More than one out of every three young adults has student loan debt. Today's college graduates are facing, on average, $29,800 in student loans. That number has tripled since 2006, and the growth shows no sign of slowing.

There's good news if the use of student loans lead to graduation and subsequent rewards. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that the average college grad makes substantially more than a counterpart with only a high school diploma. Also, the unemployment rate among those with a bachelor's degree has always been distinctly lower than among those without.

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Student Loan Amounts

Student Loan Lending

  • Over 30 percent of American adults have student loan debt
  • Depending on the type of 4-year institution (public, private, for-profit) the number of student receiving aid is generally between 80% and 95%
  • Depending on the type of 2-year institution (public, private, for-profit) the number of students receiving aid is generally between 75% and 95%
  • Politicians - namely those on the front line for the Democrats - are calling for wide-sweeping elimination of 75 to 95 percent of all student debt
  • Federal student loan rates are currently at 4.53 percent for undergraduate students. For unsubsidized graduate loans, that figure is 6.08 percent; for direct PLUS loans, it's 7.08.
  • Student loan debt accounts for around 6 percent of the total national debt

Student Loan Defaults and Payment Plans

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