seventh in distracted driving and fourth in DUIs, which results in its low safe-choice score.

  • 10. MISSOURI

    According to the numbers, Missouri drivers tend to go fast without wearing their seatbelts. The state ranks seventh for the most speeding-related fatalities and eighth for the most unrestrained fatalities in the nation, putting them in the top 10 of the states with the worst drivers.

  • 9. ARIZONA

    Arizona falls in the middle of most rankings, but the fact that it has the seventh-highest DUI fatality rate in the nation ranks the state No. 9 on MoneyGeek’s list.


    With the second-worst safety belt usage and one of the nation's worst unrestrained fatality rates (No. 9), Arkansas finds itself at No. 8 on the list of states with the worst drivers. The Grand Canyon State also makes the list of the top-20 states for DUIs.


    Mississippi's decent safety choices can’t cover for its poor safety habits that land it at No. 7 on MoneyGeek’s list. That state comes in at No. 1 for the nation’s highest unrestrained fatality rates and the third-worst state for safety belt usage in the nation.


    Drivers in the Granite State are well insured but still fall low on the list for several other factors. New Hampshire ranks No. 6 on the list because it has one of the worst ranks for speeding-related fatalities (No. 4) and is in the top 10 for unrestrained-related fatalities.


    While New Mexico’s overall safe choice and safe habit score fall in the middle of the rankings, the state makes the top five for worst drivers in the nation for its No. 1 ranking in distracted driving. New Mexico has high speeding and DUI fatality rates, both of which are among the 10 worst rates in the nation.


    South Dakota ranks No. 4 on MoneyGeek’s list of states with the worst drivers because it has the worst DUI-arrest ranking in the nation. This correlates with its DUI fatality rate, which puts it among the worst five states for drivers.

  • 3. ALASKA

    The state of Alaska sits consistently at the second-worst state for all categories related to safe habits behind the wheel. Because of its DUI fatalities and arrests and speeding fatalities, Alaska finds itself at No. 3 on the overall list of states with the worst drivers.


    The Palmetto State is No. 2 on MoneyGeek’s list of the worst states for drivers because it has the worst rate of speed-related fatalities in the nation and is among the top 10 states for fatalities without a safety restraint, DUIs and distracted driving.

  • 1. MONTANA

    Montana tops the list of the states with the worst drivers because it has the nation's highest DUI fatality rate and is in the top five worst states for fatalities without a safety belt and speeding fatalities.

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