Car Insurance in New Jersey: How to Find the Policy That Fits You

Here are some solutions and information for all of your car insurance concerns in New Jersey:

Find the Best or Cheapest Car Insurance in New Jersey

MoneyGeek gathered car insurance quotes to help you locate the cheapest auto insurance providers in New Jersey. We utilized our own scoring algorithm to identify which companies offer the best value for money. We also computed the cost of auto insurance based on different factors like driving record, age and more. This will assist you in determining the average cost of auto insurance in New Jersey.

The resources mentioned above examine the best and cheapest insurance options for various drivers. A summary of this information is shown in the table below. Unless otherwise stated, all recommendations listed are for full coverage.

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  • Minimum liability: GEICO
  • Full coverage: GEICO
  • Drivers with a DUI: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • After an accident: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • Drivers with a ticket: GEICO
  • Drivers with bad credit: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • Senior drivers: GEICO
  • Student drivers: GEICO
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  • Overall: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • Customer Service: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • On a Budget: GEICO
  • Poor Driving Record: New Jersey Manufacturers
  • Military: USAA
  • Young Drivers: GEICO
  • New Cars: Travelers
  • Low-Mileage Drivers: Metromile Auto

Get a New Jersey Car Insurance Quote

For the same driver, car insurance quotes in New Jersey might vary by $1,267 per year depending on the chosen company. Therefore, it's crucial to shop around and compare prices to see if you can get a better deal. The good news is that getting a price estimate from different providers shouldn't take long.


Car Insurance Laws in New Jersey

MoneyGeek researched New Jersey’s car insurance laws and requirements. The following insurance coverages are required by state law:

Since only liability insurance is required in New Jersey, not comprehensive or collision insurance, it's critical to figure out how much insurance coverage you'll need. For some drivers, the state's minimum insurance coverage is insufficient for their needs.

Specialty Car Insurance in New Jersey

Traditional car insurance may not always meet your needs. MoneyGeek looked at various alternatives for car insurance in New Jersey, such as non-owner, temporary and low-income car insurance plans, to help you select which coverage is right for you. Read on to learn more about the many forms of auto insurance available in the state.

MoneyGeek Specialty Car Insurance Resources


Non-owner car insurance

Non-owner car insurance in New Jersey may be a useful alternative for drivers who often borrow or rent vehicles and need proof of insurance.


Temporary car insurance

If you just need a few months’ worth of coverage, you may choose to get temporary car insurance in New Jersey in the form of rental car insurance or by buying a policy and canceling it early.


Car insurance for low-income drivers

Low-income drivers in the state who qualify for New Jersey’s government-backed car insurance assistance program can save money.

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