Car Insurance in California: How to Find the Policy That Fits You

MoneyGeek has provided analysis and solutions for all your car insurance needs in California.

Find the Best or Cheapest Car Insurance in California

To find the cheapest auto insurers in California, MoneyGeek compiled and analyzed car insurance quotes from many different companies. We also determined the best companies that balance cost and affordability using our own unique scoring system.

If you’re looking for overall costs, MoneyGeek broke down how much you should expect to pay for car insurance based on various factors, such as age, driving record and more. If you’re facing high insurance rates in California, MoneyGeek analyzed why car insurance is expensive in California.

Our resources above evaluated the cheapest and best car insurance for certain types of drivers, and the table below will provide a brief overview of what you can expect. Keep in mind that all of our recommendations are for a full coverage policy unless stated otherwise.

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  • Minimum liability: Progressive
  • Full coverage: Esurance
  • Drivers with a DUI: Mercury
  • After an accident: Esurance
  • Drivers with a ticket: Esurance
  • Senior drivers: Esurance
  • Student drivers: Allstate
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  • Overall: AAA
  • Customer Service: AAA
  • On a Budget: GEICO
  • Poor Driving Record: AAA
  • Military: USAA
  • Young Drivers: State Farm
  • New Cars: Allstate
  • Low-Mileage Drivers: Metromile Auto

Get a California Car Insurance Quote

In California, car insurance quotes can vary by as much as $707 per year for the same driver across different companies. That’s why it’s best to get quote estimates from several insurers when shopping for car insurance. By comparing quotes, you can potentially save some money.


Car Insurance Laws in California

MoneyGeek has all the resources you need on car insurance laws and requirements in California. The state requires your car insurance policy to have at least the following liability insurance coverages:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $5,000 for property damage per accident

The state minimum coverage can only protect you up to these financial limits. Since California only mandates low liability limits and doesn’t require comprehensive and collision insurance, your car insurance needs may differ from what the state requires.

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In California, drivers who are convicted of severe traffic violations, such as a DUI, are required to file an SR-22 form for proof of insurance. MoneyGeek broke down the costs of insurance with an SR-22 in California and outlined how to file the form with your insurer.

Specialty Car Insurance in California

Traditional car insurance is sometimes not enough to meet your specific needs. MoneyGeek explored some alternative forms of car insurance in California to help you find the best option for you. These include non-owner, temporary and low-income car insurance. Learn more about these unique insurance types below.

MoneyGeek Specialty Car Insurance Resources


Non-owner car insurance

Drivers who frequently borrow or rent cars and need proof of insurance may find non-owner car insurance in California a good option.


Temporary car insurance

If you only need coverage for a few months, you can get temporary car insurance in California by buying a policy and canceling it early or getting rental car insurance.


Car insurance for low-income drivers

Low-income drivers can save money by qualifying for California’s car insurance assistance program.

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